how to know if virgo man is pushing you away

How To Know If Virgo Man Is Pushing You Away?

Hey there! I’m Elizabeth Adams and I’m an astrologer with years of experience studying relationships between couples. If you’re here, perhaps you’re asking yourself if a Virgo man is pushing you away. It can be difficult to tell the signs that he’s trying to distance himself, but don’t worry.

In this article, I’ll discuss the usual signs and behaviors of Virgo men when they want to pull away. I’ll also share tips on how to approach the situation. With this information, you’ll have more understanding of what could be going on with him.

We’ll talk about why Virgo men might push someone away in the first place. Knowing this can help give insight into why your partner is acting this way. Don’t jump to conclusions until you have all the facts. Keep reading to gain clarity and insight into how to handle this situation in a positive way!

Signs of a Virgo Man Who is Pulling Away

Relationship with a Virgo man? Pushed away? Attention to detail, critical nature, perfectionism – if he’s unhappy, he’ll emotionally distance himself. Signs? Here they are! If you think your Virgo man is pulling away, look out for these:

He’s Distant and Unreachable

If your Virgo man is suddenly cold and distant, it’s likely he’s pushing you away. Virgos tune into their feelings and can retreat from a situation when something doesn’t feel right.

He won’t want to talk or share too much about his emotions. He may seem robotic, as if deep down there is inner turmoil.

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Don’t push him or guilt-trip him. Show understanding and respect his need for space. Give him room to evaluate what’s going on between the two of you, without any pressure. Then he can reach out when he’s ready to talk. Only then can true communication happen!

He’s Not Making Plans

When a Virgo man pulls away, it’s a sign. He may cancel plans or avoid engagements. This shows something is off-balance in his life. He may also ignore topics like marriage, children, and commitments. It could mean he’s overwhelmed and needs space. Or, it could be a red flag for the relationship.

Communication and understanding are key to a strong partnership.

He’s Not Showing Interest

A Virgo man pulling away may be signaled by a lack of usual interest or attentiveness. If he was usually affectionate, attentive, and generous, but suddenly stops or lessens, then something might be wrong. It could be something small, or something more serious. Either way, it’s smart to keep an eye on his behavior and how it changes.

Other signs of his emotional distancing may include:

  • Evading quality time together,
  • Spending more time doing things alone or with friends,
  • Having less interest in joining projects or planning activities with you.

Don’t jump to conclusions if he’s not showing affection. Talking can help prevent any misunderstandings or discomfort.

Reasons a Virgo Man Might Pull Away

A Virgo man in a relationship can be hard to grasp. They often keep their distance and can be slow to open up. It can sting when they start to move away rather than embrace the bond. Why could this be? Here are a few reasons and what to do about it:

  • They fear being vulnerable.
  • They struggle to trust.
  • They need time to process.

He’s Feeling Overwhelmed

If your Virgo man is feeling overwhelmed, he may pull away. Virgos can put a lot of pressure on themselves to succeed, which can affect relationships. It’s important to be understanding and patient. Don’t think it’s all your fault. Help him recognize stress from work or other responsibilities. Offer kind words or a comforting hug. If you give him the support he needs, he’ll return the favor when things calm down.

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He’s Feeling Unappreciated

When a Virgo man pulls away, it could be because they feel taken for granted. They are analytical and notice when they are not being valued. If their efforts are not seen, they will start to distance themselves.

Virgos need security and certainty in the relationship; they get this from feeling appreciated. If they give a lot without getting anything back, the relationship won’t last.

If your Virgo man is pulling away, it could be because they don’t feel appreciated. To bring balance back, show your appreciation for them. Verbal acknowledgments, thoughtful gestures, or asking about their day can make a big difference!

He’s Feeling Unloved

A Virgo man needs love and attention. His analytical and detail-oriented traits could mean he’s demanding in relationships. He may show his affection through acts like fixing things or cooking. If his partner doesn’t recognize these efforts, he could become distant.

For a healthy connection between two Virgos, communication is essential. Expressing appreciation is meaningful and understanding their signs’ language of love is helpful. If there’s no progress, getting help from a professional therapist might be the answer.

How to Re-Engage a Virgo Man

Wondering if a Virgo man’s pushing you away? If you’re in a relationship with one, it’s key to spot the signs and reconnect. If they’re feeling overwhelmed, they may ‘pull away’ making it hard to stay close. This article will tell you how to tell if your Virgo’s pushing you away and ideas to re-engage them.

Give Him Space

Re-engaging a Virgo man can be tricky. They are independent and analytical, and can easily become overwhelmed with emotion. The key is to give him space, without pushing him away. Respect his need for freedom and independence.

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Let him know you want to spend time together, when he is ready. Keep communication open and honest. Show appreciation for his unique traits, without being overbearing. Recognize when it’s time for him to have some alone time or space. Giving him this emotional freedom can help prevent burnout and make room for the relationship to grow.

Show Him Appreciation

Virgo men like structure and organization. To get them back, show appreciation! Express interest in their ideas and opinions. Compliment them and ask for their help. Plus, physical touch is a great way to show your affection. But don’t be too strong; the aim is to show gratitude for connecting.

Show Him Love

Winning a Virgo man’s heart again? Show him love! Patience, gentleness and intelligence are key. They’re analytical and thoughtful, so take it slow. Showing love doesn’t mean being clingy – it’s about appreciating him and his traits like loyalty and thoughtfulness. Stay supportive with all his endeavors.

Give physical affectionhugs, kisses – to make sure he feels wanted and valued. Encourage conversations – it shows you care and want to understand him.


Finally, if a Virgo man is distancing himself from you, it may not be a good sign. Virgos often need some time for themselves to think. If he’s pushing away, he might not be sure about the two of you. Ask him directly, and don’t judge his answer. Notice his body language and how often he speaks to you.

Astrology can also help you understand why he’s pulling away. Knowing these signs might help you know if it’s worth trying to save the relationship:

  • Does he seem distant and aloof?
  • Does he avoid talking about the future?
  • Does he seem to be less interested in spending time with you?
  • Have his feelings for you changed?

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