do scorpio men come back

Do Scorpio Men Come Back?

Dating a Scorpio? Complicated. Passionate and intense? Yes, that too. Powerful emotions driving them? Absolutely. The main challenge? Predicting if they’ll come back after a break-up.

This article serves to answer: Do Scorpio Men Come Back? Plus, tips on increasing the chances of them returning.

What is a Scorpio man

A Scorpio man is a complex and brooding soul. Passionate and hard to get to know. He will only let you see glimpses of his true self. He may appear like a loner, but he is a loyal partner who seeks a deep connection.

Being an intuitive thinker, Scorpios pay attention to what people do, not what they say. They have sharp senses and can tell when a person is lying. They can quickly solve puzzles or problems in their minds faster than anyone else. Even when they look distant, they are loyal friends and family – if you earn it.

Scorpios can be intense and sometimes show negative behavior if they feel threatened. But, they are attractive. When it comes to relationships, they will give everything they have. But, they won’t trust someone again if they are betrayed or deceived.

If a Scorpio man walks away from you, don’t be disheartened. He is passionate about matters of the heart and forgiveness.

The Characteristics of a Scorpio Man

Scorpio men are famous for their hidden ways and strong characters. They don’t often share their thoughts and feelings, leaving them mysterious. If you want to find out if a Scorpio man will come back, you need to understand them better. Here, we’ll examine the qualities and romantic tendencies of Scorpio men:

  • Hidden ways and strong characters
  • Tendency to not share thoughts and feelings
  • Understanding of romantic tendencies

Scorpio men are passionate

Scorpio men are intense and passionate. Y’all know it. They live their lives with fervor and focus. But, this fiery nature has some not-so-positive traits – controlling, jealous and possessive.

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Beneath all this, is a sensitive soul who loves deeply but might be scared to show it. Their determination and ambition make them strong, yet it could prevent them from being open with their feelings. People might think if a Scorpio man breaks up with someone, he won’t come back. But, that’s not true. When they want something, they’ll get it. And if their heart wants someone back, most of the time they’ll come back, if the other person is receptive.

Scorpio men are loyal

Scorpio men have a need for loyalty and stability, so they’re drawn to long-term relationships. They give their all and are unlikely to quit easily. Even if the relationship isn’t forever, they’ll still do what’s necessary to make their partner feel protected. If problems arise, Scorpio men will stay committed and question any risky or unreasonable decisions. This intense loyalty means they may come back to a relationship even after being away for a long time.

Scorpio men are secretive

Scorpio men are very private. They don’t like their thoughts, feelings and habits to be known. So, they keep a lot of things hidden. To understand a Scorpio man, you must be careful. Don’t push them for info, or they may withdraw completely.

These men have passion and ambition. They have determination and the ability to overcome tough circumstances. They know how to solve problems.

  • Loyalty, devotion, adventure and charisma are some of the other traits of a Scorpio man.
  • They are resourceful and intelligent.
  • They can come up with creative solutions.
  • If you want to meet someone who can turn ideas into reality, then a Scorpio man is worth knowing.

Signs a Scorpio Man is Ready to Come Back

A Scorpio man can be all-in or totally avoidant when interested in you. Want to know if he’s ready to come back? Look for tell-tale signs! These will give you a clue about what he’s thinking and feeling.

Let’s examine the signs that a Scorpio man is ready to return:

He is more communicative

When a Scorpio man’s ready to come back, he’ll be more open about his feelings. He’ll initiate conversation more and might even talk about work or how others are doing. Over time, he may open up more. This is because he needs communication to build an emotional relationship with you.

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He may be direct in his communication and explain how he feels instead of holding it in. He might share his worries, fears, and struggles. Showing vulnerability like that means there’s a lot of trust and respect.

If your Scorpio partner is more communicative and trusts you, then he’s likely ready to come back into your life:

  • He initiates conversations more.
  • He talks about work or how others are doing.
  • He opens up more over time.
  • He is direct in his communication.
  • He shares his worries, fears, and struggles.
  • He shows vulnerability.

He is more affectionate

When a Scorpio man is about to return, you may start to notice he’s more affectionate and emotionally open. He may express his admiration for you through little gestures and words. This can be a sign he wants to try again, with more commitment.

Take note of these outward displays – they could mean he’s reconsidering, and keen to reconcile. He’ll also spend more time trying to get your attention – through gifts, compliments, and romantic surprises. Depending on the pain he endured away from you, the intensity of these gestures could be greater or lesser than normal.

He may also want to talk about shared experiences and future plans together. This could mean he’s not only interested in coming back, but deepening your connection. Allowing him the space to do this openly and honestly can help the reconciliation process.

He is more open

If a Scorpio man was distant after your relationship ended, it’s possible he needed time to distance from the emotions. You could then notice a shift in behavior. He may be more willing to share with you what’s been going on outside the relationship. Also, he may express gratitude for small things and make more effort to show support. These subtle changes can show that he’s ready to come back without pressure or expectations.

How to Make a Scorpio Man Come Back

Gettin’ a Scorpio man back? Grasp his fiery nature. Passionate and intense, he’s gonna do what matters most to him. To capture his attention, there’s gotta be an understanding of what motivates him. That way, you can up your chances of bringing him back.

Show him you understand him

For a Scorpio man to come back, you must show him you understand him. He needs to feel his feelings are respected. So, be honest with him and don’t be afraid to express your own feelings. Listen and try to understand his perspective.

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Reassurance is key. Let him know he is loved, appreciated, respected and understood. This will make him stay for the long-term!

Give him space

If you want a Scorpio man to return, it is essential to understand they need space. Scorpios don’t require constant attention. Instead, they need a lot of solitude for personal growth. Give your Scorpio the space and respect it. Then, he will be more likely to return after his reflection.

Demonstrate that you comprehend his need for calmness and privacy. Do this without being too reliant or clingy. This will demonstrate your trust in the relationship, and it will make him feel secure in coming back.

Show him you care

Scorpios are fiery and strong characters that love being in control. Although they can be far away at times, which may make you think the relationship is doomed, the trick is to let them know you care and do not want to part. This will not occur swiftly – it requires time to gain their trust and attention again. Here are some ways to display your care and receive a Scorpio man back into your arms:

  • Respect – Respect is of utmost importance to a Scorpio man, so prove to him that he has your respect no matter what. Offer him space when he needs it and do not ask too many questions or accuse him.
  • Listen – Scorpios require people who can listen without judging or giving advice, so be sure to have discussions with a Scorpio man and focus on understanding instead of giving advice.
  • Compliment – Compliments work a treat with this sign! It does not have to be something big; just understand what he likes and tell him – he won’t overlook your effort.
  • Patience – Sticking with it is fundamental when trying to get a Scorpio man back. Patience will help to reduce the tension between you both and give reserved Scorpio time to chat again. By being patient, understanding and reachable for conversation when necessary, you demonstrate your affection which is the best way for a stubborn Scorpio man to come back into your arms!


Researching Scorpio men gives an understanding that they need space or time to cool off. But, if it’s a relationship worth it, they will come back. Patience and understanding are key.

Scorpio men are passionate lovers – definitely worth the effort!

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