what is the difference between january aquarius and february aquarius

What Is The Difference Between January Aquarius And February Aquarius?

Aquarius is the zodiac sign of individuals born between January 20th and February 18th. This air sign is known for possessing a sharp intellect, individual nature, and boundary-pushing ability.

Though the dates for Aquarian-born individuals vary, people born between January 20th and February 18th are generally seen as having similar traits. However, there are differences between those born on different days or weeks.

  • January Aquarians tend to be creative, with a knack for seeing future possibilities. They also have great leadership qualities. But they can be fearful of taking on their true path in life.
  • February Aquarians take risks with enthusiasm. They are loyal to friends and family, and communicate well when emotions are involved. They welcome changes.

Characteristics of January Aquarius

Aquarius is the zodiac sign of those born between January 20th and February 18th. Although the traits remain similar, there are differences between people born in January and February.

January Aquarius are usually confident and determined. They like to be in charge, and show ambition, assertiveness, intelligence, and foresight. Art is a way for them to express themselves. They can come off as demanding, however, their strength lies in their vision.

February Aquarius still have strong principles, but with a more spiritual side. They may be rebellious, yet deep down they desire peace. This encourages them to seize life’s opportunities, no matter how different they may be. February Aquarians often have a wide variety of interests, making them successful in various fields like business, politics, science, hospitality or education.

Characteristics of February Aquarius

February Aquarius are determined and believe in their actions. They’re different from January Aquarians. Here are their traits:

  • Loyal – They’re very loyal and stick to their friends no matter what.
  • Generous – They’re kind-hearted and help whenever they can.
  • Adventurous – They don’t fear anything and look for new and exciting things every day.
  • Assertive – They’re impatient and come up with solutions quickly. They like leading projects and taking risks. These risks can bring them success.
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Similarities between January and February Aquarius

January and February Aquarius’ may have different life experiences, but they share the same core traits. They view life analytically and can take a step back to gain clarity.

Freedom and independence are very important to Aquarians. They’ll stand up for justice, even if it means going against the grain. They’re great communicators and love learning and exploring ideas.

Aquarians from both months strive to make the world better. They’re determined and their imaginations know no bounds. They usually live non-traditional lifestyles, such as rock climbing or minimalism.

Differences between January and February Aquarius

Aquariuses born in Jan and Feb differ greatly. Those born in Jan fall under the tropical zodiac with Capricorn before and Pisces after. Feb Aquariuses are sidereal, with Sagittarius before and Aries after.

Jan Aquariuses are calmer and quieter than Feb. They are focused on inner development, peacekeeping and less wasteful activities. Feb Aquariuses are louder and fiercely opinionated.

  • Jan Aquariuses are drawn towards humanitarian causes like supporting refugees or adopting rescue animals.
  • Feb Aquariuses enjoy beach parties and experimental restaurants.

Moon position greatly influences behavior despite same sun sign.

How to Tell the Difference between January and February Aquarius

Aquarius season runs from Jan 20 to Feb 18. Those born during the first three weeks – Jan 20 to Feb 8 – are Jan Aquariuses. Those born in the last week – Feb 9 to 18 – are Feb Aquariuses.

The traits associated with each type depend on birth chart details, like planet placements when born. But, there are some “cusp” traits that differ between these two periods.

  • Jan Aquariuses are self-directed and prefer independence. They make decisions based on personal ethics and won’t let anyone bend their beliefs.
  • Feb Aquariuses seek affirmation from others and find strength in community relationships. They have an intuitive flexibility that helps with creativity and relationships.
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Both types share a passion for creative solutions, a desire for a bigger purpose, objective thinking, an unconventional personality, and an intellectual outlook.

Knowing the differences between the two signs can help you understand your own Aquarian traits based on your birth chart!

Tips for Interacting with January and February Aquarius

Aquarians born in January and February have differences. If they understand each other, they get along. Here are tips to interact with both signs:

  • January Aquarians are extroverted, risk-takers. They pursue activities of passion rather than plans. They rely on charm to succeed.
  • February Aquarians are more organized. They plan ahead instead of impulsively reacting.

Understand the unique qualities of Aquarians. Communication helps to engage with them. It’s key to successful interaction!


In sum, Aquarians born in January and February have different Sun signs. This depends on when they were born. Astrology can provide insights into someone’s personality, traits and goals. But, to really know how a sign impacts an individual, look at their birth chart. Everyone’s chart is unique, even if they were born under the same sign. For an accurate reading, consult an experienced astrologer.

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