how to get a third date

How To Get A Third Date?

After two successful dates, I found myself eager to take the budding connection to the next level — securing the elusive third date. While the first date can be filled with nerves and the second date brings familiarity, the third date carries an unspoken importance in determining a possible future together.

In this article, I’ll share my essential advice on how to secure a third date, guiding you to nurturing your new connection and laying the foundation for a meaningful relationship.

How to Make a Good Impression on the First Two Dates

Two dates are key for a third! To make a great impression, show your date you’re an intriguing, thrilling person. Here are some tips to help you get that 3rd date:

  1. Be punctual.
  2. Dress sharp.
  3. Display your genuine self.
  4. Talk about positive topics.
  5. Compliment your date.
  6. Listen actively.
  7. Show interest.
  8. Ask questions.
  9. Have fun.

Dress to impress, but stay comfortable

When it comes to making a good impression on the first two dates, dressing well is essential. But, comfort is just as important. Here’s how to get it right:

  • For men, go for a smart casual look that shows off your style. Pick something that fits the venue too!
  • Women should try a flattering dress or a dressy top with jeans.
  • Comfy shoes are a must. Don’t wear a brand new pair – they’ll just be uncomfortable.
  • Add a little sparkle with accessories. But don’t go overboard.
  • Don’t forget to check the weather. Bring an extra layer or umbrella if needed.
  • Most of all, pick an outfit that makes you feel confident. That’s the key to getting that third date!
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Be present and attentive during conversation

Want to make a good impression on your first two dates and get a third one? Being present and attentive during a conversation is key! Here are some tips:

  • Put away your phone to show respect.
  • Maintain eye contact, nod, and give verbal cues.
  • Show genuine interest. Ask follow-up questions and share experiences.
  • Don’t interrupt or talk over your date. Let them finish their thoughts.

By following these steps, you can show that you value their time and company, making a third date more likely!

Don’t forget good manners and etiquette

Good manners and etiquette? Absolutely essential for making a great first impression on your first and second dates. Saying please and thank you, and showing respect and interest in your date can make a major difference in how they view you.

Plus, there are other key etiquette tips to remember too:

  1. Arrive on time for your date.
  2. Dress for the occasion, based on the activity and location.
  3. Listen and engage in conversation with enthusiasm.
  4. Refrain from bringing up your ex or negative experiences.
  5. Pay attention to non-verbal cues like eye contact and a sincere smile.

By following these tips, you can make your first and second dates really stand out, and increase your chances of getting a third date. Remember, good manners and etiquette are like a mirror of who you are. So, be yourself, be respectful, and have a blast!

How to Plan the Third Date

Planning the perfect third date is crucial! It’s a make or break situation. Experienced or first-time dater: it can be tricky. So, here are some tips to make the third date special and fun for both. Enjoy!

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Choose an activity that builds on past conversation and interests

Planning the third date? Select an activity that builds on the conversations you’ve had and shared interests. Here are a few tips to make it special:

  • Look back at past conversations and find a common interest.
  • Then, plan an activity that aligns with it – e.g, if you both love hiking, pick a park or nature reserve!
  • Suggest ideas together, and choose something new and unique.
  • Skip dinner and a movie, and opt for something like a wine tasting or cooking class.
  • Remember: The third date is a turning point in most relationships – stay true to yourself, and keep the conversation light and fun.

Consider a new and exciting location or experience

The 3rd date’s goal? Make it memorable and fun! Here are some ideas:

  • Trying out a cuisine you both want to try.
  • Enjoying nature together – picnic, hiking, or a walk.
  • Heading to a cultural event – concerts, theater, art.
  • Doing an adrenaline sport – bungee, skydiving, rock climbing.
  • Attending a cooking class – learn something new & bond.

Don’t be afraid to get creative – the 3rd date is about deepening connection and exploring new possibilities. Good luck!

Show thoughtfulness and attentiveness in the planning process

Planning the perfect third date? Here are some tips to make it enjoyable!

  • Think about their interests: Choose an activity that your partner enjoys. For instance, if they like outdoorsy stuff, go for a picnic or a hike.
  • Switch it up: Do something unexpected to keep it exciting.
  • Focus on the details: Show your attentiveness by making reservations, bringing a gift or dressing up.

Most importantly – be yourself and enjoy each other’s company! The best dates are when both partners feel relaxed and comfortable.

What to Do During the Third Date

The third date is an exciting marker in a relationship. Up until now, you and your date may have had some good times together. It’s time to take it to the next level! But, what should you do? Here’s the lowdown on creating a successful, unforgettable night – perfect for your third date.

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Continue to show genuine interest in the person

Wanting a third date? Show genuine interest. Here’s how:

  • Ask questions about their interests, hobbies, and goals. Show you’ve been paying attention.
  • Listen – no interrupting. Show you’re engaged.
  • Share stories. Keep conversation flowing. Show you’re interested in building a connection.
  • Be curious. Ask them to elaborate on why they feel the way they do. Create a healthy debate.
  • Remember: show you value the person. Invest in getting to know them better. That’s the best way to get a third date!

Look for opportunities to make physical contact in a respectful way

Physical contact on a third date? A great idea! Respect boundaries, though. Here’s how you can do it:

  1. Softly touch their arm or shoulder while chatting.
  2. Hold hands for a stroll or when seated.
  3. Gently place your hand on their lower back in a crowd.

Always read body language and verbal cues to ensure they’re comfy with physical contact. Communication is the key!

End the date on a high note with a planned future activity or date idea.

Ending your date with a bang is the way to go if you want a third one. Consider planning a future event or suggest a date that shows you’re eager to meet again. Here are some hints to make it a success:

  • Suggest an activity that both of you like or share a hobby.
  • Be clear and confident about wanting to meet them again.
  • Choose an activity that lets you get to know each other better, and talk.
  • Rather than saying “let’s hang out” or “we should do this again sometime”, be more specific and give a definite suggestion.
  • Take note of your date’s reactions – make sure they’re having a good time and interested.

Pro tip: Make them look forward to seeing you again, but also be considerate of their time and preferences.


By employing the strategies discussed in this article, you’ll increase your chances of transforming the excitement of the early dating phase into a solid foundation for a flourishing connection. Always keep in mind that authenticity, communication, and genuine curiosity about your date play crucial roles in securing that third, pivotal encounter.

With these valuable insights at hand, you are better equipped to navigate the thrilling world of dating, as you forge a deeper bond with your special someone. So cheers to discovering the enchantment of the third date and the potential for a meaningful relationship that lies ahead!

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