why are cancer men so difficult

Why Are Cancer Men So Difficult?

Cancer men? Challenging! All individuals have distinctive characteristics and desires which make them who they are. When it comes to Cancer men, this is especially true. If you are keen on dating a Cancer man, it is important to know what to expect. In this article, I’ll discuss why Cancer men can be so hard to understand and how to deal with them.

Definition of a Cancer Man

A Cancer man is an intricate creature, guided by his intuition and emotions. He’s sensitive, intuitive, and inquisitive. Loyalty, love, and care are qualities he holds attractive. He can be guarded since he doesn’t share his feelings easily.

Cancer men live their lives with creativity and spirituality. Though, they can feel insecure; this is often hidden. They like to admire art, music, poetry, and literature – using these as a way of expression since they find it hard to communicate verbally.

Cancer men are kind yet independent. They need love, stability, and security. But if too much pressure is put on them, they will retreat. A traditional relationship style of commitment is preferred rather than the more modern casual approach.

Reasons Why Cancer Men are Difficult

Cancer men are very sensitive souls. They can be moody and tend to not share their emotions with others. Hence, it can be hard to handle them.

Here’s why Cancer men can be so difficult to get along with, and why they often struggle in the dating and relationships department:

Emotional Instability

Cancer men may be unstable in their emotions. They can feel many different things in one day: joy, sadness, anger, and fear. Cancers are complex. They are sensitive and intuitive which means they feel others’ emotions deeply.

To have a good relationship with a Cancer man, try to understand why he acts strangely at times. Approach him with compassion. If given the chance, most Cancer men are willing to talk about their feelings. It is also possible that physical issues like cancer or depression might be causing the emotional instability. Partners should provide extra support if it is needed, as recommended by healthcare professionals.

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Overly Sensitive

Cancer men can appear sensitive. They have an emotional side that makes them take things personally. They get very attached in relationships and this creates a strong bond. But when the bond is in danger, they become defensive. This can lead to rash decisions, which are not useful for the relationship or the man himself.

Moody and Jealous

Cancer men can be unpredictable. One moment they are the life of the party and the next, a raging storm. It is best to take caution when dating them.

Jealousy is also common. They can become possessive over their partner’s time and attention. Paranoia can set in if they sense their partner is not committed. It takes a strong character and good communication to handle this properly. But with the right approach, everyone can come out unscathed.

Prone to Withdrawal

Cancer men can be hard to read. When they’re hurt, rejected, dismissed, or ignored, they can get very defensive and shut down. Cancer is a physical sign of their astrological character, making it harder for them to mix with new people or situations.

They struggle to express their emotions, and it might take a lot of patience and understanding to get close to them. Their moods can change quickly; they can be happy one minute, and down in the dumps the next.

If your Cancer guy suddenly withdraws, it’s probably because he needs time alone.

How to Deal with a Cancer Man

Dating a Cancer man can be tricky. They’re very sensitive, emotional, and temperamental. It’s hard to get them to open up, so it can be difficult to understand them.

If you’re aiming to figure out how to handle a Cancer man, this article will give you some helpful hints.

Show Compassion

With Cancer men, it’s all about compassion. Not spoiling them or letting them do whatever, but understanding them. They are very sensitive, so no putting them down or bossing them around. Just show them you understand and will be there for them. That will mean more than anything. It can also help them tell you what they are really feeling, which will help you both make better decisions.

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Be Understanding

Cancer men are very emotional. Showing understanding and sympathy is important when they open up to you. Listen to their needs and problems. With patience, they’ll trust you more. Respect and understanding is what they need in return. Avoid arguments and criticism as it can push them away. Being gentle and direct is key.

Let him know that he can come to you for anything. He may test your limits but ultimately he wants to feel secure. Acceptance, support, kindness and love will help him trust your ability as a partner.

Be Patient

Patience is vital for interacting with a Cancer man. They can be emotionally withdrawn, so don’t expect them to open up straight away. Allow them time to process their feelings. It may appear like your Cancer man won’t ever let you in, but if you show patience and understanding it will happen.

Cancer men are sensitive and want to be accepted and understood without judgement. Show him he is welcome in your life by listening intently when he speaks and responding kindly. Avoid being too critical if he doesn’t react how you want – give him space instead of pushing him.

Small gestures mean a lot to Cancer men – a hug, kiss, gift or compliment. Be mindful of how you treat others as it will teach them how to treat themselves. Validate their feelings often, even when they seem overwhelming. Try to understand their state of mind instead of making assumptions.

Patience is key – take time together and appreciate all his efforts.

Give Space

Learning how to handle a Cancer man requires understanding the importance he grants to having space. On the outside, he may seem tough, but inside he is really delicate and sensitive. He needs time and space to be in touch with himself and to access his emotions. That can be hard if you’re used to being talkative and expressive.

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To make your Cancer man feel safe and secure, it’s important to grant him the space he needs. Give him time alone, and leave him enough mental stimulation to figure things out by himself. Avoid being too clingy or demanding, as this will make your relationship difficult for both of you.

Instead of expecting too much, take things slow. Let your Cancer man have time, but don’t pressure him into something he’s not ready for yet. Respect both of your personalities, so you can calmly talk out any arguments. Most of all, keep communicating openly and show your appreciation and support when your partner overcomes a challenge. That will let them know you’re always there for them.


Exploring why Cancer men are puzzling, we can draw a conclusion. They are intricate due to their sensitivity. They need sturdiness, safety and faithfulness from their partners. This may make them tricky to comprehend. But, if you spend time getting to know them, you’ll find they can be amazing mates.

Summary of Reasons Why Cancer Men are Difficult

Cancer men can come off as complicated. To understand why they act the way they do, and to help your relationship, you need to recognize their complexities.

  • They often have a lack of self-confidence, meaning they can be jealous or insecure. Talk to them with understanding and gentleness, yet make sure they know their behavior is not okay.
  • Furthermore, they usually think and feel deeply. It can be hard for people who like superficial conversations. You need patience; try to get their individual feelings, otherwise they may feel neglected and resentful.
  • Also, they are protective of those they love. Do not confront them aggressively. Instead, use kind words. Listening with an open heart and mind is vital.

In conclusion, it takes time and effort, but learning about these complex relationships will improve communication and make for stronger relationships in the future.

Tips for Dealing with a Cancer Man

Cancer men can be hard to get to know. Patience, understanding & being emotionally available can make it easier. Here are tips for dealing with them:

  1. Show your feelings honestly. They’re sensitive, so use uplifting words to build trust.
  2. Talk about interests or activities you both share. Taking it slow brings him out of his shell.
  3. Offer support when needed. Give understanding, reassurance & empathy to make him feel safe.
  4. Patience is key. Don’t rush the relationship, let it grow naturally in its own time.

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