how guys test their girlfriends

How Guys Test Their Girlfriends?

Guys testing their girlfriends? It’s old news! But what do they test them for? I’ll tell you. In this article, we’ll look at the different types of tests guys use to measure the strength of their relationships. We’ll explore if these tests are good or bad and how to deal with them. Read on to know more!

Reasons why guys test their girlfriends

Often, men test their girlfriends. Reasons vary. Generally, they want to know the commitment level and trust in the relationship. Additionally, they want to see how their partner handles pressure and critical thinking.

By testing his girlfriend’s reactions, a guy can learn about the couple’s bond. He allows issues to arise and sees her honest reactions. With this, he can understand their relationship.

People may think it is disliked, but it is just a way for a man to see if his partner will stay true. This allows the couple to see if they are compatible.

The decision to test your significant other is subjective – it may not be received well. Thus, it should be discussed before any testing happens, for the benefit of both parties:

  • Discuss the reasons for testing.
  • Set expectations.
  • Define the boundaries of the test.
  • Agree on the consequences of the test.

Types of Tests

Men may test their girlfriends in subtle ways. They do this to learn about commitment and loyalty. There are several types of tests. In this article, we’ll talk about them. We’ll also explain how to recognize these tests so you don’t get manipulated.

The “Jealousy Test”

The “Jealousy Test” is a common test men use to measure their relationship with their girlfriends. They start by flirting and paying attention to other girls – from mild talking to strong interactions like hugging or kissing. This gives the guy an opportunity to see how his girlfriend responds when she feels compared or challenged. Depending on her reaction, he can tell if she truly cares about him and if the relationship is strong enough.

A successful “Jealousy Test” is a sign of maturity and trust. Both individuals should have faith in each other and allow space for healthy exploration. However, this should never become cruel or hurtful. It is just an experiment to see if the relationship is working.

The “Trust Test”

The “trust test” is a type of assessment that some guys use. It’s to check their partner’s loyalty when in a relationship. This test involves asking the partner to hang out with an attractive member of the opposite sex. It’s either alone or in a group. The goal is to prove loyalty by declining the invitation.

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The trust test has various forms. From a lunch to meeting up for drinks or other activities. If the partner agrees, it may signal a lack of loyalty. The guy may offer compliments or money as an incentive. To prove that they really want to be with him and not seeking attention elsewhere.

This activity can be damaging. It forces one person to prove their love and loyalty in public. This leads to mistrust between partners. It’s important to communicate honestly, instead of testing each other through extreme measures such as the trust test.

The “Loyalty Test”

The “Loyalty Test” is a common drama in relationships. It’s when one partner creates situations to test the other partner’s loyalty. These tests range from putting a partner in an embarrassing spot with an attractive person, to remembering little details they discussed, to checking up on them while they’re apart.

These tests seem harmless, but they can really damage relationships. Disputes caused by jealousy or possessiveness only add tension and build mistrust. It might even lead one party to doubt the relationship.

If you often test your partner’s trustworthiness, it’s important to figure out why you feel so insecure. In a healthy relationship, each person should feel secure and trust their partner without needing tests.

The “Compatibility Test”

The “Compatibility Test” is a popular one used by guys. They use it to check how their girlfriend feels or thinks about certain stuff like commitment, fidelity and communication. To see if their girlfriend’s thoughts and feelings match his, is the main goal.

This sort of testing can take many different forms. Examples might be when he invites her along with his friends (to see if she fits in and if the group likes her), or checking her reaction to certain topics (including his weaknesses). Compatibility tests can also look at her reactions to his decisions, or how she deals with arguments – not just with him, but also with others.

The aim of the compatibility test is for them both to feel secure and happy in the relationship. Being able to talk and debate without hurt feelings is key to having a strong and long-lasting relationship.

Signs of Testing

Relationships often involve testing by guys. This is to check how dedicated their girlfriends are. Testing can occur in many ways. For example, changes in behavior or seeing how far the relationship can go. It’s essential to recognize these signs.

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Here are some of the most frequent types of testing:

Intentional Distance

Creating distance from your partner is a sign he’s testing you. He’ll pull away emotionally or physically, like avoiding spending time, canceling plans, or not doing what he said. He may be worried about revealing too much vulnerability or commitment. He’ll distance himself to test if it’s safe to open up.

Normal distance due to conflicting schedules is one thing. But if it’s intentional and sudden, it could mean he’s testing you. It’s important to talk about these changes. Open conversation and trust can help. Then, it prevents mistrust in the future.

Unreasonable Expectations

Girlfriends all around know the feeling when their boyfriends “test” them. It’s a sneaky way for them to back away before becoming too vulnerable. But, this “testing” often leads to crazy expectations.

Sure, needing reassurance is fine, but setting up unrealistic tests isn’t great for anyone. If you find yourself always trying to prove your loyalty or driving yourself mad with decision-making, it’s time to be honest.

Watch out for signs that your bf is expecting too much due to his own lack of commitment. These can include:

  • Doing something against your morals;
  • Testing you on irrelevant topics;
  • Needing proof or constant contact;
  • Calling excessively; or
  • Making a situation worse.

If any of these sound familiar, it’s key to talk openly about underlying issues and come up with a solution together. Make sure both sides understand each other’s needs so no one feels resentful or disrespected. Healing is only possible when both parties are willing to change!

Unsolicited Advice

Testing a partner’s feelings is not the ideal way to measure their commitment. But, many people still do it. Unsolicited advice can be one of the signs that a guy is testing his girlfriend’s loyalty. He may be trying to influence her choices and opinions. This can involve offering opinions on her hair, job, clothes, etc. It can also take the form of criticism or judgemental tones.

If this sounds familiar, it might be time to consider if your partner is testing your loyalty.

How to Respond to Tests

Sometimes, your partner may be testing you in a relationship. If a guy is testing you, he could do it in a subtle or overt manner. How you react to these situations may be the factor that decides whether the relationship continues or not. Knowing how to react to tests is essential.

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Let us look at how to respond to tests from a guy:

Communicate Clearly

When a guy tests you, it likely means he is seeking clarity and certainty of your feelings for him. Communicating your thoughts and feelings can help him understand where he stands. Be honest and think about what your words are conveying.

Reaffirm your commitments and acknowledge the need for space in the relationship. Speak in a way that conveys that each person’s needs are equally important.

If ever you feel uncomfortable or unsafe during a test, take note of that feeling. It might mean something deeper is going on. Let him know how his testing makes you feel. Make reasonable requests on how he can communicate his needs better. Talk about which boundaries to set going forward.

Remember that direct communication from both people is essential before any testing.

Set Boundaries

Setting boundaries is key in any relationship. Especially when a partner tests you. If they pressure you into decisions, make unfair demands, or are controlling, it’s time to set boundaries.

Start by communicating your needs. Explain how their testing makes you feel – hurt, devalued, disrespected. Make it clear that testing you is not OK and there will be consequences. Once they understand, they’ll appreciate why boundaries are needed.

Make firm but fair rules. Stick with them consistently. If broken, there should be consequences. Such as less time together, or a period of space. If broken again, it may be necessary to re-evaluate the relationship. To move forward safely and productively as a couple.

Show Understanding

When a guy tests you, anger and defensiveness are normal feelings. If you want something more in the relationship, show him that you understand why he’s testing you and what he needs. Acknowledge his feelings.

For example, if he asks who you were with last night, let him know that it’s ok for him to be curious. Reassure him nothing inappropriate happened. He may feel insecure about himself or your relationship. Understand his feelings rather than challenging them. Let him know it’s his right to ask and thank him for being honest.

Guys test to make sure they have your trust and commitment. Show him you trust and are committed to him too.


Is he testing me? It’s tough to know. But signs like his actions and behaviors can help the girlfriend figure out if her partner is gauging her commitment and care for him. He may not say it, but his signs might tell what he’s thinking.

If the girlfriend suspects he’s testing her, it could be wise for them to talk honestly and openly about it. Communication and dialogue are the best way to make relationships work.

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