why do guys go on dating sites when in a relationship

Why Do Guys Go On Dating Sites When In A Relationship?

Relationships can be hard to comprehend. We’ve all wondered why some men continue using dating sites, even when they’re in a relationship. It can cause confusion and hurt.

In this article, we’ll discuss what could be motivating them and how it affects their partners.

Reasons Guys Go on Dating Sites When in a Relationship

Couples may find going on dating sites a troubling experience. Especially if one partner discovers the other is active on a dating website. This could be a sensitive topic for couples to talk about. But, it’s important to understand why someone may be tempted to explore outside the relationship.

This article will explore some of the reasons why guys go on dating sites while in a relationship:


Guys going on dating sites when in a relationship is often due to boredom. Maybe it’s because of an uninteresting relationship, or just tiredness in life. These individuals want new experiences with different people online. This could be exciting and enjoyable, but if the intentions become too serious, it can create issues.

If you’re in this situation, think about your needs and talk to your partner honestly. Then, you can find a solution.

Lack of Connection

When a guy is in a relationship, he may feel disconnected from his partner. This can make him frustrated. He may feel he’s not getting enough attention or affection and seek it elsewhere. Emotional voids can be just as destructive to the relationship as physical cheating.

A lack of communication can cause guys to turn to dating sites. This could mean a disconnect between what he wants and what his partner can provide. It could be one person desires something the other can’t give, leading to an imbalance. Or maybe there are underlying issues causing resentment. Disagreements over lifestyle, career, or sex could contribute towards disharmony within the relationship. These things can lead someone to seek an emotional connection elsewhere to fill the void.

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A guy in a relationship can sometimes feel curious about dating and other partners. This is normal, and not cheating. It may even help the relationship if it makes both partners talk about what they expect from each other.

However, this curiosity can cause restlessness or lack of trust. The partner may start using dating sites to explore options. If the dissatisfaction turns into longing for someone else, the temptation to go on dating sites becomes stronger. Even if it doesn’t lead to infidelity, both partners need to take time and ask themselves if their expectations are being met.

Looking for a Better Match

A man might have a need to look for better matches, even when in a relationship. It may be to find a more compatible partner or a more fulfilling experience. For example, if the current relationship is unfulfilling, he could look elsewhere. This could be due to mismatches in expectation, such as wanting kids or different religious beliefs.

On the other hand, it could mean someone is content but just curious to explore other options. While this may not end well, it could also be harmless fun. Or it could lead to a more fulfilling connection. In this case, going on dating sites while in a relationship is an exploration of needs and wants that began before committing.

Effects of Going on Dating Sites When in a Relationship

When in a relationship, visiting dating sites can have both good and bad effects. On the plus side, it can be a great opportunity for communication and for exploring beyond the relationship. But, on the downside, it can breed suspicion, jealousy and insecurity.

In this article, we will investigate the different effects of going on dating sites when in a relationship:

Damage to the Relationship

The digital age has given us dating sites and apps. People may use them to find romantic partners – even when they already have one! But this can have damaging consequences. It can create feelings of betrayal and doubt for both people. It shows a disregard for the trust in the relationship and can ruin any genuine connection. In extreme cases, it can define someone’s identity and lead to broken trust.

People also miss out on personal growth. There’s a lack of awareness about their feelings. This will hurt any attempts at meaningful connections in future relationships or with their current partner.

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It’s best to avoid going on dating sites while in a relationship. It leads to deep rifts. These take a lot of time and effort to mend, if it is possible at all. To build strong relationships, trust is essential. Honest communication should be encouraged.

Loss of Trust

When someone strays by going on dating sites while in a relationship, it can cause immense emotional pain. This can lead to feelings of distrust, betrayal, and suspicion. It’s normal to doubt your partner’s loyalty after an infidelity. This lack of trust strains the entire relationship.

It also creates conflict when one discovers the other is seeking out romance online. Respect can diminish, as one partner may feel their spouse is not trustworthy. Self-esteem can suffer too. Both partners may behave in ways that make them feel guilty. And the betrayed partner may question why they weren’t good enough to remain monogamous.

The effects of dating sites while in a relationship are damaging and detrimental. They must be addressed appropriately.

Emotional Pain

When a person in a relationship goes on dating sites, they may be looking for emotional attention, affirmation or distraction. This can be a way of avoiding pain in their relationship. If their partner is feeling neglected, it will be more painful when they realise their spouse is seeking connection with others. Even if this doesn’t lead to cheating, it can damage the relationship.

Moreover, this behavior can be damaging to one’s mental health. Searching for validation from strangers can make them feel lonelier than before they started. It’s important to remember any interaction carries risk, even online. Emotions are real, and not to be taken lightly.

How to Deal With It

If your other half is using dating sites while in a relationship, it might be a sign of issues. This doesn’t have to mean they’re cheating. It could be a sign that something’s wrong. It’s vital to tackle the problem and talk about it frankly with your partner.

This article will offer tips on how to bring up the topic and progress in your relationship:

Talk to Your Partner

Uncovering your partner’s dating website use can be emotionally overwhelming. Try to keep your cool and listen to what they have to say. It’s important to know this behavior doesn’t define them.

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Ask why they chose a dating website. Were they just curious or was there a deeper reason? If it was just for fun, perhaps they’d be willing to delete their account for you. Don’t expect this to solve the problem though – talking it out is key.

If things become too hard to handle, consider going to couples therapy. A therapist has expertise in dealing with delicate issues like this. They can offer guidance and help you navigate your relationship. Take some time away from each other while you process – having some space can be valuable before working together again.

Seek Professional Help

When feeling lost or confused, it’s a smart idea to get professional help. Talking with a therapist or counselor can provide an outside perspective and offer helpful advice. A licensed expert can also aid with communication problems, create strategies for coping with strong emotions, or work on bonding skills to make your partnership stronger.

Don’t be shy to get assistance when necessary; couples counseling could be the remedy to manage relationship issues.

Re-evaluate Your Relationship

Realizing your partner is getting validation and attention elsewhere can be painful. It can be tough to accept that they lied or acted wrongly; however, it is helpful to reflect on your relationship.

When dealing with a broken trust, try to look at things from both sides. The best approach is to talk openly and honestly. Ask your partner why they looked for approval outside the relationship. Listen without criticism and try to comprehend their feelings then. If you don’t get why they would go on a dating site when in a committed relationship, ask questions without accusing them.

Both parties should feel acknowledged and accepted by focusing on sincere conversations, not blaming or accusing each other. Talking about the underlying issues which caused the incident can help you locate triggers, so you can work on them, and make your bond stronger. Keep in mind that no relationship is perfect; all relationships require effort and commitment to last.


Why would someone go on dating sites when in a relationship? It’s hard to say. It could be out of curiosity, feeling a disconnect from their partner, or wanting to spice things up. It is essential that both people talk openly and honestly about their feelings and expectations. Knowing what is going on can really help the relationship stay strong.

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