do pisces and aquarius get along as friends

Do Pisces And Aquarius Get Along As Friends?

I’m a Pisces and I’m always curious about how I get along with Aquarius friends. Our personalities and outlooks on life differ, but there are ways we can bond and be close pals. I’m gonna talk about the good and bad of being friends with Pisces and Aquarius and share my experience of having friendships with both signs.

Pisces and Aquarius: What the Astrology Says

Pisces and Aquarius often hear they should be friends. Creative endeavors and thinking outside of the box usually bring them together. But astrology-wise, it’s not easy between these two water and air signs.

Benefits of a Pisces-Aquarius friendship:

  • Great imaginations.
  • Enjoy each other’s unique point of view.
  • Pisces deals with emotions. Aquarius with logic.
  • Bring out the best in one another.


  • Clashes due to different approaches.
  • Imbalance in communication. Take time to learn how each partner communicates.
  • Compromise and respect differences.


I’m a Pisces, so I’m always looking for friends I can trust. Can I count on an Aquarius? Is it true they’re a great match for us? Let’s find out!

This article looks at the friendship connection between Pisces and Aquarius. We’ll figure out if we can form a meaningful bond.

Understanding the Pisces Personality

Aquarians must have a strong intuition and understanding of the Pisces personality. They are wise, introspective, and kind-hearted. They are also compassionate, generous, imaginative, joyful, and devoted friends.

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Pisces have an understanding of human nature and strive to live with integrity. This makes them tolerant. They may be shy, but open up if given space.

Pisceans can be fiercely loyal to their friends. It’s not unusual for them to put their friend’s needs ahead of their own. They may express their emotions with drama or intensity which can be off-putting. Aquarius should give them space to process emotions in private.

Aquarius works well with other signs because they are willing to put themselves second to accommodate others. With kindness and respect, success is almost guaranteed for a friendship between Aquarius and Pisces.

Understanding the Aquarius Personality

Aquarius personalities struggle with being emotionally unavailable. This is because of their independence and need for self-expression. They have a strong will, and won’t give up easily.

Aquarius people are known for their intelligence and creativity. They love brainstorming new ideas and looking into topics such as tech, anthropology and sociology.

They may appear aloof, but are loyal to those they love. Even though the relationship between Pisces and Aquarius may be difficult, they make a great pair, who will always be there for each other.

How Do Pisces and Aquarius Get Along?

Pisces is a water sign and Aquarius an air sign. Although very different, they can make great friends! Aquarius can provide valuable guidance to Pisces’ emotional waters. Pisces can easily accept Aquarius’ need for space and still provide comfort when needed. Both have compassion and can help each other.

The key to their friendship is mutual respect of each other’s views. This leads to them having different perspectives which makes working together more enjoyable. They can become fast friends and easily handle any storms that come their way.

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As a Pisces, I’ve pondered if I can befriend an Aquarius. I observed many varied views on the subject on the net, and so I decided to investigate this further to gain a better insight into how to foster a friendship with an Aquarius. In this part, I’ll cover the common characteristics of Pisces and Aquarius, how compatible they are, and how to make a long-lasting friendship.

The Benefits of Pisces and Aquarius Friendship

As a Pisces and Aquarius, our friendship brings us great benefit. I, a water sign, understand our emotional connection is strong. Aquarius, an air sign, brings intellect and logic to our friendship. Our perspectives together make something unique.

We both bring special insight to conversations. Pisces’ compassion and Aquarius’ passion for social justice work together. When problem-solving, we combine our views to make innovative solutions.

Aquarius provides stability and purpose to Pisces. We often struggle with decision-making. Aquarius’ logical judgment helps us stay grounded. This stops us from overthinking and rumination!

Overall, our friendship is invaluable! It helps us grow and have great chemistry.

Challenges of Pisces and Aquarius Friendship

Pisces and Aquarius, when born together, are strongly drawn to each other. Friendship, however, is a challenge. Successful companionship requires effort and understanding.

These two differ in how they tackle life. Aquarians think logically and prioritize efficiency, whereas Pisceans take the emotional approach. As well, their interests diverge – Pisceans may aim for social events, whereas Aquarians prefer private time.

The difficulty lies in verbal communication. During hard times, it’s important to stay the course. Pisceans need a friend to be supportive. Aquarians, on the other hand, cannot easily be moved by emotion. To keep a relationship, use facts and reason to win them over.

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It’s not easy but if patience is applied, the friendship can go a long way!


After deep digging and considering my own life, I have deduced that Pisces and Aquarius are a perfect match as pals. They can benefit each other with their individual qualities. Also, they can push each other to advance in their own relationships and hobbies.

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