why do cancers push you away

Why Do Cancers Push You Away?

Cancer is an emotional sign. Those emotions can make them push away the ones they love. It’s important to understand why it happens.

This article explains the reasons. Also, what can be done to prevent it from happening again.

Overview of Cancer

Cancer is the fourth sign of the zodiac. It stands for those born between June 20th and July 22nd.

Cancerians are known for being compassionate, intuitive, empathetic, sensitive and nurturing. On the downside, they can be moody, possessive and insecure.

As a water sign, Cancerians have a strong emotional connection. They easily get hurt and so, may stay hesitant when it comes to forming close connections. Especially when it’s about new relationships, Cancers fear rejection and getting hurt. This fear can make them keep people away.

For Cancerians to open up emotionally, they need loads of love. If they feel like their feelings are not respected or that their love and support are not reciprocated, they may create distance.

Overview of Cancer Personality

Cancers can be confusing when it comes to relationships. They are loyal and will protect their loved ones, yet they withdraw and struggle to express emotions. This behaviour is due to insecurities and an inability to express emotions.

Understanding the reasons for a Cancer’s withdrawal can help the bond. Cancers internalize their emotions, rather than expressing them directly. This causes them to bottle up their feelings. Furthermore, past experiences or childhood trauma make them distrustful and fearful of being hurt or taken advantage of.

Lastly, despite being seen as a nurturing sign, Cancers often fear being vulnerable or exposed, which affects acceptance and communication within relationships.

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Reasons Why Cancers Push People Away

As a Cancer, I know how hard it is to get close to people. Often, I push away the people I want to be close to, without noticing. Why do I do this? What causes Cancers to stay distant in relationships? Let’s investigate some of the reasons:

Fear of Intimacy

Cancers are very sensitive and tend to be cautious when opening their hearts. They fear getting hurt like before, so they often stay away from others. They may also be overwhelmed by strong emotions, leading them to construct emotional walls to protect themselves.

If a Cancer feels too many demands from others, they may need to push away to prevent both from being hurt. Being aware of why Cancers may need space can help those in relationships with Cancers to understand. Respect their needs and give them time to feel safe to express their emotions.

Need for Autonomy

Cancers have an intense need for autonomy and independence. Our watery nature makes us easily overwhelmed by emotion. When this happens, we may withdraw. We want intimate relationships but don’t want to be too dependent. We are emotionally vulnerable, feeling exposed and insecure. So, we might act out to protect ourselves from becoming too connected with another person.

We may push away those closest to us if the relationship is too demanding. Fear of abandonment may make us hide our emotions or find solace elsewhere. We need our own space and freedom while still having close relationships. This balancing act can be hard for our loved ones to understand.

With patience, they will forgive us and help us reveal our loving selves again.

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Fear of Rejection

As a Cancer, pushing people away might be due to fear of rejection. Even when someone loves and cares for you, you worry their fondness might change. You don’t want to displease them and get hurt. Rejection is a hit to your ego.

So, Cancers are hesitant to open up and take the risk. That makes it tough to form close relationships. It also stops them from being honest about how they feel.

How to Respond to Cancer’s Need for Space

Are you in a relationship with a Cancer? They could need more space than you’re accustomed to. This can be hard to comprehend and usually results in hurt, frustration, and confusion. Although it’s challenging to grasp, it’s important to respect their space requirement and figure out how to respond properly when they pull away.

This article will discuss how to deal when your Cancer partner needs distance, so that your relationship stays strong:

Respect Their Space

Being pushed away by a partner with cancer can be painful. It’s important to remember their behavior is often caused by the illness. It’s not personal. You can give them space or shut them out. Here are some tips:

  • Understand their need for space is about their fear, stress and fatigue.
  • Recognize when your partner needs time alone. Respect it, but stay connected.
  • Don’t overdo it. Don’t pressure them.
  • Allow yourself to feel anger and frustration. Just don’t direct it at your partner.
  • Make good use of your time together. Focus on friends and family, not intrusive questions.

Show Compassion

When a beloved one has cancer, it can be tricky to know how to react. The individual needs time and room to sort out their feelings and adapt to this new circumstance. Showing understanding and compassion is a great way to show support.

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People have diverse reactions when faced with hard situations, especially when dealing with major illness like cancer. You may want to help, but it’s best not to be demanding or expect them to accept your support in a certain way. Let them decide what help they need from you, if any. Don’t push them for an answer – let your offer stay while they think about their emotions.

Remember that talking about the illness may not be of assistance at the moment. They may need more room or time alone. Concentrate instead on the other elements of life close by – positive moments spent together, or activities that are enjoyable but not necessarily linked to the illness. Doing things together will show that they are still valued during difficult times and stops them from becoming isolated.

Be Patient

When cancer pushes you away, it can be hard to know how to respond. Fear of losing them and feeling powerless can set in. Patience and understanding is key, as cancer is an emotional sign. They sometimes need time alone to process feelings.

Don’t take their distance as rejection. Understand that they need space to feel comfortable with you. Respect their need for self-care, showing you support them even from a distance. This will help the relationship become healthier.

Encourage cancer’s independence. Talk openly with them about mental and emotional wellbeing apart from any relationship. Let them know it’s ok to have time alone without guilt. Offer support by reading articles on emotions/mental health or sharing stories. This will give cancer the security they need to keep opening up over time.


Day’s end – important to recall! Cancer, a sign that can be tricky to understand. Just like other signs, it can push folks away for many reasons – fear, insecurity, or maybe just a habit. No matter the cause, it’s crucial to note the signs of cancer pushing away, and decode what’s truly behind their behaviour.

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