how to break up with someone long distance

How To Break Up With Someone Long Distance?

Navigating a long-distance relationship can be challenging, and deciding to end one is no easy feat. I’ve experienced this myself and understand the unique difficulties that arise when trying to break up with someone when you’re miles apart.

In this article, I will discuss some thoughtful approaches to ending a long-distance relationship, while still showing respect and consideration for your partner’s feelings. Ending a relationship is never simple, but having a plan and being sensitive to the situation can make the process smoother for everyone involved.

Prepare for the Conversation

Breaking up is tough, especially if it’s long-distance. So, make sure you’re ready!

  • Agree on when and where to talk. This can be a video call, phone call, text, or other digital means. It’s important to create a safe, comfy spot for both of you to talk.
  • Plus, make sure you’re in a private place, so the conversation stays between you two.

Set a date and time

Set a date and time for the break-up convo. Pick when both of you are available. Make sure it’s not rushed. Agree on how much time to spend. Don’t do it over text or email. Have an honest face-to-face dialogue, even if it’s online. That way, each person knows what happened and respects your wishes.

Anticipate their reaction

Breaking up long distance? Remember their reaction may be stronger than in person. Especially if they spent time and money to see you when you knew it was over. Be ready for them to be surprised or angry.

Have a plan for how you’ll handle it:

  • Prepare yourself ahead of time. Practice your responses so you stay composed.
  • Set up an agreed-upon time for the conversation. Give yourself time to speak without interruption.
  • Don’t sugarcoat things. There needs to be closure and honesty.
  • End things on good terms if you can. Wish each other well.
  • Express gratitude for your time together.

Prepare yourself emotionally

Breaking up can be tough. But, when it’s a long-distance relationship, preparation is key. Before you reach out to your partner, get ready emotionally and mentally.

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Take a look at what caused the decision. This will help keep you apart, reminding you why the breakup is for the best. Don’t blame yourself – sometimes people just don’t fit together anymore or have different priorities. Even though you may still care for them, you don’t need them romantically.

Evaluate your own feelings and make sure they are taken into account. Don’t ignore whatever emotions come up: sadness, guilt, confusion, etc. Make sure to set aside time for self care. This could be after the conversation or with friends and family who can lend comfort and support.

Have the Conversation

Breaking up with someone who is far away can be tough. Long-distance relationships can be difficult to keep, so it can come to a point where one or both people decide it’s time to end it. Having the conversation can be difficult, but it’s necessary for both people to understand the situation.

How to have the conversation and approach it:

Choose a private space

Breaking up is tough when it’s someone you care about, especially when it’s long distance. To ensure that the conversation is done in a secure way, pick a private spot. Opt for a one-on-one video chat, not a group face-time call or text. Seeing each other and being able to express yourself clearly can help you both find understanding and resolution.

Be honest and direct

Breaking up with someone in a long-distance relationship can be hard. It’s best to communicate face-to-face, but if that’s not possible, try a video call.

When talking, be honest and direct. Explain why the breakup is the best for both of you. Acknowledge that it will be difficult, but stress that it’s time to move forward. Don’t dwell on the past.

Offer support and understanding

Breaking up with a far-away partner may be hard, since it’s tough to give comfort and aid. Let them know you still care, and that it isn’t a judgement of their worth. Explain why it’s not working, don’t just say you’re over it. Provide resources if they need more help.

  • Encourage them to talk to pals or get pro help.
  • Show empathy, but avoid being too sympathetic.
  • A sincere apology will help ease hurt and protect the relationship.
  • Stay consistent with your messages, so they know you’re serious.
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Manage the Aftermath

Breaking up with a long distance partner can be tough. You could feel guilty and sorry. It’s essential to handle the aftermath in a healthy and adult way.

After the break-up, you need to learn how to manage your emotions. Plus, be thoughtful of the other person’s feelings. In this article, we’ll discuss tips to deal with the aftermath of a long-distance break-up in a kind and respectful way:

Give yourself time to grieve

Breaking up with someone from afar can leave you feeling overwhelmed. Give yourself some space and time to grieve in the way that works for you. Be kind and patient with yourself – no matter how hard it gets.

Process your thoughts and feelings. Don’t rush yourself to “move on” before you’re ready. Everyone’s grieving process is different – it may require rest. Take a break from social media and do self-care activities like yoga or journaling.

Take advantage of people who are willing to listen. Sharing your feelings can help lessen their power. Speak to family, friends or a counsellor.

Remind yourself that it’s okay if things take longer than expected. There’s no set timeline for healing after a break up, especially when it’s long distance.

Reach out to loved ones

Breaking up is never fun. But when it’s a long distance relationship, it can be a real challenge. So, pay attention to yourself and talk to your family and friends for help. Pick the best way to communicate – video calls, phone, text or email.

When talking to loved ones, explain why it was a mutual decision and don’t be too hard on yourself. This will make healing easier and help you rebuild relationships with those closest to you.

Reassess your relationship goals

Ending a long distance relationship? Time to reassess your relationship goals. Ask yourself: does this relationship align with what you want for yourself? Don’t settle for anything less than what will make you happy. Consider how well the two of you communicated. This will help you better predict future relationships.

Think about the positives of the experience. Acknowledge that a bond was formed – even if it wasn’t meant to last forever. Appreciate the happy memories and move on in a healthy way.

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Moving Forward

Breaking up is never easy. It’s even tougher when it’s long-distance. First, consider why it’s not the right fit. Look at it objectively. Is there any chance for growth or reconciliation?

This guide focuses on how to get through a break-up in a long-distance relationship:

Respect the other person’s feelings

Ending a relationship face-to-face is hard, but long distance makes it even tougher. Whether it’s online or not, show respect for your partner’s feelings. You’re still responsible for being kind and not hurting them.

A video or audio call is better than text or social media. That way, you have a real conversation and can both be heard.

Be honest, but don’t be mean. Appreciate what was good about the relationship and express sincere regret for it ending. Explain why it’s over, don’t just say “it’s over” without an explanation.

After the break up, keep communicating. Resolve any conflicts and return items that were sent back & forth.

Focus on self-care

Taking care of yourself is key when you’re learning to break up with someone long distance. Ending a relationship can be tough, even when you know it’s the right thing. Your emotions can be overwhelming. So, it’s important to get the support you need.

Spend time with your close friends and family. Do things you enjoy. Eat food that nourishes your body. Take part in self-care rituals, like meditation. This can help reduce stress and give you stability.

Keep a positive mindset. That will give you strength to face whatever comes next.

Consider professional help if needed

Breaking up with someone is never easy. But it can be particularly painful when you are far away. Boundaries should be upheld, but it’s okay to still be supportive. Your feelings matter, even if it doesn’t feel like it now.

If talking to each other doesn’t help, getting professional help can be beneficial. A counselor or therapist can create a safe space to talk. This can help both people move on without so much hurt and guilt. Even from a distance, a professional can help create strategies for a healthy closure.


By following the advice shared in this article, you can approach the difficult task of ending a long-distance relationship with sensitivity and compassion. It’s important to remember that both you and your partner deserve a chance to express feelings and find closure, even from a distance.

As you move forward, embrace the opportunity for personal growth and self-reflection. Breakups are never easy, but they can be transformative experiences that help shape our future relationships. May your journey be filled with resilience, growth, and ultimately, the love and happiness you deserve.

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