do men always come back

Do Men Always Come Back?

Relationships can be tricky. It’s tough to know if someone will come back or not. Let’s explore the pros and cons of a man coming back. There are varied reactions and feelings associated with this. Plus, there are different scenarios that can arise when a man returns. In this article, we’ll investigate all that!

5 Reasons Men Come Back

Believe it or not, men can return even after a breakup. The causes may differ depending on the people involved and the relationship. In this article, we will analyze some common explanations why guys return after a breakup and the signals that could suggest he’ll come back.

1. Insecurity

Insecurity is a common cause of men returning. It can be due to feeling inadequate, guilty or remorseful. Even if the breakup was mutual, insecurity can still be a factor. It can arise from self-esteem issues, lack of confidence, fear of commitment or fear of the relationship.

For a successful relationship, both partners need to feel secure. Insecurity can push one partner to return and attempt to restore the balance. It’s normal for humans to have some insecurity. It encourages us to strive for better relationships and communication. Everyone in the relationship should be aware of insecurity so that conflicts can be resolved and compromise reached.

2. Fear of Loneliness

Men may come back to a relationship out of fear of being lonely. A new relationship can be intimidating. So, many men take the easy route and turn to an old flame. Even if there were problems in the past, it’s often less daunting than trying something new.

For some, coming back is easier than facing the challenges of a breakup. Ending a relationship is hard, especially when you still live together or have kids. Men might avoid this by going back to a familiar relationship.

At the same time, it can simply be about missing the companionship and love that comes with being around someone you care about. Feeling secure again can be comforting after a long period of being alone.

3. Unfinished Business

A man may come back to an old flame for many reasons. This is known as “unfinished business”. It could be unresolved feelings, the need for closure or unfinished conversations. He might return if his current situation hasn’t worked out as he’d hoped. He may want to offer comfort and support in times of pain. He could be regretful and want to apologise for how things ended badly. Or he might be drawn by memories of good times and hope to rekindle passion and romance.

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4. Lack of Closure

A man often needs closure when a relationship ends. He may come back wanting this. But, this can be unhealthy. Lack of closure is one reason why men return. It can happen when the breakup is sudden or due to someone else, like infidelity. It can be hard to accept it’s over when identity and heart hurt too much.

If your partner comes back, have an honest talk. Agree on expectations and what resolution will look like. That way, everyone can get peace and heal before saying goodbye.

5. Unresolved Feelings

Sometimes, unaddressed emotions can make a man come back after leaving the bond. Men don’t usually show their feelings like women do, yet they still wrestle with the ideas and sentiments that appear after a split. This might make them determine to give the connection another shot instead of completely accepting that it’s finished.

They may come back due to interest, or for other explanations such as

  • fear of loneliness
  • wanting to check if the relationship could be successful if they tried again.

Signs He Might Come Back

Is the flame of your relationship extinguished? Is your ex-partner showing signs of wanting to get back together? Maybe! It all depends on the situation.

Here’s some clues he might be thinking of giving it another shot. Common signs include:

  • He talks to you often.
  • He makes an effort to see you in person.
  • He sends you thoughtful gifts.
  • He compliments you.
  • He remembers important dates.
  • He apologizes for his mistakes.

Staying in Contact

If he stays in contact with you, it’s a sign he might come back. Calls, texts, and friendly conversations show he still values your connection. If he can’t resist touching base, there could still be strong feelings between you. Look out for repetitive or consistent contact. If a former boyfriend checks in regularly, it might be a sign he’s leaving the door open for reconciliation.

These conversations don’t come out of nowhere – they could be a hint that things could change in the future:

  • He stays in contact with you.
  • He values your connection.
  • He can’t resist touching base.
  • He checks in regularly.

He is Jealous

He may be coming back, if he’s jealous. Jealousy can be thought of as a kind of compliment. It happens when he feels threatened by another person or the thought of you with someone else.

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If he questions who you’re seeing, or how often. Or if he expresses jealousy, it could mean he’s insecure and wants to get back together.

He may be jealous not just of other potential lovers, but of other parts of your life, like your relationships or career successes. He may start to come around if he understands that these things take away from what you have with him.

But remember, jealousy doesn’t always mean he wants to reconcile. He might be trying to hold onto control. Pay attention to his actions – if they don’t match his words, reconciliation isn’t what he wants.

He Asks about You

If he still cares, it’s likely he’ll ask people in your life questions about you. He might reach out too, to ask how you’re doing. Asking questions could mean the relationship isn’t over. He could comment on your social media or offer to help with something. If the contact continues, it may show his interest in getting back together. Usually, if someone wants to reunite, they’ll start talking in some way.

It’s hard to know their intentions, as one moment they may seem keen, then suddenly lose contact.

How to Make Him Come Back

If you desire to have him return, it is essential to figure out why he left. This is vital since the way to bring him back is based on what motivated him to go. Was it an issue in the relationship, trust problems, or maybe he wanted more freedom?

To find the answer and a way to make him come back, you must comprehend the root of why he left:

  • Was it an issue in the relationship?
  • Was it trust problems?
  • Did he want more freedom?

Give Him Space

“How to make him come back?” Questioning this? It’s essential to comprehend the importance of giving him space. Even if you adore your partner and feel desperate for his return, space will create an opportunity for reflection on the relationship and pondering if it should be recovered. Providing space can in fact construct trust between the two of you – trust that will enhance any future relationship.

Remember, too much contact can do more harm than good when trying to get your partner back. If he is not ready to talk or asked for time apart, don’t send many texts or call continuously, this could lead to further alienation. Let him be the one to initiate contact rather than coming off as needy or clingy. This doesn’t mean completely cutting off communication forever, but reducing it until there is acknowledgment from him that he would like it renewed.

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If he has already made a move, like calling first, then take a more distant approach. This will demonstrate that you respect his needs, while also sparking potential feelings of wanting connection and closeness with you again. When trying to make him come back in a healthy way, both parties must agree upon how the reconnection will unfold before moving forward.

Show Him You’ve Changed

A man might leave a relationship ’cause he doesn’t get what he needs. To make him understand you care, try to show him. Here’s how:

  • Be ready to listen. Men appreciate it when their partners pay attention and understand their point of view. Explain your views in a respectful way.
  • Apologize when you make mistakes. Show humility and understanding. Don’t let pride get in the way.
  • Take action. Make a plan and stick to it. Show you can be trusted.

Let Him Miss You

If you wish for him to return, the best way is to let him miss you. Though it might be hard to ignore the urge to contact him and explain that you still want him in your life, pressing the “pause” button is an important step in letting him miss you.

When you pause communicating with your ex, he gets space and time to think about how much he misses his relationship with you. This time apart gives him moments to think of the kind of person he needs in his life, which could motivate him to reconnect and start anew.

Taking a break allows each of you to look at yourselves and the situation without bias, and take responsibility for your part. It also enables healing, essential for starting anew. Don’t reach out or communicate during this period; instead, use this time to focus on yourself and enjoy being independent from the relationship.

This break from communication may stir up nostalgia and sadness in your ex, and give him hope that getting back together may happen if he takes action. Don’t be a backup plan though; make sure that if your ex returns, it’s out of love or admiration, not just loneliness or convenience.


To sum up, it’s hard to say if men always come back or not. Every case is one-of-a-kind. Many elements can be involved, like timing and feelings. Knowing why the relationship didn’t work out is the best way to figure out if he’ll come back.

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