do cancer men cheat

Do Cancer Men Cheat?

Cancer men and cheating – is there a link? It’s worth assessing the traits of the Cancer zodiac sign. As an expert in love and relationship astrology, I’ve studied the astrological signs in detail. This article will discuss the positives and negatives of dating a Cancer man, plus the chance of him being disloyal.

What is a Cancer Man?

A Cancer man is born between June 22nd and July 22nd. This sign is associated with being emotional, caring, sensitive, intuitive, and loyal – making them a great nurturer. They generally prefer home life and family is very important to them.

Misconceptions suggest that men born under this sign have a tendency to cheat. Each individual is unique, so it’s important to examine why this idea has come into fruition. We’ve all heard stories about male Cancers.

In order to get an accurate judgment, let’s analyze some specific traits of those born under this zodiac sign. This will help us answer the question: “Do cancer men cheat?”

What Makes a Cancer Man Cheat?

As a dating and relationship coach, I’m often asked: “Do Cancer men tend to cheat?” Many heartbreaking stories exist. It can be easy to think the worst of this zodiac sign.

But, other factors influence cheating. My experience leads me to believe that Cancer men don’t usually cheat. Certain behavior patterns, though, can lead to it.

Luckily, understanding the traits of this zodiac sign helps prevent cheating. Here are some possible causes of infidelity in Cancer men:

  • Emotional withdrawal – Cancer men crave emotional intimacy, but often become quiet and distant when feeling unprotected or vulnerable;
  • Fear of abandonment – They’re possessive and fear losing someone;
  • Need for attention – When feeling neglected or minimized, they become self-absorbed;
  • Lack of trust – Past experiences may lead them to seek validation from elsewhere;
  • Unresolved feelings – Anger, hurt or resentment may push them to seek understanding elsewhere.
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The key to absolute loyalty is communication and nurturance. Both partners need trust and mutual understanding. With this, past hurts and misunderstandings are avoided.

Signs of Cheating

Dating a Cancer man? Thinking he might cheat? Knowing the signs of cheating can bring peace. Here we’ll discuss possible signs that your Cancer man is straying. In other words, he might be cheating.

  • He is suddenly more secretive about his phone and computer.
  • He is spending more time away from home.
  • He has a sudden change in his appearance.
  • He is uninterested in physical intimacy.
  • He is more distant and emotionally unavailable.
  • He is more defensive when you bring up the topic of cheating.

He’s Withdrawn and Uncommunicative

A Cancer man who starts to withdraw from communication and conversations with his partner could be a sign of infidelity. If he won’t pick up the phone when they call, or texts instead of talking, this could be a red flag. If his tone or attitude has changed in your relationship, without explanation, that could also be suspicious.

In general, if he’s withdrawn, uncommunicative, moody, or edgy, it could be a sign of cheating. It could also just be depression from something unrelated. Talk to him about any changes in his behavior so you can figure out what’s happening.

He’s Spending More Time Away From Home

Cheating is a tragedy for romantic relationships. It can lead to pain and long-term emotional problems. If your partner is showing signs of cheating, it’s time to look closer at their behavior.

One sign of cheating is spending more time away from home. If your partner hangs out with friends, or goes on business trips, and is secretive about it, it could mean they are meeting someone else. Especially for cancer men, who have a habit of looking elsewhere, even if things are going well.

It could be that the person is stressed or tired, but you still need to pay attention to other signs like

  • more phone calls and texts
  • talk openly about what is happening

That will help you figure out if they are cheating or not.

He’s Suddenly More Secretive

Is your Cancer man being aloof? Refusing to tell you things? Suddenly needing more privacy? This could mean he’s cheating. Cancers are usually secretive, so a sudden change in behavior is suspicious.

Also be aware of:

  • Unexpected absences;
  • Texts in other languages;
  • Phone notifications off when you enter a room.
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These are signs he’s hiding something from you – like an affair.

Reasons Why a Cancer Man Cheats

A woman dating a Cancer man must understand him. You might be questioning if Cancer men can be unfaithful. Not all of them will, however it’s essential to know why some might. Let’s explore what may make a Cancer man more prone to cheating:

He’s Feeling Unappreciated

Cancer men crave appreciation, respect, and love in a relationship. If they don’t get these feelings, they may cheat to get them elsewhere. To prevent this, always make him feel wanted and loved. Little compliments or gestures will go a long way.

It’s important to also help him express his emotions. This will make him feel secure. Showing love without judgement or control is key. Providing a safe-space and helping him express his feelings in a healthy way will stop him from seeking attention from other relationships.

He’s Seeking Attention

A Cancer man has intense emotional needs. If they’re not met, he may think he can look somewhere else. He takes his heart seriously. If he’s unfaithful, it’s because he needs something he can’t get from you. It could be from the relationship or someone else. He may even flirt for attention instead of having a physical relationship. His behavior might seem childish when he’s trying to get your attention, but it’s his way of taking care of himself.

Communication is essential for a Cancer man. If his needs aren’t being met in a relationship, he might look elsewhere for satisfaction.

He’s Seeking a New Adventure

Cancer men can be cheaters due to their craving for adventure. They’re ambitious and want something new in their life. A new experience or challenge can excite them, so they look beyond their relationship. It could be that their relationship isn’t satisfying, so they look for something more stimulating. They might impulsively take risks, leading to multiple relationships.

This longing for something different could come from the fact that they are shy and hesitant when it comes to emotions. If they want things to move faster, they may choose to find someone else rather than be honest.

Coping with a Cheating Cancer Man

Dealing with a Cancer man who’s been unfaithful can be tough, especially when you’re madly in love with him. But there are ways to deal with the hurt. We’ll look at the pros and cons of staying in the relationship. Also, we’ll talk about how to restore faith and work through any issues in a positive way.

Talk to Him Openly and Honestly

Talking to your man about cheating is tough. But it’s essential to show trust and respect in your relationship. Ask him questions directly. Talk about what happened and tell him all your doubts. Be honest with each other.

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Before talking to him, research about Cancer men and their behaviors. Then, when you bring up the issue of cheating, listen to him carefully. Don’t let your emotions take over. Keeping your head clear will help you both continue talking openly in the future.

Give Him Space to Reflect

When your Cancer man has been unfaithful, or it is likely that he has, providing him with some space is one of the most effective things you can do. Cancers need some time alone to contemplate their feelings. This is not an indication of guilt, but rather that this sign needs to reflect on matters of the heart.

Giving him space will help him understand why cheating was an option, and how to prevent it from happening in the future. Although you may be angry and hurt, try and be patient before confronting him. It is ok to express your upset, but also ensure that there are clear boundaries for trust to be re-established.

Seek Professional Help if Necessary

If you think your Cancer man is cheating, it’s important to deal with the negative emotions. Remember, any cheating could be a sign of a problem in your relationship. Talk about your feelings and be honest. Open communication is key.

In some cases, outside help might be helpful. Professional counselors, therapists, social workers, or marriage counselors can provide advice. They can help improve communication skills and understand how struggles might change your relationship. Cheating can be emotionally draining, so seek counseling if you need it.


The answer to “Do Cancer men cheat?” is a tough one. Cancer men may be more likely to cheat than other zodiac signs. But, not all Cancer men are the same. Each has their own traits, strengths and flaws.

If you date a Cancer man, it’s wise to be cautious. An open and honest relationship is key for him to stay faithful.

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