how your ex feels when you ignore him

How Your Ex Feels When You Ignore Him?

Ignoring your ex may seem like the perfect solution for moving on, but have you ever thought about how they might feel? As someone who has been on both sides of the equation, I can say that being ignored by an ex can be a deeply hurtful experience.

When you ignore your ex, they may feel rejected, unimportant, and even humiliated. They might question what they did wrong and wonder why they are not worthy of your attention. It’s important to remember that while you have the right to communicate (or not communicate) with your ex in any way you choose, their feelings are still valid and should be taken into consideration.

His Feelings of Rejection

Ignoring your ex can cause them to feel rejected. This is devastating to their self-esteem. They may think you don’t care about them. Not being able to talk makes it worse. It can lead to feelings of anger, inadequacy and depression.

Let’s look at what your ex might feel when you ignore them:

  • Rejected
  • Anger
  • Inadequacy
  • Depression

He feels unloved and unimportant

When your ex is being ignored, it can cause deep hurt and rejection. He feels unloved and unimportant, which has a bad effect on his self-esteem. Being ignored makes us feel discarded and unheard. Insecurity and doubt creep in, as he wonders why you’re not interested anymore and what his worth is. He’s exposed, waiting for acknowledgment.

Unanswered text messages and calls make him feel vulnerable, which intensifies the psychological effects of being ignored. Your lack of communication may fuel anxiety in your ex, as he worries if he did something wrong or why he was replaced. He’s unable to understand why you chose to ignore him, leaving him stuck in confusion.

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He feels confused and frustrated

When someone’s partner stops paying attention to them, it causes confusion and frustration. Your ex may not know why you no longer care for them. This can lead to mistrust. They may think you don’t care and that they’re not worthy of your attention. People are scared of rejection and they feel anxious, worried it’ll happen again. Your ex may feel embarrassed and ashamed because of the lack of approval from you and those who saw their rejection.

His Feelings of Resentment

Ignoring your ex can be hard to judge. You’ve got to make sure you’re aware of the messages you send him when there’s no contact. It can quickly slide into negative emotions. We’ll look at what your ex may be feeling—and why he might start resenting you for ignoring him.

He may become angry and resentful

Your ex may feel mad, bitter, and frustrated when you ignore them. This is especially true if you don’t explain why you want to go your separate ways. He may also feel embarrassed since you ignored him in front of his friends and family who he cares about. It’s hard for him to accept that his affections were disregarded. These negative emotions could cause him to be mean or do something bad to you.

He may feel betrayed and hurt

Your ex may be hurt and betrayed when his efforts are ignored or rejected. He may have trusted and hoped that the relationship would work out, but instead faces reality. This sense of hurt may become anger towards you for not previously recognizing his efforts. He may also feel injustice at being wronged by someone once close. Feeling neglected or unimportant can be devastating to self-esteem.

In addition, your ex may feel insecure about emotional rejection or abandonment. He may be confused over what went wrong between two people once so close, now seemingly far apart. He may experience a range of emotions, such as:

  • Hurt and betrayed
  • Anger towards you
  • A feeling of injustice
  • Devastation to self-esteem
  • Insecurity about emotional rejection or abandonment
  • Confusion over what went wrong
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His Feelings of Emptiness

Ignoring your ex can stir up angry, sad or lonely emotions. He may feel insignificant or forgotten. This can lead to emptiness. It’s important to understand his feelings. You can minimize hurt and increase the chances of a successful relationship in the future.

Let’s take a closer look at his feeling of emptiness:

He may feel lonely and isolated

Ignoring your ex can be hard for them to process their emotions. It can make them feel lonely and isolated. They may feel like they have nowhere to turn. If there was an emotional connection, they may still have feelings of love or fondness. This makes it difficult.

Decisions may be based on emotion, not logic. Ignoring them will amplify these feelings. There won’t be any formal closure, preventing them from getting a sense of self-readjustment. This creates a state where they hesitate to face reality.

He may feel hopeless and helpless

Your ex may feel helpless if you ignore him. He feels unseen and like his emotions don’t matter to you. This is a common feeling in relationships. He may be looking for answers or for you to address his concerns, but you give him silence. This leaves him with a sense of emptiness.

Rejecting him without an explanation could drive him further into despair. He will start to ask himself why he isn’t enough and why you won’t give him a second chance. His self-talk might become negative if no one offers a different perspective.

His Feelings of Self-Doubt

Ignoring your ex can bring on a bunch of emotions. These could include self-doubt. Intentionally or not, your ignoring them could make them feel unimportant. This could make them question their own value.

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To know how to handle it, understanding these feelings is key:

  • Self-doubt
  • Feeling unimportant
  • Questioning own value

He may question his self-worth

By ignoring your ex, it may cause him to feel dejected. He may think he did something wrong or it reflects on his character. He could become resentful and feel unworthy.

This is normal and not a personal failing. He will try to get validation from others to boost his self-confidence. You need to understand why this is happening and don’t take it personally.

Ignoring your ex can be difficult if not handled carefully. Understand the psychological implications and give him space to sort through them. Talk openly with them about their feelings instead of walking away. Doing this will help create mutual understanding and respect.

He may doubt his ability to attract someone else

Ignoring your ex can make him feel like no one else will want him. He may think he is not attractive or good enough for someone else. This can bring out intense feelings of self-doubt: about his looks, skills and abilities.

He may feel his identity is caught up in the relationship and worry about how to move on.

Your ex may think no one else will want him after you. To fight these feelings, he may become defensive when you try to contact him. He needs to know he is still wanted and loved, to rebuild his sense of self. This kind of attention is important for him to start healing. He should:

  • Understand himself more deeply
  • Accept love from those around him
  • Break down walls of self-doubt


In conclusion, ignoring your ex is not the best way to handle a breakup. While it may feel empowering in the moment, it can lead to confusion, hurt, and even more heartbreak in the long run. Instead, it’s important to communicate your feelings honestly and respectfully, even if that means taking some time apart to heal.

At the end of the day, we are all human and we all deserve kindness and compassion, even when relationships come to an end. By being mindful of how our actions may affect others, we can navigate breakups with grace and empathy, and come out on the other side with a greater sense of self-awareness and emotional maturity.

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