why do men move on so quickly

Why Do Men Move On So Quickly?

It’s a myth that men can move on quickly from failed relationships. But, this isn’t always true. Therapists often hear stories about men recovering from a breakup much faster than women. This article explains why men might move on quickly. Also, it’s important to understand the benefits of knowing this.

Reasons Why Men Move On Quickly

Frustrating, isn’t it? When the man you’re with moves on faster than you. Men often seem to be able to do this quicker than women, after a break-up or while in a relationship. But why? In this article, we’ll uncover the reasons why men may move on more quickly than women, and get an understanding of male behaviour.

Fear of Commitment

Many men dread commitment. It can be a huge cause of their difficulties to stay in a good relationship. Reasons for this fear vary; they may be due to childhood pain, fear of being abandoned, difficulty trusting or connecting with others, or difficulty accepting themselves. This can make men end relationships abruptly, scared that things will become too hard or emotional.

Sometimes, men may jump ship due to being insecure or immature emotionally. They may not be able to handle conversations or emotions well, so they switch to someone else. Also, some men search for physical attractiveness or sexual dominance, instead of trying to build a strong bond. This can lead to a continuous hunt for new partners when the relationship’s “honeymoon phase” is over.

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Lack of Emotional Connection

Men often move on quickly when they don’t have the emotional connection they need in a relationship. They prefer physical closeness and need emotional bonds. When it’s absent, they search for someone else who can fulfill their needs.

Physical intimacy is essential, but emotional connections are just as important. Men like feeling accepted and valued, and being able to express themselves. A strong connection can make them feel secure, and without it, they don’t know if the relationship will last. So, to get comfort and security, they search for another partner who can give them emotional intimacy.

Fear of Rejection

Men may move on quickly after a breakup due to fear of rejection. This fear may be that someone will view them negatively or turn them away. To protect themselves, they may avoid relationships completely or move on quickly. This way, they never have to face potential criticism, judgment, or hurt if things don’t work out.

Advice for Women

Ever asked yourself why men move on quickly after a break-up? You’re not the only one. Women find it hard to comprehend why men don’t take time to process the end of a relationship. This can leave them feeling frustrated and helpless.

Let me provide some insight into why this happens. Plus, tips on how to cope with this behavior:

Understand His Perspective

Women often want to understand their partner’s point of view. Without this understanding, decisions good for both can be hard. Even though men and women are similar, there are differences.

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Women should remember men’s different way of seeing the world. Men usually show emotions with actions, not words. So, it can be tricky for women to know what’s going on inside their man’s head.

Women can gain insight by reading blogs or books from a male perspective. Or, they can talk openly with their partner or male friends to get a better understanding of their thoughts and feelings. That way, any issues in the relationship can be addressed together.

Don’t Take it Personally

It can be hard to get why a man moves on fast after a split. But, this is common, so don’t take it to heart. He’s likely dealing with feelings like guilt, confusion and regret in secret. Men often find it tough to talk honestly with their ex, which can cause them to act quick.

At the end of the day, being a strong woman means not questioning every move or chasing someone who left. Focus your energy on accepting the breakup and learning from it. Take time for self-reflection and stay strong and wise for future relationships. Don’t forget how much love and support you deserve!

Be Patient

Patience is vital when striving for success, particularly for women. Equality is still a work in progress, and progress takes time. Patience and perseverance are essential to success in this context.

History shows us how much can be achieved by those who practice patience. People who make ground-breaking advances often start out by slowly winning over people one by one. Only with small successes do they gain enough support to make their mark.

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Individually, too, patience is key. Frustration and rejections can stop us from achieving our goals. But with patience, we can focus on our long-term ambitions and stay on track, despite temporary setbacks.

By investing our time wisely, exercising patience and fighting adversity, we have more control over our lives. This empowers us and can help us achieve the impossible.


To sum up, men are usually prompt to move on from relationships. This is because they don’t spend much time pondering the past. Rather, they concentrate on the present and future. Focusing on things they can manage enables them to heal quickly and move ahead with life.

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