how to get him back after pushing him away

How To Get Him Back After Pushing Him Away?

Sometimes, we unintentionally push our partners away due to our fears, insecurities, or even a momentary lapse in judgment. If this has happened to you, I completely understand the desire to regain your lost connection and get him back. But how can you rebuild trust and reignite the spark after pushing him away?

In this article, I’ll be sharing my expert advice on how to mend your relationship and win his heart back. We’ll delve into the importance of self-reflection, emotional healing, and effective communication to restore the bond that was once broken. So, let’s embark on this journey towards reconciliation and rekindling the love that was lost.

Assess the Situation

Before you can win him back, assess the situation. To get insight into why he pulled away, reflect on your relationship. Identify the problems and decide if a fix is possible. Think objectively and try to be emotionless. To make the best decision, understand the dynamics. Then, you can figure out how to get him back.

Identify the reasons why you pushed him away

To bring him back after pushing him away, you must understand why you did that. Reflect on the events before it. Analyze what caused the issue. Was it a misunderstanding or miscommunication? Did a disagreement happen before? Have you been feeling overwhelmed? If it was an emotional trigger, explore what each of you saw in it. If there was an irresolvable disagreement, look into how it affected both of you.

Knowing the root causes helps to get him back more effectively:

  • Was it a misunderstanding or miscommunication?
  • Did a disagreement happen before?
  • Have you been feeling overwhelmed?
  • What did each of you see in the emotional trigger?
  • How did the irresolvable disagreement affect both of you?

Evaluate the impact of your actions

To consider how to get your partner back, take a step back and reflect on why you pushed them away. Think about your own actions, decisions, and how your partner reacted. Respect their feelings.

It can be hard to admit we are fully responsible for our mistakes. To understand our impact, jot down questions. Like, why did we argue? Was our reaction valid? What were their reactions? How could we have handled things differently? Were there misunderstandings? How could we have expressed ourselves better? Are we ready to take responsibility and reopen communication channels?

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Asking these questions can help gain clarity, and taking responsibility is key to repairing bridges.


Apologizing is key for relationship repair. If you and your partner have been estranged due to an argument or misunderstanding, apologize first. It may be hard to take responsibility for your contribution to the problem. However, expressing true regret and remorse will help restore trust and understanding between the two of you.

Acknowledge your mistakes

Apologies are crucial. Acknowledge your mistakes and show regret for the hurt caused. If you pushed away your partner, express your sorrow and admit it was wrong. It can be difficult to say this, but when honest and sincere, it can mend the broken bond. Take responsibility and be honest with yourself – this is the first step to getting him back.

By confessing, it shows your partner you understand why they were hurt and that you wish to reconcile. Give them time to process their feelings, before trying again. Let them know communication is important in conflicts in future.

Express your regret

Pushing your partner away can make it hard to say sorry and ask for forgiveness. A successful apology needs to be regretful, explain why the situation happened, and show you are willing to fix it.

Start by showing how serious you are about fixing it. Then apologize sincerely. Make sure your apology is genuine. Take time to reflect if needed.

Actions can help your apology and show you care about the relationship. Ideas like taking on more household work or planning dates can show you are trying to build trust and prove you care. Respect should be the foundation of a healthy relationship. So, try hard to bridge any gap.

Make Amends

To reconcile with your partner after pushing them away, start by apologizing. Show them you are serious about the relationship. For a successful apology, be genuine and accept responsibility. Also, be willing to make changes in the future.

Take responsibility for your actions

Making peace requires you to admit and own up to your mistakes. Though hard to swallow, it is important to understand the effect your actions had on the relationship. Show your regret without making excuses or minimizing what happened. Show your commitment to mending the relationship with a genuine apology. Doing this may help him open up to the chance of reconciliation.

Show him that you’re willing to change

To win him back after pushing him away, show him you’re ready to fix things. Speak honestly about what happened and how it made you feel. Apologize sincerely and be committed to the relationship. Let him know you are willing to make an effort.

He may be more likely to come back.

Reflect on your own behavior. Be honest with yourself and think of how you could have acted differently. This can prevent future troubles. Respect his feelings and try to see things from his perspective. This will help build trust between you again.

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Rebuild Trust

Reestablishing trust is a must for getting him back after you pushed him. It takes effort and a lot of patience, but it can be done! Elizabeth Adams, an expert in relationships, will explain how to rebuild trust and get your man back in this article.

Communicate openly and honestly

Rebuilding trust after pushing someone away requires honest communication. Be transparent and vulnerable; listen with open ears and an open heart. Respect their feelings and perspective. Struggling to express yourself? Writing out your thoughts can help.

Patience is necessary; trust takes time, it’s built on mutual understanding and respect. Don’t forget to check in with yourself – don’t get overwhelmed or blame yourself if things don’t go as planned right away. It takes effort and patience from both parties.

Be patient and understanding

Rebuilding trust with a partner is no easy feat, especially if you are the one who pushed them away. To gain back their trust, patience is key as this process takes time. Understand that they likely feel hurt and rejected, so validating their feelings and showing them you recognize why they may be hesitant is important.

Be honest and open with them. Apologize for pushing them away and speak about how you want to improve the relationship. Show that you’re willing by trying new things or giving them extra affection; these actions can help rebuild trust after a disagreement or hurtful action.

Start slow and gradually reintroduce intimacy. Allow progress to occur organically by showing up for each other in moments big and small. From conversations about rebuilding trust to eventual physical contact, it all helps. Building relationships takes time, but having an open dialogue can help rebuild respect quicker. Remember that actions speak louder than words when trying to rebuild trust. Do whatever it takes for them (and yourself!) to fully heal from past mistakes.

Show him that you’re committed to making things work

To get him back after pushing him away, show your partner genuine commitment to the relationship and work hard to rebuild their trust. Talk to them regularly and stay connected. Demonstrate commitment by being open and honest about feelings and why you acted. Ask questions if something isn’t clear. No secrets between the two of you!

Put extra effort in to make them feel secure again. Go on dates, remind them of commitment through words and actions. Show appreciation, forgive mistakes easily, give compliments when they do something right, be understanding when they’re having a bad day. Start taking responsibility for mistakes by apologizing sincerely and no excuses or blaming.

Rebuilding trust takes time, but with patience and consistency, things will fall into place. Resentment fades and mutual respect takes its place in the relationship again.

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Move Forward

You have pushed him away, but that doesn’t mean it’s the end. You will have many emotions after pushing him away. It may seem like an impossible task, but you can still repair the relationship.

Let’s look at the steps to get back into his head and heart:

Talk about the future

When you’re ready to communicate again, focus on expressing your willingness to work on it. Begin with a conversation about the future. Show that you understand what went wrong and are committed to addressing issues.

Be open and honest. Talk about misunderstanding, miscommunication, shared goals, hopes and dreams for the future. Doing this will show dedication to bettering yourself and the relationship. Change won’t happen overnight, but setting goals for both of you can help. Being open and honest from now is key so you can move forward in a healthier way.

Spend time together

If you’re wanting to win him back, take it slow. Start up small chats – it doesn’t matter what about. Show him you care by asking how he’s doing, what he’s up to.

Find common interests where you both can have fun. Like getting coffee, or watching a movie. It’s important the time together feels positive. That way, it’s easier to move on to bigger things.

Don’t be too eager. Don’t make a move until he does. Every moment is precious. It took a long time for things to get messed up, and it’ll take some time to put it back together. Give your relationship time and space – let it build back in its own way.

Celebrate the small victories

Celebrate the small victories! When trying to get him back, recognizing and appreciating the little successes is key. Don’t think that progress is slow or non-existent – these tiny successes can be a great encouragement to not push him away.

Set realistic goals and time frames to reconnect with your partner. Make specific milestones and steps along the way. When something positive happens, no matter how small, choose to recognize and celebrate it! This could be a constructive conversation or some lighthearted banter.

Allow yourself to feel happy over any positive moments between you two. See progress through a lens of positivity and optimism. This will sustain your energy during reconciliation and remind you why it’s worth the effort.


I hope the insights shared in this article have armed you with the knowledge and confidence to rebuild your relationship and get your man back after pushing him away. Keep in mind that self-reflection, healing, and open communication are essential to fostering trust and reestablishing the connection you once had.

By putting these strategies into action, you’re taking the first steps towards mending your relationship and rekindling the love that was lost. Remember, you deserve a loving, lasting partnership, and with dedication and self-awareness, you can create just that. So embark on this journey with your heart open and your intentions clear, and may you find the love and happiness you seek.

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