does ignoring a scorpio man work

Does Ignoring A Scorpio Man Work?

Searching for advice on “Does Ignoring a Scorpio Man Work?” You’ve arrived at the right spot! As a relationship specialist, I understand the special needs and behavior patterns of each zodiac sign. This article will enlighten you on how to handle ignoring a Scorpio man in business and dating.

Scorpio men have strong emotions and passionate opinions. Ignoring them may stimulate them to act, but there are other methods that give better results. With the correct knowledge, you can comprehend why Scorpio men act the way they do. Plus, how best to approach them in various scenarios. Read further to discover more!

Understanding Scorpio Men

Scorpio men can be hard to understand. Passionate, loyal and intense – that’s why it’s wise to learn more about them before deciding to ignore them. So, what does it mean to ignore a Scorpio man? Does it work? Here’s a look.

First off, ignoring a Scorpio man might not be the best idea. They’re sensitive and passionate, so ignoring them may hurt their feelings. It’s important to remember that.

Scorpio Men’s Strengths

Scorpio men are attractive partners due to their many strengths. They’re passionate, driven, and brave. Scorpio’s commitment to the things they believe in is unbreakable. They give all they can to their relationships, expecting the same dedication in return. They are also fiercely loyal, caring deeply for their friends, and family.

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Their strong emotions can be challenging, as Scorpio’s are sensitive and sometimes have quick tempers. Although this intensity can be hard to handle, it’s also what makes them special. Lastly, Scorpio men are extremely determined and will be successful in whatever they do. From becoming an entrepreneur to achieving seemingly impossible goals.

Scorpio Men’s Weaknesses

Scorpio men are often very sensitive and can take offense easily. They may be jealous and possessive too. They want more from relationships than some are prepared to give. It’s hard for them to communicate their feelings clearly, and they may act passively aggressive in response.

They need to analyze every situation thoroughly before deciding, which can lead to them overthinking and not making a decision at all. Additionally, they can be stubborn, and act out of spite if they don’t get what they want. This is something you want to avoid for the sake of your relationship!

Ignoring a Scorpio Man

Understanding a Scorpio man may be tricky. It’s widely thought that ignoring him is the key to grabbing his attention. So, what are the benefits and drawbacks of this approach? Let’s dive in and find out!

Pros of Ignoring a Scorpio Man

Ignoring a Scorpio man can have its pros. It can add mystery and intrigue, making them feel anxious, out of control and passionate. Taking a break gives your partner a chance to miss you, reflect on his emotions and deepen his commitment.

Lastly, it offers the perfect environment for inner peace, reflection and centering himself without distractions:

  • A chance to miss you
  • Reflect on his emotions
  • Deepen his commitment
  • Inner peace
  • Reflection
  • Centering himself without distractions
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Cons of Ignoring a Scorpio Man

Ignoring a Scorpio man may have its advantages, but it also has its risks. He may become even more distant than before and the relationship could end if it does not work. When you ignore him, resentments will build up and tensions will come to a head. He will take it as an insult if ignored too long and may pull back to avoid being hurt.

Consider how your actions will affect him and his emotions before choosing to ignore him:

  • Will he become even more distant?
  • Will tensions come to a head?
  • Will he take it as an insult?

Alternatives to Ignoring a Scorpio Man

Do you ponder if ignoring a Scorpio man is the only way to get his attention? Fortunately, the answer is no. There are other methods to make him look your way and get the reaction you want.

In this part, we will explain the various options you can attempt, so you don’t need to use the “ignore” method:

Talk to Him

Talking to a Scorpio man is beneficial. Don’t be scared to voice your worries. Don’t start an argument, just talk calmly and say how his behavior made you feel. Be clear about what you are bothered by. Don’t be afraid to be honest. Scorpios are strong and can handle a difficult conversation in the right way.

Communication will help your relationship build trust, mend misunderstandings and understand each other better. Confiding in him will make him understand your feelings better and empathize with your point of view.

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Give Him Space

For a successful relationship with a Scorpio man, give him room to breathe. Don’t smother him with attention. Keep talking, but don’t pressure him. Offer him time alone. He’ll appreciate you for understanding his need for privacy. When he reaches out, be there. That’s all you need to do.

Show Him You Care

To stay on a Scorpio man’s good side, show him you care. Don’t ignore him – this will push him away. Make an effort to demonstrate your feelings. Spend time with him, tell him how important he is, and give small tokens of appreciation.

Scorpio men need to feel loved and respected in a relationship. Giving extra love and attention will keep his eye on you!


Finally, ignoring a Scorpio man can be risky. A Scorpio desires trust and real connection in a relationship. Ignoring or playing games may not bring the right outcome.

Reflect on yourself and talk honestly. Respect his need for space, but make sure it’s mutually beneficial. Show your Scorpio that you are mature and supportive in the relationship.

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