how to tell if an aquarius man likes you

How To Tell If An Aquarius Man Likes You?

Wondering if the Aquarius man in your life likes you? Those born under the Aquarius sign are usually seen as relaxed, benevolent, and smart. It may be tricky to know if they have romantic feelings for you since they do not display their emotions as openly as other signs. But, there are several ways to determine if an Aquarius man has affection for you.

Remember, Aquarians cherish their independence; if he appears distant, it likely isn’t personal. To learn how to tell if an Aquarius man is into you, keep reading:

  • He will make an effort to understand you
  • He will make you feel special
  • He will be honest and direct with you
  • He will be willing to compromise with you
  • He will make time for you
  • He will open up to you
  • He will share his passions with you

Understanding the Aquarius Man

Gettin’ to know an Aquarius man? There’s one thing to remember–he ain’t like the other signs. He don’t show emotions much. But there’s ways to tell if he likes you. Here’s what to look out for:

  1. Intellectual Connections: Is he talkin’ ’bout big topics? Tryin’ to connect with you on a deeper level? Could be events, cultures, life and the universe? Then he’s into you.
  2. He’s Open: He takes time to open up to those around him. If he’s doin’ that with you, he’s serious. He’s sharin’ hopes and dreams. That means he likes you more than a friend.
  3. Giving Time and Attention: Is he spending time with you? Texting you often? Making plans? These small gestures mean a lot to an Aquarius man.
  4. Respectful: How respectful is he? Does he go above and beyond? Compliments? Genuine support? Show him respect back and it’ll be much appreciated.
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Signs He Likes You

Curious if an Aquarius man is into you? Analyze his behavior for signs! Personality traits affect how he acts around someone special, but there are some common signals.

Behavioral Clues: He might open up and share personal info. He might listen intently and show interest in your hobbies. Plus, he may give lots of compliments – admiring your talents, creativeness or looks.

Physical Signals: His body language can become more animated when you’re around. Like, he may nervously mess with his hair, watch your lips, or make physical contact.

Trustworthiness: He won’t let just anyone into his inner circle. So, if he’s shared personal stories or future plans with you, it could be a sign of feelings. Also, communication and quality time together could mean he likes more than being friends!

How He Behaves Around You

When an Aquarius man likes someone, he may act differently. He may be more charming and charismatic. His body language may change too, such as standing closer or touching your arm. Pay attention to his attitude for hints of interest.

He may start asking questions and engaging in conversation. Topics may vary, from current affairs to music or books. He’ll use humor to keep things casual and relaxed. If he’s laughing with you or making jokes, it could mean he has feelings for you beyond friendship. He doesn’t want things to become awkward, so this could be his way of avoiding that.

His Body Language

To know if an Aquarius man likes you, body language is the best tool. Pay close attention to his physical cues.

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He needs personal space and independence, so his interest in you can be seen if he chooses to be physically closer than usual. If he sits near you or stands close, without crossing your personal bubble, it could mean he wants to get to know you.

Eye contact indicates his interest. If he looks deep into your eyes and holds your gaze for more than a few seconds, he might find you attractive or find something interesting about you.

Look for subtle signs of affection. Does he smile or laugh when talking to you? Does he often touch your hand or lightly brush against your arm? His physical proximity and touch will tell if his intention is a new relationship or just being friendly.

How He Talks to You

An Aquarius man may not be one to express his feelings verbally. But you can tell if he likes you by how he talks to you. He likely won’t give compliments. But he might show his admiration indirectly, using jokes or sarcasm. A joke with a hidden meaning could be a sign of true interest. An Aquarius man usually loves intellectual conversations with some manipulation. His words will hint at his feelings. So pay attention!

He may even make references to a relationship between you two, such as date ideas or spending time together. Plus, if he gets uncomfortable when the topic turns to emotions, this could mean deeper feelings than just friendship – and that he might like you!

His Actions Speak Louder Than Words

An Aquarius man won’t always say his feelings, but look at his behavior. Is he more generous? Does he spend time with you? Does he help or surprise you with small gifts? It may be hard to know his feelings, as Aquarius men don’t express themselves easily. But observe how he acts and speaks, and you’ll know how much he likes you.

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It can be hard to tell if an Aquarius man likes you. They don’t often show their emotions. But, there are clues. He might compliment you, ask for your opinion, or listen carefully when you speak. He might text or call often, want to be around you, or offer help.

If you pay attention to these signs and watch his body language, you may be able to figure out if he has feelings for you.

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