how to make your BF laugh

How To Make Your Bf Laugh?

Laughter is the glue that binds couples together, creating a joyful atmosphere and a strong bond. In this article, I have some fun tips to help you make your boyfriend chuckle!

When you share a laugh with your significant other, it’s an instant mood booster and a way to connect on a deeper level. So, let’s dive in and learn how to tickle his funny bone!

Acknowledge His Sense of Humor

My bf and I have been spending lots of time together and I’ve grown to love his special sense of humor. We giggle a lot and I’m learning more about him every day. Making him laugh is a great feeling and I figured out how to recognize his funny side and make him roar! Here’s what I’ve discovered:

Pay attention to the jokes he makes

Whenever my bf makes a joke, even if it’s corny, I try to listen and laugh. Showing I care about what he says, and value our time together, is great. Even better when I get the humor and show it with a laugh or funny response. This can boost his confidence and make him feel cherished.

Also, physical contact helps show appreciation. Touching his arm or shoulder while laughing, or a small hug after a funny conversation reinforces love.

Verbal compliments are also great. If he made me laugh out loud, complimenting him on it would be the best. Even expressing excitement before the punchline can make me more likely to remember the joke. All these actions show true appreciation for his humor, making him feel special and loved.

Don’t take his jokes too seriously

Jokes are great for getting to know your partner and bonding. But if you’re serious, you might not understand them! When your boyfriend tries to make you laugh, don’t take it too seriously. He’s just trying to have fun.

Listen carefully and if something he says is funny, show it! Giggle or laugh out loud – that’ll make him keep going. Even if his joke fails, be understanding and encourage him. Say things like, “You almost got me there!” or “That was a good one!” Supportive responses will make him try again next time.

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Tell Him Jokes

Gotta make your partner chuckle? Jokes are the answer! It’s a fun way to cheer them up on a bad day. Plus, it can help lighten the mood when things are a bit tense. Give it a try!

Look for jokes online

Search online for jokes to make your boyfriend laugh! Reddit’s r/Jokes subreddit, Buzzfeed, and the Huffington Post are great sites. For something more specific, find dad jokes, knock-knock jokes, or puns. Search Twitter for funny tweets about love. If you can’t find the right joke, try different topics. Don’t forget to use memes too – they make conversations much more relaxed.

Share jokes you’ve heard

When I’m trying to make my bf laugh, I like to tell jokes I’ve heard from friends or family. It’s important to focus on delivery and timing. Even the funniest joke won’t get a good reaction if it’s not done right. Hand movements and facial contortions can make it even funnier. For example- “There was once a big burly troll under the bridge who ate everyone who crossed it!” Throw your hands up in mock fear when you deliver the punchline. Practice with different facial expressions until you find one that works.

Familiarize yourself with the jokes before you tell them. Watch or listen to others tell similar ones. They have their own comedic approach which can help spice up yours!

  • Jokes are a great way of making someone laugh.
  • Don’t be shy about experimenting and finding new ones!

Be Playful

I’m always trying to get a laugh out of my BF. Being playful helps! It brightens the mood and lets us have some fun. Silly jokes? Word play? All good ways to be playful and make him chuckle. So, let’s learn how to be playful and make my BF laugh.

Tease him in a lighthearted way

Teasing my boyfriend is about having fun, not hurting his feelings. It also brings us closer together. When I’m around him, I joke and poke gentle fun at him. Like if he wears something a bit silly, I joke about it – but make sure he can take a joke! I don’t tease him on sensitive topics like money or work.

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Roleplay is another way I tease him. We pretend to be characters from a movie or TV show and do silly accents or dress up. We also challenge each other in competitions like ping-pong or arm wrestling.

I always want him to know that I genuinely love him and find him funny, no matter what!

Make fun of yourself

I enjoy poking fun at myself to make my man laugh. It’s a way to cool off any tension and show that I’m confident in myself. The joke should never be about him, though! I try to stay away from teasing physical attributes I possess. It’s fine to joke, but I gotta be careful not to hurt anyone’s feelings or come off as too self-deprecating.

Another thing I do is take an embarrassing moment and make it funny while I tell him. Even if he wasn’t there, hearing me tell it with humor will make him laugh without even knowing why. It turns the mood around and can start a whole conversation between us full of laughs.

Last but not least, I love using memes and GIFs to make him giggle. Especially if they relate to me or the situation. They keep things light and add some extra fun to difficult conversations. Don’t be afraid to be silly sometimes! Laughter is key for a joyful relationship!

Be Creative

With a funny bone, I figure the top way to make someone crack a smile is to be wild! Unforeseen events can be hilarious. I’ve had great luck with making my partner chuckle by being unconventional. So here are a few of my confirmed tricks for you to try!

  • Be unpredictable.
  • Do something out of the ordinary.
  • Be creative and think outside the box.
  • Don’t be afraid to be silly.
  • Use humor to lighten up the mood.

Be silly and come up with funny scenarios

There are some key things to make your boyfriend laugh. Try funny scenarios and jokes! I like to come up with silly skits or one-liners. My boyfriend loves it when I’m creative. Making stories together is fun and brings us closer. We can be goofy and express ourselves. Imagining conversations between two animals can be hilarious.

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Having playful moments not only helps bring out our own inner comedic genius, but can also bring laughter into the relationship. Try an outrageous story about two friends going on an adventure!

Make up funny nicknames for him

Nicknames are a classic way of showing someone you care. It’s even better to give them a funny nickname and make them laugh. Here are some tips to help you get creative:

  • Name him after something he loves, like ‘Captain Catfish’ for a BF who loves fishing.
  • Play with words, like ‘Blivet’ for someone who lives life wild.
  • Think about his favorite pastimes, like ‘Sneakerhead’ for a shoe fan.
  • Shorten his name in a funny way, like ‘Royboy’ for someone named Roy.
  • Say something that describes his sense of humor, like ‘Gigglesaurus’ if he loves to laugh.
  • Use puns or plays on words, like ‘Hot Sauce’ because he’s ‘hot’.

Combine any two of these ideas and you’ll come up with a unique, memorable nickname to make your BF smile!

Be Supportive

Your bae works hard, so give him a chance to chill. Whether it’s laughing or just talking about a funny joke, show your support. Showing your support will make him feel appreciated and give him emotional support. This will make your relationship better and make him laugh even more.

Encourage him to share his own jokes

Tell your BF to share his jokes and have fun. Laugh at his jokes. Let him know you appreciate them. Start off by telling some funnies. Point out funny moments. Create a joke-friendly atmosphere. Enjoy quality time laughing together.

Appreciate his efforts to make you laugh

Whenever you and your boyfriend share happy memories, it helps to find what makes him laugh. My own boyfriend loves it when I pinpoint what does tickle his funny bone. He loves hearing funny moments from our past and noticing my appreciation of his efforts to make me laugh.

When he tells jokes or stories, express enthusiasm. Laughing out loud is a powerful compliment. Ask questions about what’s making him laugh. Let him know how important it is to keep humorous moments alive.

Acknowledge all his jokes, stories, and insights into everyday situations. Show him your support in highs and lows. Appreciate him – we all need to feel appreciated. That’ll make any girlfriend brownie points in his book. 😉


In conclusion, making your boyfriend laugh is an art that can strengthen your relationship and create lasting memories. Embrace the power of laughter, and watch your love flourish. Remember, humor is truly the best medicine for every relationship, so keep these tips in mind and enjoy the smiles you bring to each other’s faces.

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