how to make him obsessed with you

How To Make Him Obsessed With You?

As a relationship expert, I have encountered countless women who want to create an undeniable connection with their partner, making him utterly obsessed with them. While it may sound like a tall order, the truth is that sparking an all-consuming passion isn’t as elusive as you might think. In this article, I will reveal the secrets to capturing his attention and making him obsessed with you in a healthy, loving way.

Creating a powerful connection and becoming an irresistible partner is about understanding the intricate dance of attraction, the subtle art of communication, and the importance of being your genuine self. Follow me on this journey as I unveil the key ingredients to a love that will leave him utterly captivated and longing for more.

Understand His Needs

To make your partner obsessed with you, it is critical to comprehend their needs and desires. No two relationships are the same. Everyone has unique needs. So, take the time to learn about your partner and their wants. Doing this will make them feel valued and respected. This is often what it takes to make someone obsessed with you!

Pay attention to his interests

Pay attention to his interests. Find out what he likes to do in his free time, learn about his hobbies and passions, or ask him about his job. Showing you are interested in him makes a difference – it shows you respect and appreciate him.

For example, if your partner loves music, suggest concerts or spend time looking at vinyl shops. Help him with tasks related to his career goals or give him moral support during tough times. It will help your relationship and create great memories. Showing interest in what he cares about is key to getting his admiration and loyalty.

Show genuine interest in his life

Want to make him obsessed with you? You must be interested in his life. Don’t just tell him that you care, show it! Listen when he talks and take an interest in what he has to say. This will let him know that his opinions are valued by you. Make sure the conversation isn’t one-sided. Share your thoughts, feelings, goals, and passions. This will create a deeper connection between the two of you.

Have meaningful conversations that show your understanding and appreciation for his life. This is a surefire way of making him feel special and important to you.

Ask him questions and listen to his answers

Enrapturing a male is not so much about what you can do to allure him, but more about how to make him feel at ease enough to tell you what he requires in a relationship.

A great way to get closer to someone is by taking the time to get to know them. Ask questions about his life, objectives, and hobbies. This will make him feel like you really want to know him. Also, when he talks, make sure you are attentively hearing and reacting with supportive remarks or compassionate reactions. Allowing him the chance to speak and express himself will make a stronger connection between the two of you.

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If it is within your range of comfortability, do not hesitate to give compliments or express fondness – these actions can be influential signs of understanding what he needs and desires. Showing that type of help will make your man feel special; demonstrating that your attention is only on building this relationship can help make him devoted to pleasing you in return.

Make Him Feel Special

Searching for ways to make him feel special? You’ve arrived at the right spot! Making your guy feel special isn’t hard and doesn’t need much time. Here are a few easy tricks to make him feel valued and loved.

Here’s the top advice to make him feel special and make him return:

Compliment him

Complimenting him is one way to make him feel special. Everyone likes to hear nice things about themselves, boosting his confidence and making him feel appreciated. Make sure your compliments are sincere and not just words. Appreciate his specific traits like his dedication or his humour. If you spot him doing something random like singing or playing with your pet, give him an unexpected compliment. Your recognition of his small, insignificant actions will be appreciated!

Give him small gifts

Showing appreciation for someone doesn’t have to be expensive. The simplest things can be the most meaningful. Small gifts are a great way to make them feel special. Get them their favorite sweet or coffee. Compliments show that you care. Let them know they look good or that you noticed something special they did.

  • Surprise them with something they’ve wanted – shoes, tickets, etc.
  • Write heartfelt cards expressing how much they mean to you and the memories you have with them.

Kindness and love go together!

Show appreciation for his efforts

Make a man feel special – show him appreciation! Show your genuine gratitude for his efforts. Acknowledge and reward all his big and small achievements. This will make him feel appreciated and respected. The more opportunities you give him to make you happy, the more he’ll feel appreciated.

Show Interest in His Friends and Family

What you do apart from a relationship can make a big effect on it. To make your man obsessed with you, show a genuine interest in his friends and family. Doing this shows you care about the people he loves. Here’s a closer look at how you can do this:

  • Get to know his friends and family.
  • Show genuine interest in their hobbies and interests.
  • Be supportive of his relationships with them.
  • Invite his friends and family to events or activities.
  • Send thoughtful cards or gifts to them.

Get to know his friends and family

Making a connection with his friends and family is a great way to make him feel close. Show him you care about his life by making thoughtful gestures – such as bringing gifts or offering help. These small interactions can show him how much you value them.

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Go out of your way to make an effort – ask them questions about their hobbies, interests, families etc. Invite them over for dinner, drinks or other activities that bring people together. Not only will this help form a bond; it will show him you’re invested in forming relationships he supports – winning his admiration!

Show respect for his family

Show respect and appreciation to a man by getting to know his family. Genuinely appreciate his parents and siblings. Spend time with them and learn their characters. If invited to his family home, accept and thank the hosts. Interact with them in a friendly and polite way. Show willingness to be a part of the family. This will be much favored!

Invite him to join in activities with your friends

Show your bf you care by bonding with his friends and fam. Invite him over to join you and your pals in activities. This shows him he’s included in your life. Plus, it’s a chance for you to get to know his people. No one wants to be left out of a relationship. Make sure both of you are comfortable with each other’s social circles.

Couples bond when they spend quality time together and get familiar with each other’s routines. Sports or outdoor activities are a great way to do this. Plus, you’ll have something positive to talk about afterwards.

Connect Emotionally

The secret to making someone obsessed with you? Connect on an emotional level! Understanding feelings, respecting them and cultivating trust, love and respect over time – these are the keys to creating a strong bond with them.

Let’s check out some ways to do this:

Share your feelings with him

It’s important to connect emotionally with your partner. Share your feelings and let him know what’s going on in your life. This will give him insight into who you are, and he’ll trust you. Vulnerability is key, so don’t hide anything from him. This will create a safe atmosphere for meaningful conversations.

Make time to chat about family values, career choices or religious beliefs. Show genuine interest in his ideas and prove that they matter to both of you. Share emotions, have heart-to-heart conversations and express appreciation for each other’s opinion. Doing this will make him obsessed with you!

Show vulnerability

Revealing your vulnerability can be a great way to emotionally connect with someone. Sharing an honest, true version of yourself can let them feel seen and understood. It says that you trust them enough to open up your feelings and thoughts, building a special bond.

Be specific when you show your weaknesses. Don’t have any expectation or judgment of the outcome. Taking this risk helps him understand why events affect you differently. Plus, it shows how strong it is when two people trust each other enough to share their inner world.

Be honest about your thoughts and feelings

Relationships require honesty. We are all driven by emotions and crave understanding. By being honest and open with your partner, you create a safe place for them to feel heard and seen. Additionally, showing vulnerability shows that nobody needs to be perfect.

To make him obsessed with you, let him know who you really are. Share stories, passions and dreams. Letting him learn your likes and dislikes will stimulate his mind and invite an emotional connection.

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Own who you are. Speak positively about yourself when talking with him. This reveals self-acceptance is important in relationships. It also shows that no matter what happens, you won’t give up on yourself or on those close to you. Genuine love creates an intimacy which leads to obsession. Don’t be afraid to show how much he means to you!

Create a Lasting Impression

Create an obsession with someone by leaving a lasting impression. It’s not about what you say or do, it’s about how you make them feel. Show him that you are confident, caring and understanding. Making a good first impression is key, but also be sure to follow up with consistent, thoughtful actions.

In this article, learn how to leave a lasting impression and make him obsessed with you!

Be yourself

At the end of the day, your personality & determination will make him obsessed with you. Being yourself & embracing who you are is essential. Don’t pretend to be someone else. He will be attracted to your charisma, wit, originality & creativity.

Once he knows your true character, his interest can spark & grow. Do things you enjoy. Show him your passions & share your unique life insights. Let him see your natural sense of humor, smile & individual style of dress. All these things will leave an impression of who you are as a person. This could be the most attractive feature when he decides if he wants to pursue an intimate relationship with you or not.

Be consistent

Creating an impression that lasts means being consistent. That’s key for relationships. Your actions are more important than words. So, decide what kind of life you want to live and the kind of person you want him to remember. Show him you can keep your word and meet expectations. This builds trust and makes your relationship stronger and more secure.

Consistency gives both partners confidence. That reinforces intimacy and attraction. It also shows him you’re serious about your feelings. This makes him excited about the future.

Make a conscious effort to be consistent with family, friends, and people in your life. This includes:

  • Keeping eye contact during conversations
  • Listening respectfully when someone asks for help or advice
  • Speaking confidently about things that interest you

This effort creates an overall impression in his mind that lasts even after time passes.

Show him that you are committed to the relationship

To build a lasting impression with someone special, it takes more than compliments and encouraging words. Appreciation is important, but showing commitment to the relationship is key to making him obsessed with you.

Here are tips to make him constantly think of you:

  • Be consistent – Promise things and keep them. Show your partner dependability is one of your values, making him feel important and secure.
  • Surprise him – Show how much effort you put in, by planning dates and surprises. It’ll demonstrate your commitment and give you something to look forward to.
  • Be excited – If there’s something he cares about, show enthusiasm and listen attentively. Let him know his passions are shared.
  • Communicate – Make sure there’s an exchange of views without jumping into conflict resolution. This will help foster a strong bond, leading him to obsess over every moment with you.


As we wrap up this journey on igniting an irresistible attraction, it’s essential to remember that obsession should always be built on a foundation of mutual respect and genuine connection. The goal is to cultivate an authentic bond that grows deeper over time, creating an unshakable attachment between partners.

I hope the tips and insights provided in this article will help you spark the passion that will draw him closer, making him obsessed with you in a healthy, loving way. Always remember, it’s about being the best version of yourself and fostering a meaningful relationship where both partners feel valued, loved, and appreciated.

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