is he really sick or blowing me off

Is He Really Sick Or Blowing Me Off?

As someone who has written extensively about relationships, I know firsthand how tricky it can be to navigate the ups and downs of dating. One common situation that women often find themselves in is wondering if a man is really sick or if he’s just blowing them off.

It’s a frustrating and confusing situation to be in, especially when you’re interested in someone and trying to build a connection. In my experience, there are some key signs to look out for that can help you determine whether a man is genuinely sick or if something else is going on. While every situation is unique, understanding some common themes can help you navigate the situation with more clarity and confidence. So, let’s dive in and explore this topic further.

Analyzing the Situation

When your partner says they’re too ill to meet up, it’s tricky to know if it’s true or not. It’s essential to interpret the situation and figure out if they’re telling the truth or avoiding you. Here are some clues to help distinguish between the two possibilities:

  • Are they giving a detailed explanation of their symptoms?
  • Are they being evasive or avoiding your questions?
  • Do they sound genuinely unwell or are they making excuses?
  • Are they canceling all plans or just the ones with you?
  • Are they offering to reschedule or just brushing it off?

Consider the signs of a genuine illness

Suspecting your partner’s illness is just them blowing you off? Consider the signs of a real illness. Things like a high body temperature, feeling tired and unmotivated, and a lack of health. Plus coughing and sneezing. Or difficulty breathing and not eating.

Think about the timing of the illness. Did they suddenly feel ill before dinner? Or had they been sick for a few days? If they went to the doctor and were diagnosed, that could help. But, medical evidence doesn’t guarantee honesty. Your only real source for the truth is your partner.

Examine his behavior

When someone says “I’m sick“, it can be tricky to know if they’re being honest or avoiding you. Take a step back and look at their behaviour in the days before. Did they reach out? Did they cancel last minute? Did they sound different? All of this can help.

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Seek signs of genuine illness: low energy, no appetite, listlessness. Even if it’s an excuse, you should look out for their health. Be respectful and supportive.

Also, is there a pattern of canceling plans with you? Have conversations calmly and don’t express jealousy or judgements. Listen intently with an open mind. Engage in thoughtful communication. Explore how both of you are feeling. Don’t jump to conclusions or accusations:

  • Listen intently with an open mind.
  • Engage in thoughtful communication.
  • Explore how both of you are feeling.
  • Don’t jump to conclusions or accusations.

Consider other possible explanations

It’s easy to jump to conclusions if your partner gets sick suddenly. But take a step back and consider other explanations before accusing him of lying. It could be stress from his job or home life, or maybe medications, allergies, or stress-related conditions. In some cases, it could be depression or anxiety.

Listen closely for clues. It could be something not related to you. But outside help can provide insight. He might be ashamed, so provide reassurance and understanding. This will make it easier to understand what’s really causing havoc in their relationship.

Evaluating the Evidence

Relationships can be tricky. Is your partner really ill or just avoiding you? Check out these signs to help decide. Gather evidence before deciding. Here’s a guide on how to evaluate the situation:

  1. Observe your partner’s behavior.
  2. Ask questions.
  3. Listen to their answers.
  4. Check if the answers match up.
  5. Look for inconsistencies.
  6. Trust your gut.

Analyze his communication patterns

Evaluating a situation requires looking at more than just the words. Communication patterns can help decide if he’s sick or avoiding you. Note how often he talks to you. Is he initiating? A busy person can still communicate with respect. When someone’s avoiding you, they take more time to respond, if at all.

Also pay attention to tone. Flat or emotionless? Enthusiasm is a good sign. But shifts in tone could mean he’s not honest. Look at non-verbal cues like eye contact, open posture and facial expressions. If he avoids eye contact or closes up when talking about his condition, it could be bad news. Either he’s not feeling well or his feelings for you changed.

Look for inconsistencies in his behavior

When someone you care about is acting oddly, consider that they may not be telling the truth. We’re not saying you should doubt everyone, but if their behaviour and claims don’t match, it could be a red flag. Pay attention to any inconsistencies in what they say and do.

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For example, if they claim to be sick, but post online about having fun with friends, or send messages, this could mean their story isn’t true. Look out for these red flags and ask yourself if the evidence supports it. Let them know firmly that you’re paying attention and don’t appreciate being taken for granted or lied to.

Consider his past behavior

Evaluating a new behavior, such as a guy claiming to be sick when he was supposed to take you out, is important. Consider how this ties in with his past actions. Was there a genuine medical reason for him canceling? Look at how he typically acted in similar situations. Has he ever canceled plans on you or others at the last minute? Does he usually make excuses and avoid spending time with you?

If his past behavior suggests avoidance or dishonesty, look further into this incident. If it’s clear he genuinely feels unwell, give him the benefit of the doubt. Trust your intuition and be willing to communicate about it if needed. Communication is key!

Taking Action

Do you suspect your partner is sick or avoiding you? Take action! Get more clarity. Talk it out. Build trust. Assess the situation and make a plan. Let’s dive in!

Communicate your concerns

To figure out if there’s something serious wrong with your partner, or if they’re using health as an excuse, try having an honest conversation. Be gentle and understanding. Note the behavior that’s caused concern.

Discuss and form a plan of action to resolve discrepancies. Ask questions to understand the situation. Suggest methods for communication when overwhelmed. Respectful dialogue helps build safety and understanding. Keep the conversation constructive, focused on finding solutions. Through meaningful communication, partners can grow closer and determine what supports are needed.

Listen to his response

Figuring out if your partner is really sick or just blowing you off can be tricky. To make a judgement, ask open-ended questions like, “What symptoms are you having?” Listen attentively and give them time to talk. This way, you can decide if their reported sickness is real.

Listening isn’t easy. To focus, take notes on what they say. This will give you something tangible to help you make an informed decision.

Learning to listen takes practice. Think about what’s best for everyone before jumping to conclusions. This will help when it comes to making decisions in relationships.

Respect his decision

Not sure if your partner is sick or not? Respect their decision. Check in with them. Offer soup or a movie. Everyone handles sickness differently. Respect their decision and self-care. Maintain your relationship and look after yourself.

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Moving Forward

Figuring out if your partner is really ill or just avoiding you can be tricky. Respect their boundaries, but still be uncertain if they’re being honest. To make progress, some thought and honest chat is needed.

This article will show you how to manage this complex situation:

Set boundaries

He must take responsibility for his health and well-being. Set boundaries – it may be hard, but it’s important. You can tell him how his behavior has affected you. Set parameters about what he will share about his health. Explain what you need for the relationship to move forward – like a commitment to take care of himself. He may not like it. But if it’s what you want, then set the boundaries.

Respect his decision

No matter the outcome, respect his decision and don’t jump to conclusions. It can be tough not to take it personally. But, the best thing to do is stay neutral. It’s got nothing to do with you or your relationship.

If he’s sick, send him an encouraging message or a small gesture of support. Everyone needs some space when they’re unwell or stressed. Be patient and ask how you can help. Showing respect will get his trust and make your connection stronger.

Take care of yourself

You must take care of yourself first, no matter your feelings. Take time for yourself – do things that bring you joy. Respect yourself and step back from conversations or activities regarding the situation.

If he is ill, then be empathetic – he has his own thoughts and decisions.

But if he’s just avoiding a commitment, don’t put too much stock into him. Respect others by being honest about your intentions – don’t mislead or manipulate.

Your mental health should come first. Choose the path that’s best for your own wellbeing. Don’t jump to conclusions or reach out to them if they don’t answer.


In conclusion, it can be tough to know whether someone is genuinely sick or if they’re blowing you off. However, by keeping an eye out for some key signs, you can get a better sense of what’s really going on.

At the end of the day, it’s important to remember that communication is key in any relationship. If you’re feeling unsure or confused about someone’s behavior or intentions, don’t hesitate to have an open and honest conversation with them. By being direct and upfront, you can get the answers you need and make the best decisions for yourself and your romantic life. Remember, you deserve someone who is honest, respectful, and committed, so don’t settle for anything less.


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