is he thinking about me after the break up

Is He Thinking About Me After The Break Up?

Post-breakup, it’s natural to wonder if your ex is thinking about you, just as you might find yourself reflecting on the relationship. I’ve experienced this curiosity myself, questioning whether the person I once shared a connection with still has me on their mind.

In this article, I will discuss some signs that might indicate your ex is thinking about you after the breakup. Although it’s impossible to know for sure what someone else is thinking, understanding these clues can provide a sense of closure and help you navigate your own healing process.

Signs He is Thinking About You

Ending a relationship is tough, especially if you still love them. You could be wondering if your ex is thinking of you. It can be difficult to tell, but there are signs to look out for. Here are potential signs that your ex is thinking of you, and the emotions they may be feeling:

  • They reach out to you. If your ex is sending you messages or trying to initiate conversations with you, it could be a sign that they are thinking of you.
  • They talk about you. If your ex is talking about you to their friends or family, it could be a sign that they are thinking of you and have some unresolved feelings.
  • They post about you. If your ex is posting about you on social media, it could be a sign that they are thinking of you and still care about you.
  • They try to make you jealous. If your ex is trying to make you jealous by flirting with other people or posting pictures with other people, it could be a sign that they are thinking of you and trying to get your attention.

He is still trying to contact you

If your ex is still trying to contact you, it’s a sign they’re still thinking of you. Even if it’s just a friendly text, it could mean they’re having trouble moving on. They might start conversations, but struggle to express their feelings. This is difficult for some, and if your ex is doing it, it means something special between you two that they don’t want to lose.

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He is still following you on social media

Social media can be a major aspect of relationships. Even after a break-up, it can suggest a sustained interest. If your ex is still following you, it could be a suggestion they are still thinking of you. It may mean they wish to stay connected, or they’re simply keeping up with what’s happening in your life. Without talking to them directly, it’s hard to know their real intentions.

He is asking mutual friends about you

People often want to stay in a faithful relationship even after breaking up. If you hear he’s asking questions, then it could be a sign of love. It might mean he regrets the breakup and wants to know if you’re coping.

He might contact you or try talking to mutual friends. If he talks to people close to you, then it may mean he still has feelings. Seeing your hobbies and interests may remind him of the past relationship. This could trigger fond memories.

Reasons He May Be Thinking About You

Split-ups are hard. You may ponder if your ex is considering you after the break-up. There’s no way to know what’s in someone else’s head. But there are clues that could mean they are pondering you. Such as still talking to you or changes in mood.

Let’s examine these clues:

He still has feelings for you

It’s possible your ex still has feelings for you – even after the breakup. If you want to repair the relationship, it depends on factors such as the amount of damage done and whether or not your ex wants to try again.

Look for signs; do they call or text you often? Do they ask how you are? Do they get angry or critical when you mention your current relationship? Are they jealous? All these clues could mean your ex still has feelings for you.

If they contact you when they’re feeling lonely or vulnerable, it could be a sign of deep feelings. If it happens more than once, take it seriously. It might not be an invitation to repair the relationship, but it is a sign of their true feelings.

Look out for conversations full of inside jokes, fond memories, and references to just the two of you. If they watch old movies or read old books, it could be that their memories and emotions have been triggered.

When someone thinks of another person in this way, it’s usually because those thoughts and emotions give them a sense of gratification. But if they genuinely loved each other once, there will always be something left wanting. You can’t be sure he wants anything more than to play mind games. Keep an eye out to discern what’s going on between the two hearts.

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He is feeling guilty

A person may be thinking of you after a breakup due to feeling guilty. It’s possible they messed up during the relationship or ended it abruptly. The guilt can be strong, and your name might randomly come to them.

He could also be regretful, realizing he ended things too soon or not working out the issues. He may miss the security you two had together and wonder why it didn’t work out. It’s even possible he was recently hurt and is comparing it to you two.

He is trying to figure out what went wrong

He could be missing you. Trying to understand what went wrong between the two. Analyzing the relationship to spot any behaviors that led to its demise. Evaluating his emotions to see if he still has feelings for you. Especially if the breakup was recent or unexpected; he could have been thinking about you and trying to make sense of it all.

On the other hand, time may have passed and no contact made. That would indicate he has moved on and is focusing on himself. Unless there is still contact between you two, then it’s possible there are still lingering feelings on either side. These musings could be noticed more than either thought.

What to Do If He is Thinking About You

Ever wondered what to do if you find out your ex is still thinking about you? Here are some effective ways to handle this situation, focusing on self-growth and maintaining healthy boundaries:

Reach out to him and talk

Reach out to him and make an effort to talk. It gives you a chance to express your feelings and opinions respectfully. It also gives him a chance to understand your point of view.

When talking, don’t be accusing or demanding. Keep it open-ended or give gentle advice if needed. The goal isn’t necessarily reconciliation, but understanding each other. Speak honestly, but kindly. Don’t exaggerate or blame him personally. This way, he can reflect on his actions and decide if he wants to change his behavior.

Take some time to reflect on the relationship

Before you attempt to re-connect, take time to reflect. This isn’t about pointing fingers; it’s about being honest. Find a way that works for you: journaling, talking to someone, or whatever. Knowing the reasons behind your break-up will help you both if things become rekindled.

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Consider if getting back together is a good idea

Should you try and reconcile with your Ex? Consider the value of your relationship. Ask yourself:

  • Do you still love them?
  • Do they still love you?
  • Is it fixable?
  • Could you have handled it differently?
  • Is it likely that the same issues will arise again?

Take the time to be honest with yourself. Talk to a friend, mentor, therapist or counselor. Identify whether it’s best to get back together or to part ways. This reflection can also help you understand how your Ex is thinking about the breakup.

How to Move On

After a break-up, not knowing if your ex still thinks about you can be tough. The key is to direct your attention to yourself and move onward. Activities that bring you joy, such as discovering new hobbies, can take your mind off things and help you move forward.

Here, we’ll discuss how to move on after a break-up. It starts by focusing on yourself and taking positive steps in life:

Focus on self-care

To accept a break up, self-care is key. Think and feel, instead of resorting to old activities or unhealthy methods. Self-care is anything which makes you feel better. This could be a favorite food, nature, friends/family, or writing down what you’re thankful for. Even small acts of self-care can make a difference in the end.

Connecting with emotions allows us to understand them, and be patient with ourselves as we go through any pain. Here are some ways to practice self-care:

  • Enjoy a favorite food
  • Go outside and enjoy nature
  • Spend time with friends and family
  • Write down what you’re thankful for

Spend time with friends and family

Breaking up is tough. You may want to stay home and hide, but that’s not the best way to cope. Give yourself space, but don’t cut yourself off from family and friends. Let them know what’s happened, so they can support you without prying.

Hang out with them, go for coffee, dinner, do some outdoor activities, or stay in and watch movies or play board games. Be gentle with yourself – it takes time to recover.

Pursue new hobbies and activities

When it comes to moving on after a break up, focus on your wellbeing. Wallowing in sadness is not what you want. Pursue new hobbies and activities. Examples: dance lessons, sports, volunteering, travel. This helps take your mind off the heartache.

Also, set activity-focused goals. Something intimidating but will give you a sense of accomplishment when achieved. Rebuild enthusiasm for life!


Throughout this article, I’ve discussed various signs that may suggest your ex is thinking about you after the breakup. While it may offer some comfort or closure, it’s essential to remember that the most important part of the healing process is focusing on yourself and your personal growth.

As you continue on your journey, embrace the opportunity to learn from your past relationship and build a stronger, more confident version of yourself. May you find peace, happiness, and a newfound understanding of love as you move forward and create new, meaningful connections in your life.

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