why do guys like mean girls

Why Do Guys Like Mean Girls?

It’s counter-intuitive, but lots of guys are attracted to mean girls. This is a confusing thing that confuses both men and women. It’s tough to comprehend why someone would be interested in someone unkind and rude.

But when you look at why males go after a mean girl, some designs appear. Why do guys like mean girls and what does this mean for relationships? Let’s find out!

Reasons why guys are attracted to mean girls

Guys oftentimes find themselves drawn to mean girls – and this may sound odd. But, there are several reasons! It could be the challenge of trying to win her heart. Or, it could just be her confident attitude. Let’s delve into why this attraction happens:

They are confident

Confident women have a pull on many guys. Men are programmed to admire assertiveness and control from a woman. Mean girls appear more confident than other girls, suggesting they trust themselves and their decisions. This is what guys love and draws them in.

Plus, mean girls don’t worry about other’s opinions; they’re not scared to be different, speak their mind or show off their strength. They also know exactly what they want out of life, making them even more attractive to men.

They are mysterious

Many believe mean girls are popular with guys. This opinion has been around for ages, and is seen in pop culture. But why do some guys prefer mean girls?

  • One reason is they appear mysterious and exciting. When a girl acts distant or uninterested, this can draw in many guys. Even if they realize it’s wrong, they can’t resist the urge to get closer.
  • Ultimately, when a guy chooses a mean girl, it can be a sign of deeper issues. This can suggest he’s struggling internally and needs support to make an emotional connection with someone healthy.

They are challenging

Relationships draw many guys in due to girls who challenge them. Mean girls tend to show a tough exterior and reject the attention of guys, making them seem mysterious and appealing. It’s easy for a guy to become fixated on a girl who appears hard to get and a thrill for him to pursue. Although it may initially appear entertaining and intriguing, it can quickly become overwhelming and draining.

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Potential drawbacks of dating a mean girl

Dating a mean girl can be a bad idea. The bad girl attitude might seem cool at first, but it can quickly become a problem. Her behavior can be tough to handle and hard to predict.

Here are some of the potential issues that could come up with dating a mean girl:

  • She can be manipulative and controlling.
  • She might be jealous and possessive.
  • She might have a short temper and be quick to anger.
  • She might be self-centered and not care about your feelings.
  • She might be rude and disrespectful.

They can be manipulative

Dating mean girls can have potential downsides. They may try to control their partners in various ways. For example, they might attempt to isolate them from family and friends or make them feel guilty if they don’t oblige. Some guys find this behavior appealing, but it can be draining and harmful in the long run.

It’s vital to have a balanced relationship without feeling managed or manipulated into making decisions about your life or love life. Relationship experts agree that this is key.

They are not always reliable

Dating a mean girl is tough. You feel like you need to watch what you say and do. Plus, it’s hard to trust her. She might cancel plans or not show up. This can be especially annoying if she expects you to always be there, but doesn’t have the same expectation of herself.

They can be emotionally draining

Dating a mean girl can be really tough. Some guys like that she has an edge, but her tendency to judge and criticize can hurt a relationship. She often believes she is always right and lets you know if you don’t agree. She’s not very understanding or compassionate and doesn’t take others feelings into account.

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Plus, mean girls often put others down to make themselves feel better. This can create resentment, which can destroy even strong relationships. Also, it’s hard to predict how she’ll react, making it hard for you to plan for the future. So, there’s always a sense that your relationship could fail at any time.


Ultimately, it’s understandable why some guys like mean girls. They tend to be confident and sure of themselves – two qualities that draw in men. They are not scared to take the initiative, which a lot of guys find attractive. Additionally, mean girls have a ‘bad girl‘ persona that’s interesting to some guys.

However, it’s important to remember that there is a difference between being self-assured and being mean. Guys should recognize this distinction.

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