are pisces men players

Are Pisces Men Players?

Pisces men can be complicated. Trying to work out if they are players or not is tricky. They like people who need an emotional and spiritual bond. So, staying in a relationship for a long time is often impossible when their partner can’t commit. This makes it hard for those looking for a long-term relationship as the Pisces man may seem like he’s playing games, not being sincere.

To comprehend the Piscean male better, let’s look at their character, what drives them, and what sort of relationships they are inclined to have:

Pisces Men in Relationships

Pisces men can be complex and driven by emotion. They don’t rush into relationships easily and often keep their feelings hidden. Therefore, it is important for them to take things slow when starting a new relationship. They are passionate and devoted when in a committed relationship. But if taken by surprise by love, even the most guarded Pisces man can fall deeply in love.

When dating a Pisces man, loyalty and dedication are of utmost importance to him. He is slow to forgive and never forgets if wronged. So, it is essential that the woman in his life shows her loyalty. Also, Pisces guys want partners who can help them succeed both professionally and romantically. They have strong ambitions and don’t take kindly to resistance or competition. Some might think Pisces men are “players” but they just need to establish trust before entering a relationship.

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Pisces Men and Dating

Are Pisces men players when it comes to dating? It all depends on how you define a “player“. Generally, this term implies someone who dates multiple partners at the same time without wanting a serious relationship.

Most likely, Pisces men are not players. Since they have big hearts and are very sensitive and compassionate towards their partners, it’s not likely that they would string people along for their own benefit.

However, everyone is unique and some may use their strengths to manipulate or take advantage of others. Ultimately, it’s someone’s actions that show if they are genuine and committed, not their zodiac sign.

Are Pisces Men Players?

Pisces, the twelfth sign of the zodiac, is made up of three water signs. Represented by a pair of fish swimming in opposite directions, those born between February 19th and March 20th are often thought to have the personality traits of intuition, creativity, kindness, and empathy. This can lead to deep connections with others and make them appear to be reliable partners. However, some may worry that Pisces men are untrustworthy due to their caring and sensitive nature.

It’s essential to remember every individual is unique. Not all Pisces men will act in the same way. Some may fit the stereotype of being overly romantic or avoiding commitment, while others may be trustworthy enough for long-term relationships. Before jumping into a serious relationship, it is best to get to know him better. Having conversations about his interests, family life, and values may give you insight into his character and help you decide if he is trustworthy or not. If he has been involved in past relationships, it could be beneficial to talk about what went wrong so as not to repeat any issues in the future.

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Signs of a Pisces Man Playing You

Certain behaviors can show if a Pisces man is playing you. All zodiac signs have their own strengths and weaknesses in relationships. But remember, every person is unique. If you want to know how he feels, you’ll need more than observing him. Here’s what might mean he’s playing you:

  • He doesn’t make plans or stay in touch – This may mean he’s not committed or interested. Pisces men may also change plans or not follow through.
  • He talks about other women – If he hints at flirting with someone else, he may be looking for more.
  • He’s happy to be away from you – If he’s ok with not seeing you for a long time, his attention may be elsewhere.
  • He doesn’t show his feelings – If he doesn’t show any feelings, he may only see you as a friend.

Remember, these are just possibilities. Every relationship is unique, so trust your gut.

How to Deal with a Pisces Man Playing Games

It’s common for Pisces men to be emotionally distant. They can even be manipulative and play games to keep the upper hand. If you think your Pisces partner is doing this, there are steps to take. Start by getting him to talk about his feelings and show you are there for help.

Here are some tips for dealing with games:

  • Watch for changes in behavior. If something has changed, let’s talk it out.
  • Set healthy boundaries without being pushy. Make sure you both can talk honestly.
  • Give space if they seem distant. Taking a break helps build stronger relationships.
  • Be patient and understanding when they open up. Show empathy and compassion to build trust.
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By following these tips, you can create an environment of connection instead of games.

How to Tell if a Pisces Man is Serious

The sensitive + empathetic Pisces Man can be tricky to read. Here’s how to tell if he’s serious about your relationship:

  • Communication: Is he open + honest about the future of your relationship? If so, it’s a great sign. If he tends to avoid meaningful talks, that’s a red flag.
  • Responsiveness: Does he respond quickly when you call or text? If yes, it means he values your time together. If not, it might mean his feelings aren’t committed.
  • Trust: Has he shared his vulnerabilities and socialized openly? This could show that trust is thriving between you two. This is key for a successful relationship.

Observing these indicators in regard to how he interacts with you, family + friends can give great insights into how serious he is about you!


Evaluating the behavior of a Pisces man? Don’t forget, the sign doesn’t determine his personality and behavior! Some may be “players“, but many are not.

To see if he’s playing you, ask yourself: is he showing respect, loyalty, and care? If he takes the time to know you, and demonstrates commitment and consideration, then he’s likely serious about you – not playing games with your heart!

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