why are aquarius so attracted to scorpio

Why Are Aquarius So Attracted To Scorpio?

As an Aquarius, I’m always drawn to Scorpios. Their energy pulls me in and I’m eager to explore them more. This might be because Aquarius and Scorpio are opposing signs in the zodiac. Is there any other explanation for why me and many other Aquarians are so drawn to Scorpios? Let’s find out!

Aquarius-Scorpio Relationship Overview

As an Aquarius, I’m drawn to Scorpios. Our conversations, and longer-term relationships, show why. We both seek strength, intelligence and loyalty – just in different forms.

Scorpios need something deeper, which suits Aquarians well. We value connections and longevity. Scorpios’ passion and Aquarius’ risk-taking are a great match.

Aquarians may be captivated by Scorpio’s depths and passion, but strong communication and loyalty is key. This sign combination can be a success if both partners meet each other. But incompatibility issues or differing values/goals can cause drift.

Understanding the Aquarius

As an Aquarius, I’m a complex creature. Air elements connect with me strongly. My intellect is sharp; puzzles fascinate me. My heart craves the deeper meanings of life. But why do I like Scorpio? People often ask me this. In this article, I’ll explain it.

Aquarius Traits and Characteristics

As an Aquarius, I understand why my zodiac sign pairs with the mysterious Scorpio—we balance each other. Aquarius folks are witty and independent. But beneath our cool exterior is a craving for real connections. We seek stimulation through creative pursuits or mixed experiences. But this does not mean we don’t want intimacy. Our compassionate view can come across as apathy, even to ourselves. It’s just us trying to stay balanced without overindulging. We are fascinated by our own sense of self and the understanding we can get by exploring it.

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Our relationship with Scorpios is both lovers and rivals; friends and foes; passionate givers and protective takers. Our signs fit like puzzle pieces. Every Aquarian finds an unknown magnetic field when they meet a Scorpio. Exchanges of energy mean no two Aquarians will respond the same way. But we all have one common trait – an inner desire to have someone special next to us to appreciate life while keeping control of our journey.

Aquarius Strengths and Weaknesses

As an Aquarius, I’m known for my open-mindedness and great analytical skills. My independence is also a unique quality. I’m levelheaded, have original thinking ability, and am willing to take risks.

But my weaknesses include being too rigid or extreme at times. I can lack emotion or compassion and may not understand how others feel. Plus, I’m overly critical when others don’t agree with me. Also, I enjoy debating, but it could come off too strong to sensitive people.

Overall, these traits are more beneficial than harmful – no wonder Scorpios are so drawn to me!

Understanding the Scorpio

Aquarians are always pulled to the strong power of the Scorpio. Something secretive and attractive about the Scorpio zodiac sign draws Aquarius in. Ever felt that pull? Read on to explore why Aquarians may be so interested in Scorpio!

Scorpio Traits and Characteristics

Aquarius are attracted to Scorpio – but why? Scorpios are mysterious and captivating. They’re passionate, with strong self-control and ambition. And they have an ability to tap into unseen information. All this makes Scorpio a magnetic draw for Aquarius.

Scorpio’s emotional depth is captivating. Aquarius needs a stable partner for support – and Scorpio is the ideal match. Scorpio’s stoic exterior hides their emotions, which an Aquarius can uncover over time. As fellow water signs, Scorpio and Aquarius share similar traits of strength, passion, and knowledge – plus they quickly connect on many levels.

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Scorpio Strengths and Weaknesses

Scorpio is one of the most mysterious zodiac signs. People born under this sign are known for their magnetic personalities, strong emotions, and intense communication. Scorpios are passionate and devoted individuals, who possess a special insight into life’s darker corners. Grasping the traits of the Scorpion can help explain why Aquarius is so attracted to them.

Scorpio Strengths: Scorpios are brave, resourceful, loyal, determined, creative problem-solvers. They have an intuitive nature; Scorpios can usually pick up vibes from people and situations that others don’t. Instincts often direct them towards intelligent decisions, leading to success. Scorpios persist when facing obstacles, and have an air of confidence that Aquarians find attractive.

Scorpio Weaknesses: Despite all the admirable qualities, Scorpios do have weaknesses. These include being overly possessive or jealous, getting too focused on details, quickly reacting in anger, and being stubborn. Fortunately, these weaknesses only surface occasionally, adding to the mystery and intrigue. Understanding how Scorpios operate emotionally will endear an Aquarius further, allowing appreciation for their company.

What Attracts Aquarius to Scorpio

As an Aquarius, I’m naturally drawn to Scorpios. There’s a magnetic connection between these signs – something I can’t ignore. Scorpio’s intense emotions are a perfect match for Aquarius’ strong intuition. It’s easy to see why Aquarius and Scorpio are often attracted to each other. So, what exactly is it that draws Aquarius to Scorpio?

Shared Traits and Interests

Aquarius and Scorpio are two passionate signs that ignite when they share traits and interests. Their daring streaks draw them together. They don’t need to explain everything to each other – they just intuit their powerful connection.

Common aspects they value:

  • Deep conversations – Their minds move like lightning, so they need someone who can keep up! An Aquarius-Scorpio connection is often known for its profound discussions.
  • Creative expression – They admire each other’s artistic flair and love to collaborate on imaginative projects. Any joint venture involving them is sure to be impressive!
  • Practical problem solving – They may go for unexpected solutions, but together they can put together different elements for great results.
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Aquarius and Scorpio share traits that create a bond of warmth and mutual understanding. An unbreakable connection is formed between them – impossible to ignore!

Opposites Attract

We, Aquarius and Scorpio, are powerfully attracted to one another. Different personalities, different backgrounds – yet drawn together by a strange, magnetic pull.

Why do opposites attract? Water-air elements work together in a powerful harmony. The water element nurtures the air element, creating a balance between us.

This relationship gives us a strong connection. We challenge each other – I provide optimism and freedom to my Scorpio partner’s need for depth and intensity. They add perspective when I become too idealistic or aloof. Together, we explore unknown waters and that is what keeps this union strong.

Mutual Respect

The mutual attraction between Aquarius and Scorpio lies in their respect for each other. Aquarius loves Scorpio’s strength, determination and enthusiasm. Scorpio is drawn to Aquarius’ intellect, creativity and free-thinking. This builds a strong foundation of trust, communication and understanding that brings them closer together.

At the same time, both signs are independent. They comprehend this in each other, meaning they both need plenty of space to express themselves without fear of judgement or insecurities. This creates an almost magical charm that draws them together again and again.

Their respect for each other gives them the freedom to express honestly without fear or judgement, creating an environment where it’s easy for them to get really close in a deep and meaningful way.


Aquarius and Scorpio are a match made in heaven. Both are passionate and determined. They take daring risks to get what they want – love! They enjoy exploring and seek new thrills. When they come together, something unique and gripping happens. They understand and respect each other’s need for freedom. But they also appreciate having someone reliable beside them.

Aquarius and Scorpio make a powerful team, based on loyalty, trust and love! We should all be so lucky!

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