how to please a virgo man in the bedroom

How To Please A Virgo Man In The Bedroom?

Crave intimacy with your Virgo man? To make him happy, get him to speak his desires! Here are tips to please a Virgo in and out of the bedroom. Create a passionate bond between you two!

  • Be organized and prepared.
  • Be honest and direct.
  • Be respectful of his needs and feelings.
  • Be romantic.
  • Be patient and understanding.
  • Be spontaneous.
  • Be supportive.
  • Be open to new experiences.

Understanding the Virgo Man

The Virgo man can be hard to understand. To please him, research astrology and learn his likes and dislikes. Although he may appear cold, he’s sensitive and needs to feel secure to open up.

Virgo is an Earth sign – they love physical, passionate sex. They want foreplay to include all five senses. Also, they’re fussy about hygiene. So keep clean and groomed if you want to please him in the bedroom.

Virgo’s take pleasure from pleasing others. So communicate what you like and don’t like. Be open but honest. To understand how to please your lover, look into your sun and moon signs.

Setting the Right Mood

To please a Virgo man in the bedroom, you need to create the right mood. Virgos are logical and aware of their surroundings. So, make the atmosphere inviting, comfortable and intimate.

  • First, tidy up the room. Messy surroundings can make Virgos uneasy.
  • Second, focus on sensuous lighting to create a warm, loving glow.
  • Finally, add a touch of soothing music or white noise in the background.
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Show your Virgo man how much he means to you by being attentive and generous with your affection. Everyone is different when it comes to physical intimacy. Some may prefer gentle caresses, others passionate kisses.

Some may lean towards tenderness, others crave pleasure from vigorous foreplay. Take time to find out what pleases your Virgo man. Vary your approach until he’s completely satisfied. That’s what brings him true pleasure in the bedroom!

Establishing Open Communication

A Virgo man likes to communicate in the bedroom. To make him happy, create an open, honest atmosphere. That way, he can tell you what he likes and doesn’t like. Set boundaries for yourselves, so you both feel safe and trusting.

Encourage him to express himself. Even a nod of understanding can show that you hear his thoughts and feelings.

Knowing What Pleases Him

The Virgo man is known for his detail-focused, analytical thinking. To please him in the bedroom, take some time to understand what turns him on. Here are tips to make it special:

  • Go slow. Virgos can take while to get aroused and comfortable with their partner. So, take your time and enjoy each moment.
  • Stimulate all senses. Virgos appreciate aesthetics, so use different textures and scents to bring the pleasure together.
  • Talk more. Virgo men need verbal stimulation. Talk about fantasies, wishes, and desires together to get closer mentally and physically.
  • Pay attention. Compliments and words of encouragement are key for the Virgo man to feel accepted. If something doesn’t work out as planned, communicate and things can get better.
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Making the Bedroom Comfortable

For a Virgo in the bedroom, comfort is vital. Neatness counts, so keep your boudoir clutter-free. Opt for soft, inviting bedsheets. A warm temp and high-quality lighting also help. Pleasing scents like candles or perfume are great! The bed should be large enough for two.

Lastly, display words and images that evoke love and support. Think pictures of family, mementos, or your own artwork.

Being Adventurous and Creative

If you wish to please a Virgo man in bed, be bold and inventive. Virgos are known to be tranquil yet intense. Commence with a gentle prelude and then step up the intensity over time. Don’t stay too long in one area; switch up positions. Converse about fantasies and create a setting that appeals to all five senses – vision, smell, touch, taste and listening.

Put on garments that are comfortable so you can concentrate on pleasure instead of being anxious about your attire. Most importantly, establish a trusting atmosphere between you two, so he can feel free to share his needs.

These steps will make satisfying a Virgo man in bed easier and more pleasurable for both parties:

  • Be bold and inventive.
  • Start with a gentle prelude and then step up the intensity over time.
  • Switch up positions.
  • Converse about fantasies.
  • Create a setting that appeals to all five senses.
  • Put on garments that are comfortable.
  • Establish a trusting atmosphere.

Being Sensual and Passionate

A Virgo man can be complex and challenging. To make the bedroom experience pleasurable and memorable, here’s what you should do:

  1. Don’t rush. Let him explore your body. Allow him to take his time.
  2. Eye contact is essential. Look into his eyes during intimacy.
  3. Take initiative. Show him what you like.
  4. Affirm him. Give compliments during sex.
  5. Talk about fantasies. Ask open questions about what turns each other on. Fulfill each other’s desires. Add a special spice to the bedroom. Boost passion even higher!
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Showing Appreciation and Gratitude

Virgos need to know they’re appreciated in the bedroom. Show your Virgo man how thankful you are for his big and small efforts. Let him know you value him through your words, actions, or gifts. This will bring peace of mind and let him relax into a more intimate relationship.

For example, tell him how he makes your day better. Also, remind him of how his caring actions make you feel. Appreciation creates trust and security, making it easier for him to be intimate.


Having delved into the unique desires and preferences of a Virgo man within the realm of intimacy, you’re now prepared to enhance your physical connection with him. By aligning with his emotional needs and creating a comfortable environment, you’ll elevate the experience for both of you.

Continue to nurture trust and open communication to build a strong foundation for your relationship, ensuring that your shared moments of intimacy are unforgettable and deeply satisfying.

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