what a scorpio man wants to hear

What A Scorpio Man Wants To Hear?

Are you in a relationship with a Scorpio man? Want to know what he needs to hear? Words that’ll make him feel secure and loved? You’re in the right spot! This article will tell you what a Scorpio man needs to hear from his partner. Keep your relationship strong!


Understanding a Scorpio man is paramount. This passionate sign of the zodiac has needs that must be met. To help you better communicate with him, here are some tips on what will make him feel loved.

  • Know that he needs an emotional connection with his partner. Listen to him and pay attention to both his words and body language. Compliment and show appreciation for the things he does. Express your trust in him.
  • Don’t forget that he needs space sometimes. Respect his need for privacy, even if it seems strange.

Follow these tips and you can have healthy communication with your significant other.

Understanding Scorpio Men

Scorpio men are hard to understand. They don’t show their emotions a lot. To get to know them, you need patience and understanding.

  • Honesty, loyalty, and trustworthiness are important to them. If you want to gain their trust, being honest is key. Dependability is also essential. Keep them in the loop about things to make them feel included.
  • When talking, Scorpio men may be silent. Give them time without pressure. Complimenting a trait or explaining why something they do affects you can help conversation.
  • Finally, getting into a Scorpio man’s headspace is tricky. Give him space to talk through his issues. Hear him out with an open mind – this will build trust!
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What Scorpio Men Need in Relationships

Scorpio guys are famous for their strength and emotional deepness. They’re steady, devoted pals who strive to supply safety, steadiness, and understanding in relationships. If you’re in a relationship with a Scorpio man, here’s what he needs to hear from you:

  1. I treasure our bond. Scorpio men need to know their partner really appreciates the connection they’ve made. They will feel appreciated and secure when their partner speaks about the strength of their union.
  2. You get my feelings. Scorpio men want to be able to express their emotions without fear of being judged or laughed at. Let them know your words and actions show you are open to talking about your emotions without feeling scared or humiliated.
  3. I trust you fully. A Scorpio man will just open up when he knows his partner is someone he can depend on for help and care always, in good and bad times. Let him know that you trust what he says, his thinking, how he acts in a certain situation, etc., so he can feel safe enough to share his real self with you fully!
  4. You are my equal in this journey together! A healthy relationship needs both partners alternating between leading and following; telling your Scorpio man he is a vital contributor is essential for him to feel comfortable in the relationship!
  5. I’m thankful for all you do for me and us together – it’s not overlooked! Every effort your Scorpio man makes should not be ignored; your grateful words will always make him feel comfort knowing his efforts matter in the relationship – big and small tasks!
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How to Make a Scorpio Man Feel Appreciated

Dating a Scorpio man? His passionate personality may seem intimidating, but he can be a loving and loyal partner. To make him feel cherished, show genuine respect and adoration.

  • In private settings: be physically intimate, give compliments on appearance, traits like loyalty and strength. Tell him how unique and special he is to you.
  • In public, acknowledge his hard work and efforts. Show appreciation for his actions and goals. Make an effort to demonstrate sincerity, both in private and public.

That’ll make your Scorpio man feel truly loved!

What a Scorpio Man Wants to Hear

Born between October 23 and November 21, Scorpios are the eighth sign of the zodiac. People with this sign are determined, ambitious and mysterious. When it comes to relationships, Scorpio men value loyalty and commitment, but may struggle to express their feelings. Knowing what to say can help build a stronger bond.

Compliments are always welcome. Tell him he did great or appreciate how he handled a situation. Scorpios love being told they are attractive, physically and emotionally. Words like strong, sexy, smart, and powerful describe him perfectly. Show him that you acknowledge and understand his inner worth.

When complimenting your Scorpio man, be sincere. It will have more of an effect, helping to boost his self-esteem and happiness in the relationship. This support is essential for any couple, whether they’ve been together for 10 years or are just starting out. It helps create a connection and trust.

How to Show a Scorpio Man Respect

It’s key to keep in mind that Scorpio men need respect. In relationships, they value sincerity, honesty and trust. Expressing sincere admiration and respect for their dedication to their goals will help build a strong connection.

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Showing a Scorpio man respect can be done in many ways:

  • Compliment his career successes, personal victories or anything he has achieved. Acknowledge his talents, skills and appreciate his contributions.
  • Support him when needed, be honest and listen carefully.

Furthermore, respect his independence. They usually don’t rely on others and seek intense challenges alone. Don’t try to control or influence their decisions. Have faith in their capability to make good choices without your input.

Lastly, staying loyal during times of struggle shows them you don’t need anyone else – this feeling of security is invaluable for any partnership with a Scorpio!

Tips for Communicating with a Scorpio Man

Do you want to communicate well with a Scorpio man? They can be mysterious and intense. Here’s some advice that may help:

  • Be honest. Scorpios don’t like liars or secrets. If the truth is tough, explain why you waited.
  • Protect his ego and pride. Praise him for good deeds and stories. But don’t be too insincere or he’ll spot it.
  • Share your thoughts and feelings. Don’t hold back. Talk through anything that doesn’t feel right. This shows you can discuss things without arguing.
  • Have fun with words. Be flirty but not too seductive. Make up nicknames and inside jokes that remind you of the good times.


No matter your compatibility with a Scorpio man, remember one thing: he wants to be heard!

Show respect – pay attention to his thoughts and feelings. Demonstrate devotion by doing thoughtful things. Express admiration for his strength and determination.

In moments of conflict, don’t forget that he needs love and care. Show vulnerability and trust, be honest, use kind words and be sincere in your support. Reward him with lasting love. A Scorpio man will appreciate it!

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