will a taurus man come back after no contact

Will A Taurus Man Come Back After No Contact?

Wondering if a Taurus man will return after no contact? Yes, there’s a chance. He may come back if he still feels connected. But, what are the reasons he hasn’t returned yet? Let’s look at the factors at play. This article will explain all.

Understanding a Taurus man

A Taurus man is known for their loyalty and perseverance. He may stay devoted to you, but he can be pushed too far. His feelings need time and space to be thought through before making any choices. If the relationship has become negative, he needs alone time to figure out what his heart is saying.

It’s possible he will come back, if something shifts. If his attitude or your actions change, you could see signs that he wants to talk to you again, even if no contact has been made for months.

Reasons a Taurus man might come back after no contact

No contact is a hard choice and a challenging path. Wonder if your Taurus man will return after no contact? There are signs that may help you understand. We will discuss the reasons why a Taurus man might return after no contact. This article will help expand your knowledge about this topic.

He misses you

A Taurus man missing his former partner is likely to come back. They are loyal and strongly attached. He’ll be full of emotions and thoughts of them. Regret, fond memories, longing for contact and even yearning for the sound of their voice – all signs he misses them deeply.

Taurus men don’t easily forget relationships, so if your ex expresses his feelings about the break up and talks about it, it shows nostalgia. If topics bring him pain or joy, it could mean he hasn’t let go. This could mean he could come back after no contact.

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He is loyal

The Taurus man is dedicated and loyal. Even after a disagreement or argument, he might return if he’s sure the relationship can be saved. If he senses you still care, he’ll likely attempt to make amends.

Taurus men are emotionally stable and patient. They’ll work through problems in relationships for as long as it takes – until the issue is fully resolved. His loyalty means he’ll stay around if he loves and trusts you. After a period of no contact, this determination could bring him back into your life.

He is committed

A Taurus man devoted to you will definitely return after some time apart. They are usually loyal and determined, meaning they will stick to their promises. Their sign shows they don’t easily let go of someone, even if they’ve been hurt in the past. This type of man will do whatever he can to make things work. He takes the term ‘commitment’ very seriously and wants to honor it.

Your Taurus will take his time away seriously. He believes that taking time apart can make your bond stronger when you’re reunited. It also gives him the chance to gain perspective and revive the connection between you after a short break.

Signs a Taurus man will come back

Nobody likes to be abandoned after a split, especially a Taurus man. Have you broken up with one? You’re probably wondering if he’ll return. The answer is maybe.

There are some signs that can tell you if he will. Take a look at them and you’ll get an idea of what’s to come. Let’s check them out!

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He reaches out

A Taurus man won’t express his miss for you straight away. But he’ll drop hints. Like texting you a joke, or checking if you need something.

He may not risk asking to get back together. Instead, he’ll keep himself away and send subtle messages to see if you’d reject him.

But if his small gestures continue over time, you’ll know where his heart is.

He starts to show interest again

A Taurus man may advertise his love for you when he decides to come back. He might remind you of shared memories or give little gifts. He could also send signs and signals to rebuild your relationship.

He may start talking more, hang out more, or text you to show that he misses you. If he initiates conversations in order to give compliments or rekindle memories, then he may be ready to come back into your life. It could be subtle things like remembering important details about you or simply asking how you are.

He might not talk about issues that caused the distance, but rather focus on topics that bring pleasure. If he’s extra attentive when it comes to conversations, it could mean something has changed and his approach could be different this time.

He is open to communication

When debating if a Taurus man will return, one sign that may help is if he is open to talk. A Taurus man is often vocal, however when he forms a connection with someone, his communication will increase and be more meaningful.

If your Taurus man talks about his daily life, this is a good indicator that he still cares and wants to be with you. But it could also be him being polite with no further plans. To know how much he wishes to return to your life, observe his body language, eye contact, and the conversations he starts.

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How to make a Taurus man come back

Are you trying to make your Taurus man come back? Know that they take time to decide, even when it comes to relationships. This might lead to them departing from you suddenly. Read this article to learn how to make them return – and if it’s worth it.

Show him you are independent

Showing independence is very attractive to a Taurus man. Spend time doing what you enjoy, nurture your passions and chase your career goals. Show him that you can be strong and handle things alone. This reassures him that he needs you in his life, not to control him.

Take some space and avoid contact for a few weeks. This will make him yearn for your attention.

Focus on yourself

Prioritizing yourself is key when trying to make a Taurus man come back. He doesn’t like to wait, so if you take too long, he may leave. Give him space to decide if he wants to move forward.

Use this time apart to practice self-care. Do things that make you confident. Join hobbies and get involved in new projects. This will help build your personal growth.

Also, improve things in your life that relate to the relationship. Think about what may have held him back from coming back. Is it communication? Or something else?

Remember, changes start from within. Take some time to become the person you want to be, with or without him.

Don’t be too available

Making a Taurus man come back? Don’t be too available. Taurus loves the chase. Be mysterious! Step back and let him pursue you. Don’t appear desperate. If he returns, it should be out of true attraction – not neediness.


A Taurus man goes to his own rhythm. He might keep people away when they don’t fit in his life. But, if you wait and have space, he may come back. It depends on your relationship and what happened.

  • Take time apart to think.
  • Review past conversations to make sense of his actions.
  • If you reach out, it could be the push he needed.

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