how a guarded man tests you

How A Guarded Man Tests You?

A guarded man’s relationship may seem daunting to start. But if you know what to look for, it can be easier to comprehend the dynamics. He’ll normally test you in three ways: patience, trustworthiness and loyalty. These tests decide if you can make the most of the relationship and if he should open up his heart.

In this article, we’ll study each of these tests. This way, you’ll know if someone is worth investing in. Understand that these tests aren’t meant to manipulate, but to assess whether the relationship is going the right way. So let’s start!

We’ll explore each of the three tests in detail:

  1. Patience
  2. Trustworthiness
  3. Loyalty

What is a Guarded Man?

Ever met someone distant and unwilling to share? They’re known as a guarded man. It can be tough to connect with them and try their patience. But it’s key to understand why they are guarded and how it could affect your relationship.

This article looks into what a guarded man is and how to handle the situation:

Characteristics of a Guarded Man

A guarded man holds back his emotions. He finds it hard to connect with others on an intimate level. Perhaps he’s been hurt in the past. Or, he doesn’t feel confident expressing himself. The people around him don’t know his thoughts, feelings or emotions as he keeps them hidden and protected. He chooses to test those entering his life to decide if they are trustworthy.

Here are some of the traits of a guarded man:

  1. He avoids getting close to people until he knows them well and trusts them.
  2. He hesitates to express his feelings because he’s scared of being judged or dismissed.
  3. When meeting new people, he takes time to assess the situation before investing emotionally.
  4. He comes off as distant, but this is how he protects himself from potential hurt.
  5. You must be patient with him as it may take time for him to lower his guard and reveal his true self. But it will be worth it!
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Reasons Why a Man May be Guarded

A guarded man may be hard to connect with. It means he’s been hurt or betrayed in the past and is scared of being vulnerable again.

Reasons for his guarded behavior:

  • Betrayal by someone he loved.
  • No trust or security in his upbringing.
  • Bad experiences with women.
  • Misunderstandings with others.

Dealing with a guarded man needs patience, understanding and empathy. Create a safe atmosphere and take it slow. Gradually, his defenses will reduce. He’ll start to see you differently from people who hurt him.

How a Guarded Man Tests You

In a relationship with a guarded man? You might be thinking: “How does he test me?” Guarded men often struggle with trusting others. They may put you through tests to see what type of person you are. It can be a tricky situation. But, knowing how a guarded man tests you can help create a good bond, built on trust and respect.

He Observes Your Actions

A guarded man won’t directly ask what you’re like. He’ll watch. He’ll remember if you keep your promises. He’ll also test your character. He’ll check if you’re generous, kind, loyal and of integrity. If something’s suspicious with you, he won’t easily trust or commit. To make an informed decision, he needs to observe your behaviour without bias.

He Tests Your Patience

A guarded man tests those close to him. Walls around his heart let only those who pass his tests in. Knowing how he tests can help form a deeper connection with him, and gain his trust.

He tests patience. He may take longer than usual in responding or making decisions. Showing patience keeps emotions calm. He will appreciate it more than you know.

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He Tests Your Perseverance

A guarded man is ready to test you. He’ll check up on your loyalty and mental strength. If you’re in a relationship with a guarded man, it’s important to be prepared for the tests. He wants to know if you’ll stay loyal, no matter what.

That could mean testing your endurance. He’ll push you to your limits to see if you’ll stick it out. This could be as simple as him losing his temper and wanting to know if you can handle it calmly. He might also test how far you’ll go to defend him. These tests help him trust you and also show how dedicated you are.

He wants someone who’s strong for them and for themselves. Someone who will stay even when times are hard and celebrate the good times too. A partner to give comfort when life throws something at them. Only after all these tests have been passed, will a guarded man feel secure in your commitment. It’s about two people making a trusting bond based on respect and help.

How to Respond to a Guarded Man

Dating a guarded man? It can be tricky! He seems to be closed off and scared of risks. But don’t worry! You can still bond with him. He will test you to check if you’re trustworthy. Here’s how he might do it and how to react:

  • He might be hesitant to open up and share his thoughts.
  • He might not show his emotions easily.
  • He might be slow to trust you.

To bond with him, you should be patient, understanding and supportive. Show him that you are there for him and that you are trustworthy. Don’t push him to open up too quickly and be willing to take things slow. With time and patience, you can build a strong bond with a guarded man.

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Show Him That You’re Trustworthy

For a guarded man to open up, it’s key to show him trust and understanding. Demonstrate you’re an ally, not an enemy. Show up to dates on time and keep communication about plans.

Go slow and learn about his past. Talk about your past too. Being honest is key – it’ll increase his faith and create a safe place between you.

Words aren’t enough for a guarded man – they need evidence. Show him he can trust you; be dependable and gentle. That’s the best dynamic for a relationship with a guarded man.

Demonstrate Your Commitment

Getting to know a guarded man takes commitment and trust. Show him you are devoted to the relationship. Devote more time and effort than usually needed. Start small, dress up for a date. Show you care by doing things like bringing him coffee or helping around the house. Communicate with him openly and honestly. Speak kindly. Introduce him to your family and friends. This will help him feel secure and accepted, so he can lower his guard.

Be Patient and Understanding

Coming across a guarded man can be confusing. We wish he would just open up, but that’s not always possible. They are usually guarded due to hurt or trauma in their life.

The best way to deal with a guarded man is with patience and understanding. It takes time for them to trust people, so don’t pressure them with questions about their past. Show that you care by listening attentively and trying to understand them. This will help them feel comfortable around you.

Don’t be too quick to judge a guarded man. Everyone has unique life experiences which shape who they are. It’s possible for guarded hearts to heal, so don’t give up hope! If your feelings are true, take the time and effort to get through his walls. Your patience may pay off!


Bottom line: guarded guys usually have tests to confirm you’ve won their trust. Be patient, never cross any boundaries, and give him time to open up. As the relationship progresses, he may become more protective of his feelings. Show him you’re trustworthy and that you’ll stay loyal during difficult times.

Patience and understanding are key for a successful relationship with a guarded man.

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