does ignoring a libra man work

Does Ignoring A Libra Man Work?

Libra is an Air sign. Venus rules them, making them the most fair-minded sign in the zodiac. They value fairness and harmony in relationships. Libra men have a tendency to be charming, diplomatic and combative when wronged or when their boundaries are crossed.

If ignored, Libra men initially attempt to restore balance with communication. But, if communication fails or if their feelings are ignored, they may resort to passive-aggressive tactics, like withholding affection or avoiding confrontation.

Ignoring a Libra man might be effective if you are seeking attention or if they did something wrong. However, be careful due to their sensitive nature. Ignoring a Libran too much may result in more dislike than understanding. This could lead to resentment. Thus, communicate openly but respectfully during disputes. Acknowledge your Libran lover’s logic. Don’t emotionally overpower them. This might backfire when using ignoring as an effective method.

What is a Libra Man?

To comprehend the Libra man is vital. He is a zodiac sign, based on birthdate, with specific qualities. From an astrological viewpoint, Libra is linked to air, depicting balance, harmony and justice. They have sharp minds and can often assess both sides of a problem objectively. Learning these Libra man characteristics will help you understand how to manage him.

Characteristics of Libra Men

Libra men are renowned for their charming personalities and agreeable nature. Those born under the Libra sun sign strive to achieve harmony and peace. When searching for a partner, they are drawn to those who are easy-going but also have inner strength.

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Libra men are sociable and outgoing. They make great conversationalists, engaging in intellectual debates rather than gossip. They have strong convictions, yet remain composed and composed in the face of aggression.

Libra men love luxury and often find success in work. They appreciate art, culture, and fashion and prioritize social justice and fairness. People are drawn to Libran men due to their loyalty and integrity – if you gain their trust, you are in good hands!

Libra Man in Relationships

Libra men in relationships can be tricky. They love to show affection, attention, and care. But, they also have up-and-down moods. One moment they’re happy and content, the next distant and aloof. This can make it hard to deal with.

Libra men are known for using their emotions to manipulate. And, they usually try to control one another.

Communication is also an issue. A Libra man may seem detached, but he’s actually afraid to express himself. He’s scared of judgement. Ignoring him could be a solution. You’re not pushing him away, just giving him space and privacy. This way he can feel more comfortable expressing himself.

Ignoring a Libra Man

If you’re aiming to grab the attention of a Libra man, not paying attention to him may appear like an opposite technique. Yet, in some instances, this strategy can be beneficial. In this article, we’ll talk about why it’s sometimes vital to ignore a Libra man. Plus, when it’s correct for you to do so.

Reasons why you might want to ignore a Libra Man

When it comes to matters of the heart, being with a Libra man can be an interesting experience. However, sometimes ignoring him may be the best way to get the outcome you desire. It’s important to remember that each relationship is unique because everyone brings their own needs into it.

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Reasons you may want to ignore a Libra man include:

  • To gain his attention: Ignoring a Libra man could make him miss you and make you appear more attractive in his eyes. Especially if he is getting too much positive attention from others or has taken you for granted.
  • To bring out his confidence: A Libra man often hides his feelings. Ignoring him may help ease the pressure he feels to prove himself, which could lead him to show more confidence when you return your attention.
  • To test his loyalty: Being loyal can be difficult for some men. Creating some space by using active listening or regaining independence could help him realize what he could have lost over time. Ignoring a Libra man may help him reevaluate the relationship and put more effort into making it last.

How to Ignore a Libra Man

Libra men are sociable and seek harmony in relationships. They don’t like rejection and may get upset. Ignoring them can be an effective way to communicate needs without hurting their feelings.

There are two types of ignoring: passive and active. Passive ignoring means ignoring behavior without reacting. This encourages both parties to start over with a clean slate. Active ignoring is more direct. Examples are not answering calls and texts, refusing physical intimacy, and changing routines to avoid contact.

Both styles have pros and cons. Finding the right approach requires some experimentation. With patience and practice, anyone can ignore a Libra man and avoid disputes.

Effects of Ignoring a Libra Man

Tempting to ignore a Libra man when things get tough? Think again! Let’s explore the consequences of ignoring a Libra man. It’s important to consider the effects. What happens if you do? We’ll take a closer look.

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Here’s what you need to know:

  • If you find yourself in such a situation, here’s what you can do.

Positive Effects of Ignoring a Libra Man

Ignoring someone can be a powerful way to communicate in romantic relationships. Think carefully before deciding to ignore someone. Libra men often react positively to being ignored. It draws them in, challenging them.

No attention or physical affection can make Libra men appreciate the relationship more. Ignoring a Libra man helps him see how valuable it is. This can make him treat his partner with more respect and care. Libra men also love a challenge, so pushing back on his advances can give the relationship a spark.

However, don’t neglect the relationship altogether. Libra men cherish thoughtfulness and tenderness from their partners. Ignoring him moderately is a great way to change behavior without causing conflict.

Negative Effects of Ignoring a Libra Man

Ignoring a Libra man can seem counterintuitive if you’re trying to attract his attention. Men usually go after what they want. However, ignoring him can have both positive and negative effects.

Libra is an air sign. They like balance and harmony and are naturally flirtatious. Ignoring them could make them feel unappreciated or invisible. This could lower their opinion of you. Additionally, they may become competitive and put unnecessary strain on your relationship.

If you ignore them without explanation, it could make you seem aloof or dismissive. This could be a huge turnoff for them and they may move on quickly.

Therefore, while some ignoring can be beneficial, too much can lead to more negative long-term effects than intended positive ones.


Attracting and keeping a Libra man is no easy feat. Tough love tactics are not the answer. Ignoring a Libra will only push him away. Libras need communication and connection to feel happy.

Instead of ignoring him, be loving and supportive. Showing commitment in tangible ways is the best way to keep a Libra man close.

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