how do aquarius flirt

How Do Aquarius Flirt?

Do you ever feel like an Aquarius is flirting with you? What are the clues? Learn all about the unique ways Aquarius show interest in this article. If you want to know how Aquarius flirt, keep reading! You’ll discover some unexpected advice.

Introduction to Aquarius Flirting

Aquarius is an air sign, and they tend to be social and chatty. They are often the life of the party, making friends and flirting. Aquarius can make a great friend or partner because of their charm and creativity. It can be hard to get their attention, but if you do, you’ve won the jackpot! To learn more about how Aquarius flirt, let’s look at their traits.

Aquarians have a unique view on life, and others find it attractive. They value their independence and won’t just follow trends. They are usually outgoing, relaxed, smart and open-minded. They also focus their energy on self-improvement projects.

In terms of looks, Aquarians are often clean-cut with modest makeup. They prefer a classic style that shows grace. This allure is part of why they are attractive, but it’s also their wit and humor. Aquarians know how to keep conversations interesting, with a subtle flirtatious attitude.

What Makes Aquarius Uniquely Flirtatious?

Aquarius has a unique way of flirting! They like to keep things light and breezy. They won’t play traditional games if they feel like they’re being ‘trapped’. To understand their flirting, focus on their knowledge and intelligence. They are witty and curious. They start conversations about random, interesting topics that capture their crush’s interest.

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Aquarius may also push boundaries in order to get reactions and understand what result is pleasing to both parties. They may sometimes appear disinterested when talking about mundane topics. This is normal for them – it takes them longer to commit to relationships.

Aquarius Flirting Style & Tactics

Aquarius have a unique approach to flirting. They’re independent, creative, and imaginative. They don’t like traditional dating rules. To flirt with an Aquarius, stay relaxed and nonchalant. Try to make them feel comfortable. Conversation should be light and funny. Intellectual conversations will impress them.

In the bedroom, Aquarius loves experimenting and exploring fantasies. Don’t be shocked by their unique approach. Enjoy being conquered by them!

Aquarius Flirting Body Language

Aquarius sun signs rely on body language when flirting. They are friendly and social, so they use body language to express interest.

  • Aquarian females may raise their eyebrows, lean towards the person, and smile/laugh.
  • Aquarian males may take bolder actions, like standing close and pointing their feet towards the target. They might “accidentally” touch hands when passing by.

Plus, Aquarians use facial expressions. These might include raised eyebrows, full smiles, or looking away coyly after making eye contact. They may also adjust their hair when passing someone attractive. This combination of eye contact and body movements hints at romantic interest from an Aquarius!

Aquarius Flirting & Communication

Flirting is Aquarius’ specialty – subtle and indirect! Nonverbal communication is their forte, body language instead of words to express intimate feelings. Teasing and banter? Oh, they love it; intelligence and wit makes them fun-loving conversationalists. Mental conversations? They adore it!

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Independent? Yes! Aquarius doesn’t want someone who crowds or demands too much attention. Outgoing yet aloof – too clingy or possessive and you’ll be pushed away. Respect their freedom and independence, and they’ll return with a unique kind of affection that charms all around.

How to Attract an Aquarius

Attracting an Aquarius is not easy. If you desire one, understanding their sign is key. They value independence and originality. Here are tips to charm ’em:

  • Respect them – don’t control or be possessive.
  • Talk about something interesting like art, literature, science, or tech.
  • Let them have their freedom.
  • Make ’em laugh – show your wit and intellect.
  • Be direct but subtle – innuendos, not declarative feelings.

Tips for Flirting with an Aquarius

If you’re keen on someone born under Aquarius, here’s a few tips to capture their attention. They’re independent and unpredictable, so flirtation needs to factor in those traits.

  • Be relaxed when flirting. Aquarians don’t enjoy being pressurized. Handle silences well, and don’t be too keen. Show interest without being overly aggressive.
  • In conversation, bring thoughtful ideas and interesting topics. Aquarians favor intellectual topics over small talk. They also value independence and open-mindedness, so be willing to engage in honest discussion. If they introduce new ideas, be prepared to discuss them with energy and an open mind.
  • Finally, make witty jokes to get their fun side out. They adore having fun! Say something quirky but still genuine. Take risks in conversation, be spontaneous instead of predictable – Aquarius loves this.

Final Thoughts on Aquarius Flirting

It’s essential to consider that Aquarius personalities vary. What works for one may not for all. Yet, the trends about their sociable, savvy, and laid-back flirting style are often reliable.

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To sum up, Aquarians flirt by being witty and sarcastic but relaxed. They love smart jokes, meaningful conversations full of ideas and dreams. They naturally have a knack for connecting in a fun, yet significant way with those they’re interested in romantically.

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