will libra man come back after ghosting

Will Libra Man Come Back After Ghosting?

Being ghosted by a Libra man can leave you feeling bewildered and phased. Questions regarding the possibility of reconciliation are only natural in such situations.

This article aims to explore the factors that may influence a Libra man’s return after ghosting. Understanding these variables can help you determine the likelihood of reestablishing the connection and preparing your next steps.

Understanding the Libra Man

In a relationship with a Libra man and left in the dark? You may have been ghosted. To understand if he’ll come back, you must comprehend the Libra man. He’s known for fairness, diplomacy and thoughtfulness. Let’s explore the zodiac sign so you can make an informed decision about your relationship.

His Personality Traits

The Libra man may look laid-back, but deep down, they have a complex personality. They are known for their charm and charisma, and their great communication abilities. They are passionate and want to make a difference in the world, but can also be detached.

Libra men love intelligence, analysis and a partner who will challenge them. They like environments that are creative and adventurous, yet stable. They want someone willing to grow with them.

In relationships, they look for equal partnerships. They are great at finding common ground between two different perspectives. They are quick to learn and have flexible minds when interacting with others. They stay true to their values when making decisions or forming opinions. They allow for fruitful conversations that benefit both sides. This is important to their philosophical nature!

His Needs and Desires

To make a lasting connection with a Libra Man, it’s important to understand his needs & desires. He loves to be spoiled, and also loves to spoil in return. This star-sign is sociable, charming & romantic, but also has high standards when it comes to his partner. Balance is important to him, so he looks for equal-partnerships.

Romance & idealism often drive a Libra Man’s relationships; he wants something perfect. If you want him back after ghosting, show your appreciation with flowers or love letters. Let him know he can count on you for emotional & moral support.

At the end of the day, he needs someone to meet his emotional & mental needs, while also providing stability & structure. Be honest & open with your feelings, as this will create trust between you. Don’t be afraid to tell him what you need; if he loves you, he’ll make sure both your desires are fulfilled!

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Reasons Why a Libra Man May Ghost

Ghosting is when you abruptly vanish from someone’s life without explanation. It can be hard to comprehend when it involves a Libra man, as they are usually social and good communicators in relationships. Let’s look at some reasons why a Libra man may choose to ghost:

Fear of Commitment

A Libra man may ghost in a relationship. His fear of commitment as an air sign is strong. He seeks intellectual stimulation and shies away from seriousness. His feelings and heart are more important than logic. When emotions get intense, he can become disillusioned or anxious. These traits can lead to impulsive decisions like ghosting.

He’s Not Ready for a Relationship

Libra guys are notorious for loving balance and harmony. But, they often have trouble finding it within themselves. If a Libra man is feeling too much pressure in a relationship, he might pull back and ghost instead of addressing his feelings. He may think he’s not ready to commit, or be scared of the emotions that come with it. When faced with these feelings, he might do anything to avoid it – like running away.

It’s hard to understand why a Libra man might ghost. But, if your gut is telling you this is the case, take some time to think about why. There may be deep issues in his mind making him not reply. Understanding what’s going on can help you empathize with him, instead of holding onto anger or bitterness. Ghosting might show he needs more time to figure himself out before getting into a serious commitment.

He’s Not Interested in You

If your Libra man has ‘ghosted‘ you, it could be because he doesn’t feel the same connection. He loves to please people. So, if he sees that his words or actions are causing hurt, he may decide it is best to walk away. This can be hurtful, but in his mind, ghosting is the only way.

He may fear a commitment or romance. It could be an unconscious fear due to past relationships or insecurity about his feelings for you.

Libran men can be aloof. They don’t like taking risks. Staying away from someone might seem safer than starting something. Being romantic requires vulnerability, which takes them out of their comfort zone. He might not feel ready for a relationship, so he chooses the path of least resistance by avoiding contact.

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Signs He May Come Back

Ghosting isn’t fun! You’ll be frustrated and confused. But, it’s good to remind yourself it’s in the past. If you have a Libra man in your life, you might be asking if he’ll come back after ghosting you. Let’s look at signs that could mean he’ll come back:

He’s Still Thinking About You

When a Libra man doesn’t reach out, don’t assume it’s over. He could be trying to work out if it’s best for both of you. If he’s still considering it, he probably still has feelings for you. Consider subtle ways to remind him why he loved you.

A sign he might come back is if he follows your social media. Look out for what he likes or comments on – if it’s about you, it’s a sign he’s still interested.

Another sign is if they start up conversations randomly after disappearing. This could mean they want to test the waters before diving in. This allows them breathing space to make decisions confidently.

He’s Still Texting You

If your Libra man keeps texting you – same as before he ghosted – then it’s likely he’ll come back. He may even try to win you back, flirting and complimenting through text. Don’t get too caught up in these though, if you’re not ready for a relationship. He still wants to know your major life events and remembers small things that matter to you. Mutual respect between you two might mean he’ll come back.

If no communication since the ghosting event, it’s time to find someone who aligns better with your needs.

He’s Making an Effort to Reconnect

If your Libra man is trying to reconnect with you after ghosting, it could mean he may come back. Signs could be as simple as a message, email, text, or phone call – he might not explain what happened or why he ghosted. But, trying to start talking again shows he still has feelings.

He might also attempt attention-seeking behavior like liking or commenting on your social media posts. If he’s curious about you and wants to know how you’re doing, it could be a sign of interest. If you feel comfortable talking to him, keep the conversation nonthreatening and friendly so he feels less worried about saying something wrong.

Libran men usually value relationships highly, so if he contacts you, there’s a good chance those old feelings still exist – enough for him to try and fix things with you!

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How to Handle the Situation

Ghosting can hurt and befuddle. If a Libra man ghosted you, pondering how to make him return? One-size-fits-all solutions don’t exist. Yet, there are ways to try to manage the situation. Here, we’ll talk about the possible approaches:

Give Him Space

It can be alluring to try to get answers from a Libra man you’ve been dating after ghosting. However, this could make him further away and not come back. So, it’s essential to let him have his space.

The Libra man might have a justification for ghosting. Allowing him to take some time to reflect on it is great. If you think he is overwhelmed, try to help him, but don’t force him to answer or attempt to fix anything. Let him come up with his own solutions before you give aid.

If he feels snug, let him express himself. But, don’t make him tell why he vanished or was far away. This could be bad in the long run as he might be more hesitant to open up before making decisions about the relationship. A gentle way is usually the ideal way to face these situations when it comes to a Libra man, since that’s how they are most likely to feel at ease.

Don’t Beg for His Attention

If a Libra man has ghosted you, don’t beg for his attention. You may feel hurt and angry, but focus on restoring your dignity. Don’t be desperate or “clingy” – like sending multiple texts or pressuring him for an answer. Don’t take it personally or waste time on fantasies of revenge.

The answer to “will my Libra man come back after ghosting me?” is uncertain. The most important thing is to rebuild your self-worth after such a challenging experience. Pay attention to what triggers feelings of rejection, so you can respond with awareness.

Focus on Yourself

When someone you care about ghosts you, it’s hard to not take it personally. They’ve chosen to leave without an explanation. Acknowledge and validate your feelings of hurt and rejection.

Allow yourself to work through these feelings so they don’t linger. Don’t blame yourself or hold a grudge.

Focus on yourself. Take action steps to make positive changes in your life. Learn new skills and invest in relationships that bring you joy. These activities can help build confidence and bring happiness back into your life. Hopefully, this will make a better situation when Libra man returns (if he ever does).


To wrap it up, whether a Libra man returns after ghosting totally depends on him and the situation. Some may come back, but there’s no promise. So, if you think they’re worth the wait, be patient. On the other hand, if your instincts say otherwise, don’t hesitate to move on.

Self-respect and honest communication are key for both people to find the relationship they want.

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