how to tell if a pisces man is falling in love with you

How To Tell If A Pisces Man Is Falling In Love With You?

Ah, Pisces men! They be the most romantic and captivating of all the zodiac signs. Though they are alluring and dreamy, it can be tricky to detect if a Pisces man is falling for someone. Thankfully, there are hints that you can look for. If you are lucky enough to have won his heart, here are some ways to tell what he is feeling.

  • Observe how often he contacts you. A Pisces man in love will get in touch frequently – even if they are short messages or brief phone calls – just to check in or say hi. This is a sign that you are in his thoughts and he wants to keep connected.
  • Another sign of potential romance from a Pisces man is compliments and acts of kindness. These may be gifts (large or small!), flowers, compliments about your looks or character, etc. Anything which shows that he truly appreciates who you are and values your relationship will likely come from this romantic sign. It means they are ready to dive into the depths of love with someone they trust and esteem – a vital sign that your relationship should be further explored and strengthened.

Characteristics of a Pisces Man

Pisces is the twelfth zodiac sign. The symbol is two fishes swimming in opposite directions, showing a conflict between physical and spiritual, fantasy and reality. Pisces men often live with one foot in reality and one foot in their own dream world. It can be hard to tell if their feelings are real or if they are idealizing something that’s not possible. Here are signs to know if a Pisces man is really falling for you:

  1. He’s more open: A Pisces man needs to trust before he can open his heart. If he likes you, he’ll share his secrets, hopes and dreams with you.
  2. He listens attentively: When a Pisces man falls for someone, he becomes an attentive listener. This shows he values your thoughts and opinions.
  3. He notices small details: If a Pisces man begins to take notice of details from conversations, it’s a sign he has strong feelings for you.
  4. He’s ready to help: A Pisces man loves helping people. If he offers advice or help, it’s a sign his affections have shifted to something more committed.
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Signs of a Pisces Man Falling in Love

A Pisces man, when he has feelings for someone, dives into those emotions. He’s usually very romantic and caring. It can be hard to tell if he’s truly in love, but there are some signs.

  • Look at his body language. He loves touching those he cares for and will often try to hug or caress them. He may also start staring intently or gazing at you.
  • He may become more protective of you. A little more chivalry, or checking up on you if something worries him.
  • He’s sensitive and worries about being seen as vulnerable. If he opens up around you, it means he trusts and respects you enough to let his guard down. These moments should be taken seriously as it’s a sign of a deeper relationship than either imagined.

The Power of Communication

A Pisces man’s feelings for you can be revealed through communication. They are usually open about emotion, but also like to show it non-verbally. A sign of falling in love is wanting to spend quality time together. He might want to discuss life, relationships and your shared future. He’ll share his fears and dreams to get close to you. Communication with them goes beyond talking, so observe any actions that show love and dedication.

Pisces Man in a Relationship

A Pisces man in a relationship is passionate and romantic. He’s sensitive and deeply connected to his emotions. He will give his partner time and attention to express themselves, so he can understand their needs. He may appear distant at times, but he’ll come out of it appreciating the relationship more.

He loves with all his heart and soul. If he believes someone is worth it, he’ll devote himself completely. He shows care by small acts throughout the day, and compassion by being kind. When he’s falling for you, he’ll be extra supportive. He celebrates your successes, instead of competing with them.

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Understanding His Emotions

A Pisces man’s emotions can be hard to understand. He is complex and doesn’t let people in easily. To check if he’s falling for you, observe his actions, words and treatment. If he is more open and caring, it could mean his feelings are growing.

He falls in love based on the emotional connection, not just physical features. He expresses his love through hugs, kisses and kind words. He may not open up straight away because he is sensitive to strong emotions.

You’ll know he likes you if he wants to spend quality time with you and values your conversation. He is affectionate, compassionate and talks about personal matters. These are signs that a Pisces man is falling for you.

The Power of Intimacy

When a Pisces man is in love, he’ll open up and show his vulnerable side. He loves the power of intimacy and wants a strong connection. He’ll talk about deep topics, share his thoughts and be affectionate with physical touch. Cuddles and hand-holding show his love.

Pisces have great imaginations, and when in love, he may fantasize about the future – marriage, kids – even if it’s not discussed yet. His fantasies could be expressed through art or music. He’ll go out of his way to make his partner feel special – trips, hikes, cozy nights cuddling up together. These gestures show how much he cares when he’s head-over-heels in love!


Ultimately, if a Pisces man is into you, signs may include him being more candid, showing his emotions, getting more involved in the relationship, and desiring to have a future with you. If he’s content with you, he might be falling for you! But, don’t hurry. Be sure both you and your Pisces man are ready to form something special before taking the relationship to the next level.

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