why do men come back after no contact

Why Do Men Come Back After No Contact?

Why do men come back after no contact? It’s a common question for many. There can be several reasons. But, understanding these reasons can help make a decision to reconnect easier.

No contact can be good. It gives each person time to think and process their feelings. But, it’s possible the man still has strong emotions for you. You need to know what motivates him to seek out contact again. Here are some of the most common reasons why men may come back after no contact:

  • He misses the connection he shared with you.
  • He regrets his past decisions.
  • He realizes he still loves you.
  • He wants to make amends.
  • He wants to get back together.
  • He wants to prove himself.

Reasons Men Come Back After No Contact

No contact is thought to be a good way to get the attention of a guy who has backed off or isn’t replying. But why do men return after no contact? Could be they know their emotions for you. Maybe it’s because of the comfort of the relationship. Let’s look into this further.

Here are the reasons men come back after no contact:

He Was Afraid of Losing You

Many men fear losing a loved one. That fear can cause them to return after no contact. Men are expected to be in control of relationships. Therefore, if they feel like they are losing control, they will panic and try to come back.

They may feel guilty if they have hurt you. Or, they might regret not valuing the relationship while they were still together. This could make them reach out in an attempt to fix the relationship.

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It is important to protect yourself and ensure things are different this time. But, remember everyone deserves a second chance – including your partner who wants you back after no contact.

He Wants to Rekindle the Relationship

A man may come back after no contact for many reasons. He may have recognized his mistake and wants to start again. He has likely thought deeply about the relationship and is willing to rebuild it. It’s possible that he’s been missing your humour, intelligence, conversations and physical intimacy and is coming back of his own accord.

He wants to rekindle the relationship and is committed to making it work by respecting boundaries and rebuilding trust.

He Realized What He Was Missing

A man may cut off communication due to feeling unhappy in the relationship. He may have had unrealistic expectations or felt too much pressure. But, he often realizes what he’s missing and returns. He may recall all the good times they had and regret not saying goodbye. He could also realize how special the relationship was and miss having a connection with someone.

When he comes back, it’s important to understand why and recognize both people’s contributions to the problems. It may involve talking about the hurt feelings or communication issues that caused the disconnect. They should practice better anger management, make apologies, and act in more compassionate and considerate ways than before. This can help build a stronger relationship if done with an open heart and honesty.

He Needs Closure

A man’s closure may be incomplete when he ends a relationship. To move on, he may need to talk to his ex. Even after no contact, he may try to come back. If both agree, talking about the relationship’s end gives closure. If the man senses he won’t get other chances for closure, he may try to come back. It may not be best for either of them, but he might push for it to say goodbye and find closure.

How to Handle It

A man who has broken off contact and then returns can leave you feeling confused. You may ask yourself, “Should I trust them again?” To make sense of the situation, it helps to explore the potential reasons why a man might come back after no contact. Additionally, it is important to understand how to handle the situation.

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Potential reasons why a man might come back after no contact include:

  • He realized he made a mistake.
  • He misses you and wants to make things right.
  • He wants to see if you have moved on.
  • He wants to rekindle the relationship.
  • He wants to take advantage of you.

Don’t Rush Into Anything

If a man re-enters your life after a break, it is alluring to go back into the relationship straight away. But, this isn’t always the right thing to do. It’s helpful to take some time and not rush into the same situation as before.

Here are some tips to consider before taking the plunge:

  • Examine why the relationship ended. Was it because of something wrong or was it a good decision? Does this man bring out the best in you or is he bad? Make sure you know why he ended things and what he expects from the new start.
  • Also, make certain that you’re not jumping into another relationship too soon. Take it slowly, to begin with – give yourself some space but stay on friendly terms, so if you decide a more serious relationship is possible, you can take it from there.

Take Time to Reflect on What You Want

If a man who you’ve been in a relationship with is distant, it can be hard. It’s important to think about what you want from the relationship. How do you want to communicate with him? Are there any issues that need to be solved? Consider your own behavior and if any changes need to be made.

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You need to decide if the relationship is worth pursuing or if it’s best to move on. This will help you know how to handle the situation. How long no contact should last depends on your needs – listen to yourself and do what feels right.

Don’t Let Him Manipulate You

Once a man has cut off contact, it’s common to feel desperate to get him back. Don’t be irrational! Don’t be fooled if he makes a plan to make it sound like you can get back together.

Take time away to look at things objectively and assess your feelings. This will help you figure out what you each want in the relationship.

If you still want to move forward as a couple, make sure each party is heard. Don’t let either party manipulate or control the other. True resolution comes from honest conversation. Respect your boundaries at all times.


It’s impossible to comprehend why men come back after no contact. Every situation is different. It relies upon the kind of relationship and the dynamics between the partners. Generally, men often come back after reflecting, understanding what they have lost, or understanding certain situations are not better without them.

Before deciding if you want to rekindle a relationship, take some time for yourself. There may be issues that need to be addressed. Both individuals need to be open-minded, and willing to put in work to rebuild trust. If they do, there is a potential for a healthy relationship.

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