how to make an aquarius man chase you

How To Make An Aquarius Man Chase You?

Capturing the attention of an Aquarius man can be a thrilling pursuit, as they are known for their intellectual curiosity and independent nature. Drawing them nearer and inspiring their chase requires insight into the unique characteristics that define their relationships.

In this article, I will outline the keys to unlock the desire of an Aquarius man and provide essential tips on how to pique his interest. These strategies will guide you in fostering an exciting and dynamic connection with the Aquarian man in your life.

Get to Know Him

Want an Aquarius man to chase you? You must go beyond wearing a pretty dress and complimenting him. Get to know him, discover his preferences! This is the key to establishing a strong bond and making him feel comfortable and curious about you. Read this article to learn how to get to know an Aquarius man and make him chase you.

Learn about his interests

I take time to learn my Aquarius man’s interests. They are known for being “free-thinking” so it’s vital to know what his values are, and what makes him tick. Maybe he likes old school hip hop or sports? Whatever it is, I try to find out.

I make conversations and jokes about his interests. This shows I’m paying attention and care. Aquarians love when people are interested in them. It sparks romantic interest!

I also support his efforts – e.g. a speech or post. I leave positive comments on his page and give compliments when appropriate. This encourages him to maintain the connection with me.

Spend quality time together

Making an Aquarius man chase you? Have a playful attitude and be thoughtful as you get to know him. Quality time together is key.

  • Go on low-key dates like walks, bike rides or picnics.
  • Participate in group activities like trying new recipes or volunteering.
  • Spend time doing things without much pressure.

Make him feel valued. Respect his ideas and compliment his intelligence. Laugh at his jokes, compliment his taste and express enthusiasm for trying something new – this will make him feel desired and interested!

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Show him that you are interested in him

To make an Aquarius man chase you, let him know how much you like him. Compliment him on his great qualities. Hug him and send sweet texts. Show him that his presence makes life more fun for you. Give him space if he needs it.

This will make it easier for both of you to talk and share ideas. It will also make him appreciate your company more:

  • Let him know how much you like him.
  • Compliment him on his great qualities.
  • Hug him and send sweet texts.
  • Show him that his presence makes life more fun for you.
  • Give him space if he needs it.

Show Him Respect

Respect is key to making an Aquarius guy chase you. They crave it! Show him your interest and admiration for him and his hobbies. Acknowledge his need for independence; don’t be clingy. Let him have his own space and support his passions. This will make him feel valued.

Respect his boundaries

Respect his boundaries if you want him to chase you. An Aquarius guy won’t like pressure. Show him you respect his need for independence. Don’t cross over into his personal life without his permission. Give him the space he needs.

  • Get to know other areas of his life and interests.
  • Make sure all gestures come from honest intentions.
  • He will appreciate you respecting boundaries, and this might make him come after you.

Show him that you value his opinion

Aquarius men are intelligent and cultured. They value their opinions highly, so if you want him to chase you, show him respect. Listen carefully and be sure to show that you have taken in what he is saying. Ask thought-provoking questions or comment on his opinion. This will make him take it more seriously and flatter him.

Showing your respect for his viewpoint will make him see how special you are. This encourages him to seek more of your attention.

Don’t be too clingy

Never be clingy with an Aquarius man. Don’t take up all his time or text/call constantly. Respect his independence. Connect with him emotionally. Show interest in what he likes. Let him come to you when he’s ready. That’s how to make him chase you.

Be Independent

Aquarius men love independent, strong women. To make him chase you, show him your strength. Demonstrate that you’re able to look after yourself and manage your own life. Being independent will capture his attention and make him more interested in you.

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Don’t be too dependent on him

In relationships, don’t lean too much on him. If you want him to stay, don’t be too clingy. Aquarius people need freedom. Show him you can take care of yourself. Don’t think he’s rejecting you if he needs space. Prove there’s more to the relationship than physical attraction.

  • Work together as equals – this really appeals to Aquarian men!

Show him that you can take care of yourself

Want to make an Aquarius man chase you? Show him you’re independent. Demonstrate you’re capable and don’t need anyone else to make things happen. Rejoice in your freedom, but don’t be too flighty. Let him know he can trust and depend on you when it matters. Even as a self-sufficient person, share your heart is open for love and strong connections. Show him autonomy doesn’t mean loneliness or lack of passion. Flaunt your uniqueness and display its power!

Don’t be afraid to pursue your own interests

As an Aquarius, I need my own autonomy. To have a good relationship with me, respect my independence. Don’t try to control me. When getting to know me, express your own interests and passions. Show me your unique capabilities. Also recognize that I need my space. Being independent and pursuing activities and goals is attractive to me. Show me on social media what you are working towards – big or small. All this is incredibly attractive to any Aquarius man!

Keep Things Interesting

Aquarius men can be confusing. But, you’ll be rewarded if you can figure them out. If you’re interested in a relationship with an Aquarius man, make it interesting! Here are practical tips on how to make him chase you:

Surprise him with thoughtful gifts

When it comes to relationships, an Aquarius man wants to feel cherished. So, instead of getting him a generic store-bought gift, give him something that shows you care. Find something that reflects his interests and personality. For example, if he loves science, make him a star chart or a video montage of your scientific adventures. Or, if he’s creative, sculpt or draw something for him that expresses your feelings. Make sure it’s special and from the heart. This will ensure things stay interesting!

Keep conversations light and fun

To keep an Aquarius engaged, conversation is key. Have a light and fun chat to captivate his attention and make him feel special. An Aquarius loves intellectual stimulation. So, be witty, smart and funny. Look for ways to make him laugh. But, stay relevant and avoid controversial topics. Show you’re someone he can trust with his deeper thoughts. Don’t take yourself seriously. Aquarians are used to fun conversations that come from honest places of self-expression.

Discover interests you share. Or, unique topics you’ve recently stumbled upon. Anything from politics, literature, travel or tech world. Challenge him, yet make him comfortable to interact with you. Ask his opinion on certain issues. Foster curious conversations to discover different points of view. With respect and understanding.

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Show him that you are a creative person

To make an Aquarius man chase you, show them your creative side. They are drawn to people who think outside the box. Speak about topics that show off your imagination and thoughtfulness. Talk about different cultures, music, or literature – anything that shows your creativity. This will give him something to think about while he thinks of you!

Flirt with Him

To make an Aquarius man chase you, flaunt your flirting skills. They love those who are bold and willing to try new things. Show him that you’re open to adventure. Let him know a bit about yourself, too. Once he’s interested, show you care about what he has to say. Really listen!

Compliment him

No matter their sign, everyone loves a sincere compliment. If it’s an Aquarius man, let him know you appreciate him. However, don’t go overboard. Aquarius men have large egos, so don’t be too eager. Show genuine interest in his passions, goals and dreams. Genuine compliments are the best.

Get creative with your compliments too. Aquarius men love surprises!

Show him that you are confident

Don’t pressure an Aquarius man! Showing him your confidence is appealing. Let him know you believe in yourself and your abilities. This could make him curious and even start pursuing you!

Don’t be too self-conscious or insecure. Showing your true self is great. Maybe something unique about you will spark his interest.

When talking to an Aquarius man, keep it light-hearted and inviting. No heavy topics like politics or religion. Give him time to get comfortable.

It’s important for any relationship with an Aquarius man that they can sense your self-esteem and assurance. This could be the key factor in getting them to chase after you!

Be playful and tease him

To make an Aquarius man chase you, be playful and tease him. Show him you can banter, flirt lightly, and be confident with jokes about yourself. Tell stories that show your personality. If he challenges you, take it as flirting, not criticism. When he states something, pause and transform it to witty repartee. Aquarius men have good senses of humor – show him yours too!


After discovering the strategies to make an Aquarius man chase you, you’re now prepared to forge a lively and meaningful bond with him. Keep in mind that the best connections are built on authenticity, respect, and compatibility between both partners.

Apply these insights with sincerity, and you’ll notice your connection with the Aquarius man in your life blossoming into an exciting and passionate partnership. Let your individuality and confidence shine, and experience the joys of a deeply connected relationship with the enigmatic Aquarius man.

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