how to tell if a military guy likes you

How To Tell If A Military Guy Likes You?

Throughout my journey in romance and relationships, I’ve encountered various individuals with diverse backgrounds, including men serving in the military. Recognizing the subtle signs that someone is attracted to you may be particularly challenging when your potential partner adheres to a unique set of values and behavioral expectations.

In the following post, I’ll share my insights on deciphering the nuances of a military man’s intentions and the tell-tale signs that indicate he’s genuinely interested in you. Understanding these cues can go a long way in navigating romantic interests within the military community.

Body Language

Body language is essential to see if a military guy has feelings for you. It’s tricky to understand these subtle cues. Let us dig into this more.

Pay attention to the body language. It can be a big clue to know if he likes you!

Look for signs of attraction

When it comes to gauging a military guy’s feelings, body language is essential! Watch out for indicators of interest, like long stares, blushing, and open body posture. Notice how often he smiles at you, and how his expression changes when you show up. If he looks away or seems hesitant to approach, it might indicate shyness or uncertainty.

If he’s always close to you – like leaning in during meaningful conversations – this is a sure sign of attraction. Keep an eye on where his hands are placed when talking; if it lands close to your arm or waist, it could be an unconscious move, suggesting that he’s drawn to you. Furthermore, if he ever touches your arm lightly when conversing, it could be a sign of fondness. Look out for such small yet meaningful gestures from him!

Notice how he looks at you

A military guy’s gaze can be revealing. A smile when looking at you? He’s interested. Watch for longer conversations, eye contact, and changes in his body posture. If he leans towards you or touches his hands together, this means he likes you. He might also be fidgety and restless around you – a sign of attraction!

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Pay attention to his posture

Be observant of his stance. Soldiers are schooled in keeping their composure and self-control, so if he stands tall with an erect chest and a fixed gaze, it could be a sign he likes you.

Analyze his body language. Does he lean in when chatting with you? Is he close to you? Are his arms across his chest, guarding himself? These behaviors can show that he finds you attractive.

If the signs seem hard to spot, watch how he behaves around other people. This will help you identify any changes in his behavior.


Fancying a soldier? Try having a conversation! It’s a good way to get a clue about them and if they like you. This piece will give advice on how to chat and work out if someone’s into you.

See if he initiates conversations

Observe if a military guy initiates a conversation with you. Does he try to talk to you often? If so, it’s a sign he likes you. Does he make time to talk when you’re in the same room? Look out for thoughtful comments and body language. Does he smile when you joke? It may be a sign of something more than friendship.

Notice if he remembers details about you

A military guy may have feelings for you if he remembers small details from your conversations. Like interests, past experiences. It shows he values those talks and you! It’s a sign of his care for you. When he wants to create a lasting impression, recalling details creates an emotional bond.

Listen to how he talks to you

A military guy’s affection for you can be seen in his enthusiasm. He may chat more with you, and use endearments like “baby” and “honey”. Listen to his tone. If he’s happy and eager, it’s a sign he likes you!

Physical Contact

Physical contact is a necessity in relationships. If a military guy is into you, you’ll notice him making physical contact. He might lightly brush your arm when handing you coffee, or mess up your hair when you’re joking around. Look for more of these touches – it could be a sign of his feelings for you.

See if he touches you

Physical contact can be a great sign of attraction, especially in the military. If a guy likes you, he may touch you playfully or hold your hand. This behavior might be instinctive and done without thinking. If he doesn’t do these things, it may mean he’s not interested.

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It’s important to remember that military guys are often mature and respectful. So, physical contact should always be appropriate for the setting and situation. Just because he tries to get close to you in one way, doesn’t mean other types of physical contact are okay.

Notice if he stands close to you

Pay close attention to his behavior if you want to know if a military guy likes you. Does he stand close when you talk? That can be a sign of attraction. Look out for him trying to get into your personal space. That could mean he has feelings for you.

Pay attention to how he holds your hand

A military guy may show his interest in you through physical contact. From resting his hand on yours to taking it in his, or even squeezing it subtly – these are all signs. He may pat your arm reassuringly, or give you a hug when you meet or say goodbye. He may also linger a few seconds longer when holding your hand, or lean into you when embracing. Watch how often he does this with you compared to others. If there’s more physical contact with you, it could be a sign that he likes you. Don’t be afraid to let him know how you feel!

Spending Time Together

A military guy who likes you? He’ll be sure to call you often and chat. Plus, he’ll probably request to take you out for drinks or dinner. If a military guy is interested in you, he’ll make an effort to see you and get to know you better!

Notice if he makes plans to hang out

He’s asking you to hang out a lot? That could mean he likes you! He may want to get to know you better. Look at how often he invites you and what he suggests. Does it seem like couples’ activities or is he taking care of business? If it’s always business, it might mean he just enjoys your company, not a relationship.

See if he compliments you

A military guy who’s into you won’t hesitate to show it. When you chat, see if he picks up on things that make you special. If he likes you, he’ll notice when you’ve got a fresh new ‘do or look extra nice. He’ll also compliment your talents, hobbies, brainpower – even your jokes!

Talk enough, and see if he tells stories and gives compliments that reveal his feelings. If his compliments are sincere and highlight the traits he’s noticed about you, it’s likely your military guy really likes you.

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Notice if he puts in the effort to spend time with you

When it comes to a military guy liking you, one sign is spending time with you. If he plans and puts effort into seeing you, it could mean he values you. Even if duties limit him, he’ll still try to see you.

Look at the tone and context of messages – if they’re about feelings or interests, it could show more than just friendship. He may remember little details about you, like hobbies, classes, etc. – genuine curiosity means more than surface conversation.

These signs don’t prove anything, but together with others (he’s single, often flirts, finding ways to meet up) it could show he has feelings for you. Don’t jump to conclusions – be aware of gestures before deciding.

Other Signs

Does he like you? Look out for these subtle signs to find out! A military guy may not show it easily, but there are still ways to tell if he’s interested. Here’s a list of some indicators:

  • He pays attention to you
  • He remembers details about you
  • He compliments you
  • He shows interest in your interests
  • He makes an effort to be around you
  • He invites you to hang out
  • He smiles at you often

See if he introduces you to his friends and family

A military guy liking you is a great sign. It means he is devoted to you if he introduces you to his family and friends. He may invite you to events like barbecues or birthdays. Or, he may take the initiative to introduce you to his family.

Deployment is an opportunity for him to introduce you officially. This shows more commitment as it means someone special waited for him while away at war. Be open minded; they might have known about your relationship before. Even if they knew, meeting them formally is a big step in a serious relationship!

Notice if he goes out of his way to help you

Once you and your military crush are already friends, look out for signs of flirting. Does he go the extra mile to help you? Does he offer assistance when you need it, without you even asking? If his actions show that he’s happy to help, then it could mean there’s mutual admiration between you both.

Pay attention to his facial expressions when he’s around you

Pay attention to his face when he’s around you. Does he smile more than usual? Is there a gentle smile when he looks at you? Look out for a raised eyebrow when you tell him something funny and a quick wink. See if he has furrowed eyebrows if he’s concerned. And watch for dimples when he grins at you. These facial expressions can tell you how he feels about spending time with you.


By familiarizing yourself with the character and communication habits of military men, you’re one step closer to forming genuine connections with those you too find intriguing. Trust your intuition, and remember that love can be found in the most unexpected places.

As you delve into this world, I hope the advice shared in this post will empower you to approach these romantic encounters with confidence and grace. Just keep in mind that everyone deserves a shot at love, regardless of their profession. May your journey be filled with intriguing connections and captivating stories.

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