are scorpio men players

Are Scorpio Men Players?

As a Scorpio-born woman, I know about dating Scorpio men. Passionate and intense— sure, but mysterious and closed off too. Folks often tell stories of “players” pretending to be Scorpios. This stereotype can make dating them scary. But don’t worry— this article will clear up the truth. Does your man’s zodiac sign make him a player? Read on to find out!

What Makes Scorpio Men Unique?

Scorpio guys have distinct traits that make them stand out from other men. They may be labeled as “players,” but there’s more to them than that. Here, we’ll talk about the qualities that make Scorpio men unique:

Intensely Passionate

Scorpio men are well-known for their strong and passionate personalities. They are go-getters who don’t let anything stop them from achieving their aims. Even if it means setting their own emotions to the side.

When it comes to relationships, Scorpios are incredibly passionate and form deep connections with those they love. These men are incredibly loyal and devoted, often putting others’ needs before their own. This makes them great partners, yet can also lead to trouble if their needs aren’t being met in the relationship. Scorpios may strive to dominate in order to feel secure, so it’s best to handle this with consideration and respect.

Scorpios are highly intelligent. They are often drawn to intellectual activities like studying or debating. They love to think through problems and get really engaged when discussing something they admire. Scorpios also have good intuition, so they can tell why someone behaves a certain way. This makes them excellent problem solvers, and great people to talk to when in need of advice.

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Extremely Loyal

Scorpio men are loyal friends who cherish trust and standing up for what’s right. They have a deep connection with their friends, and need to protect them. Plus, they’re comfortable in their own niche. They stay committed in relationships and value loyalty above all else. That’s why they take betrayal so seriously – they know how fragile trust can be.

Highly Protective

Scorpio men are intense. Passionate. Highly protective of those they love. Scorpios are one of the strongest signs in the Zodiac. This shows in their loyalty. They will go to great lengths to protect their loved ones. Always wary of anyone who may be a threat. Scorpios are natural guardians. Taking great pride in providing defense. Making sure their loved ones feel safe. But, this can lead to possessiveness, if not kept in check.

Signs of a Scorpio Man Playing You

Scorpio men? Hard to tell if they are players. But, there are some signs. Here’s what to look out for if you suspect your Scorpio man is playing you. Plus, advice on how to manage the situation if that’s the case.

He’s Hot and Cold

A Scorpio man can be hard to understand. He’ll be hot one minute and cold the next. He may show love, only to disappear soon after.

He takes time to get to know someone before he commits. So, if he’s playing hot and cold, it’s possible he isn’t sure about the relationship.

You’ll experience waves of his attention. One day he’ll let his guard down, and then the next he’s distant. It’s normal for him to take time to open up.

But, beware if he never commits. If this behavior continues over a long period, he may be stringing you along.

He’s Unavailable

Scorpio men may be secretive and mysterious, so it can be tricky to tell if he’s playing you. Here are some signs to watch out for:

  1. Sudden unavailability or lack of interest in spending time together.
  2. Becoming distant and unresponsive to calls and messages.
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It’s important to keep an eye out for these changes, as they could mean he’s no longer invested in the relationship.

He’s Not Invested in the Relationship

A Scorpio man may be playing you if he isn’t investing in the relationship. His words might sound right, but his actions don’t follow through. He could be distant or avoid talks about commitment. He’s hard to read and mysterious.

A good partner will still want to get to know you. When a Scorpio isn’t talking, it’s a sign something’s wrong. He may talk about trivial things or not talk about feelings and emotions.

It’s worrying if he stops doing things that make him happy, like spending time together or taking walks. If he stops making plans with you or doesn’t keep up with plans made together, it shows a lack of trust and commitment.

How to Handle a Scorpio Man Who is Playing You

Scorpio fellas have got a rep for being passionate. They tend to take risks when it comes to loving relationships. If you’re in a relationship with a Scorpio man and feel like he is using you, it can be tough. Here are some tips on how to handle it.

  1. Don’t be afraid to talk about your feelings.
  2. Stay strong – don’t let him see you cry!
  3. Communicate – tell him what you think and don’t be afraid to give him your opinion.
  4. Be confident – don’t let him take advantage of you.
  5. Give him space – don’t put too much pressure on him.
  6. Show him that you care – Scorpio men need to know that they are loved.
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Talk to Him Openly and Honestly

If a Scorpio man is playing you, talk to him with care. Unveil his reasons for playing games. Keep it direct but gentle. Value your relationship. Don’t let him guilt-trip or manipulate you. Explore his emotions. Show him you understand. Let him know certain behaviours are not okay. Stand firm. Don’t give in to blackmail. Address the issue with patience. Work past issues in a friendly way.

Don’t Play Games

When a Scorpio man is playing you, retaliation and revenge won’t help. Don’t be tempted by them. Instead, make it clear that you won’t accept his actions. Let him know that you know he’s playing games, but don’t respond similarly.

Be honest and direct about the situation. Express your feelings about his behavior. Ask for assurances that he’ll stop. If he doesn’t, you may have to walk away from the relationship. Stand your ground and don’t let him manipulate you again.

Set Boundaries

Scorpio men can be intense and unpredictable. It’s important to set firm boundaries with a Scorpio man if he’s playing you. Knowing your needs and limits will help you stay in control. Don’t be afraid to express yourself openly, without fear. Speak up if something doesn’t make sense or feel right.

Sometimes it can be tough to know where the boundaries are. So, be honest about what type of relationship works for you. Set rules on how and when you should be contacted, plus what topics can and cannot be discussed. Make sure you communicate this information clearly and directly. Respect your own needs – don’t let someone else decide for you!


In conclusion, Scorpio men aren’t players. But, like everyone else, some Scorpios may have difficulty in a long-term relationship or settling if they don’t have the right connection. They have an intense and passionate nature, so they’ll attract admirers. It can be hard for them to resist flirting and occasional dalliances. Therefore, if you’re with a Scorpio man, it’s important to understand their need for freedom and privacy. Also, be clear about your expectations so you won’t feel taken advantage of.

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