why does a virgo man withdraw

Why Does A Virgo Man Withdraw?

A Virgo man’s inclination to withdraw can leave you feeling perplexed and disheartened. Unraveling their inherent traits and underlying reasons for such behavior is key to making sense of these fluctuations.

This article delves into the common reasons a Virgo man may retreat, offering insights and guidance on how to maintain a healthy relationship despite the occasional distance.

Understanding the Virgo Man

The Virgo man is commonly misunderstood. People think his need to be alone is a sign of indifference. This isn’t true. His withdrawal comes from wanting to understand.

To understand him better, we must look at why he needs to withdraw.

His Personality

A Virgo man is very analytical and observant. He has high standards and aims to perfect himself. He is driven by ambition, always planning out what needs to be done.

This focus on perfection can make him seem distant or cold. He may struggle to react to intense emotions or conversations about feelings. He doesn’t like to feel exposed or vulnerable, so he may withdraw from relationships.

It’s important to remain understanding and patient. Making him feel secure will help him open up and take more risks in the relationship.

His Needs

A Virgo man needs alone time to recharge. He’ll try and find moments throughout the day to be by himself – to think and relax. He must have an outlet to ease his worries.

But also, it’s important for him to stay involved in life. He likes to balance alone time and socializing. This doesn’t mean he doesn’t want relationships; he just needs understanding. If someone tries to control him, he’ll emotionally withdraw.

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But if they are respectful of his space, and still try to connect, it can deepen the relationship. Do not underestimate the value of independence to a Virgo man – understanding this can help make a relationship last.

Reasons for Withdrawal

Virgo men make great partners. But they can be tricky to date. They often withdraw when feeling stress, confusion, or facing matters of the heart. If you’ve experienced this behavior, this article is for you! Find out why a Virgo man may withdraw.

Reasons include:

  • Feeling overwhelmed
  • Needing space to think
  • Trouble expressing emotions
  • Fear of rejection
  • Feeling disconnected

Fear of Commitment

Virgo men are known for their fear of commitment. This is tricky for relationships ’cause it can make the man emotionally distant. Virgos need time to analyze before taking action. If overwhelmed with emotions, they’ll want to deal with it on their own. Thus, they may seek time away from the relationship. This is to sort out thoughts and feelings without distraction. Also, to regain logical and practical outlook.

It’s important to understand that this need for withdrawal isn’t lack of commitment. It’s just part of being a Virgo that needs some space to process what’s going on between them.

Need for Control

A Virgo man withdrawing and distancing himself is usually because he needs control. These men are analytical and critical, which can attract people who escape reality.

Virgos don’t have the communication skills to tell someone they need space, so they avoid confrontation and shut down. But if not pushed too far, the Virgo man will come back with a more mature outlook.

Most importantly, Virgos need their own time away from relationships, even if it’s a loving one. Feeling boxed in or guilty can cause serious discomfort and lead to more withdrawal. They need free time to reclaim their “aloneness” and recharge before interacting with others again. Allowing this aloneness helps foster understanding and allows things to go back to normal quicker.

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Fear of Intimacy

Fear of intimacy can be paralyzing for a Virgo man. Perfection and never making wrong decisions is the fear’s basis. Committing a mistake or choosing the wrong person may be the reason why he careens towards fear. Insecurity issues, and past trauma are the deep-seated roots. These make him struggle to trust in love, or make deep connections.

A feeling of discomfort can lead him to withdraw and shy away. Anxiety can be intense, and he may retreat into solitude. Excessive work, hobbies and commitments take up his time, to avoid dealing with intimate relationships.

Moments of opening up, and gifting you with special occasions of affection, may be followed by extreme withdrawal. His unconscious mind makes sure he voids any chance of strong emotions, until he feels secure within himself to handle them responsibly.

How to Handle the Withdrawal

A Virgo man withdrawing can be confusing. You ask why? What to do? Understanding the nature of withdrawal and reasons is key. This article helps with root causes and potential solutions to navigate. So, let’s discuss this Virgo man’s withdrawal.

Give Him Space

When a Virgo man withdraws, remember it’s important to give him the space he needs. Don’t let your emotions take over and fire questions at him! Show patience and respect for his need for privacy.

Virgos value independence and need privacy when dealing with stress. He’s probably not intentionally excluding you from his thoughts; it’s just his way of handling issues. Support him without giving in to neediness – this could put pressure on him.

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Remind yourself that Virgos have strong powers of discernment and perspective. When they reach resolution or an epiphany, they can move onward with their relationship. Trust that he’ll come back soon with more drive than before.

Communicate Clearly

When your Virgo man withdraws, it’s easy to get frustrated. You may think he’s shutting you out. But, usually, this is because of his fear of vulnerability. He may not want to talk about his emotions or ask for help. So, don’t push him. Just let him be.

Communication is key for resolving this issue. Both of you should share your feelings and come up with a plan. Here are some tips:

  • Be honest about your feelings and needs.
  • Listen to him. Show him you are listening by nodding or summarizing.
  • Ask open ended questions. This helps you understand each other.
  • Don’t judge or get angry. This will only make things worse.
  • Take responsibility for your emotions. This helps to create respect and trust.

By using these tips, you can both come out of this better than before – with a stronger, more respectful relationship!

Don’t Take it Personally

When a Virgo man pulls away, it can be hard to not take the blame. It’s between you two – why would he back off unless something was wrong?

But don’t worry, it’s usually his personality. Virgos are loners by nature. He needs some time on his own to focus and even out his emotions.

It doesn’t mean he doesn’t care for you. He just needs some time for the relationship to be healthy. So don’t take it to heart when he starts to withdraw – nothing is wrong, he just needs some space.


Remember: every Virgo man is different. He may need time alone at any time in the relationship. It may be due to personal or work troubles. Respect his need for space. Be patient and understanding. Show some empathy. This will help your bond.

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