why are aries so difficult

Why Are Aries So Difficult?

Ever asked yourself why Aries, the first sign of the zodiac, behaves the way they do? If you’re in a relationship with one, you may be struggling. Elizabeth Adams here, and today I’ll answer that question.

Astrology tells us each zodiac sign has a planet that rules it, and traits that make it unique. Aries is ruled by Mars – the planet of action and ambition – so no surprise they can be hard to deal with in relationships. Being born under this sign means they’re driven by passion and energy. This can be exciting, but also challenging.

But why ARE Aries so difficult? I’ll explain why they may show stubborn traits in relationships, and strategies on how to deal with them. Read on to learn more.

Aries Personality Traits

Aries people are known to be hard to deal with. They have a strong, free-minded, and determined attitude. But, if you understand their needs, they can be great. Let us examine what makes their personality mysterious.

Impulsive behavior

Aries are the first of the Zodiac signs. That’s how they see themselves: first. They’re the leaders, the ones who get things going. Aries initiate, but don’t always complete. Need a project jump-started? Ask an Aries!

Impulsivity is their strength and downfall. It brings them success and admiration, but stops them from seeing tasks through. Most people take breaks, but Aries get so distracted by the future, they forget the current step. This can lead to impulsive behavior and problems later.


Aries individuals often get a bad rap for being too self-centered. This is due to Aries being a powerful sign ruled by Mars, the God of War. In fact, Aries have an unstoppable desire to reach their goals and succeed. This can lead to an overfocus on their own wants or needs, which may be at the expense of others.

It’s important to keep in mind this potential within those born under this sign, and learn to channel their fiery ambition into healthy competitions with themselves, instead of perceiving others as adversaries.

In relationships, Aries should understand the power of compromising. When two egos clash, it usually leads to bad results. To avoid this, Aries should take a step back from their pride, and actively try to include their partner’s point of view. This way, arguments can be avoided, and love can be maintained in a balanced way.

Short temper

Aries often have a short temper, which can be hard to deal with. Remember that anger comes from fear and confusion. Aries are also loyal and passionate people. They may react quickly due to frustration or fear, but they will always do anything to help the people they care about.

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Aries have a strong sense of justice and defend their rights and the rights of those close to them. They are driven by their own goals, but may struggle to accept others’ different desires or points of view. When overwhelmed with intense emotions, they need space and time to process before making decisions or taking action.

Don’t take Aries’ anger personally. It comes from a deep inner strength and a refusal to compromise on what’s important to them. With patience, Aries can learn how to express their inner strength without crossing the line into unacceptable behavior or language. Spend time with an Aries in your life and learn how to positively relate to each other while keeping the peace.


Aries people are all about living life in the fast lane. They have very strong beliefs and they don’t let anyone or anything stop them from sticking to them. That’s why they can be so stubborn and hard to work with.

If an Aries person is confronted, you’ll know it! They won’t budge from their stance and won’t consider anyone else’s logic or arguments. It’s not that they think they’re always right, but they just think they are in that particular situation. Patience is key with an Aries’ stubbornness – there’ll be no room for compromise and nothing good will come from it.

But this same quality makes Aries so determined and ambitious. Nothing stands in their way if they believe in it. So, although it can be difficult to deal with them, it can also be really rewarding if you understand why they act the way they do.

Reasons why Aries are Difficult

Aries people have a rep for being tough to be in a relationship with. Why? Their fiery and independent nature. Me being an Aries, I can relate. When I find something too hard or restrictive, I like to run away. This can be tough on those around me, especially romantically.

In this article, we’ll see why Aries are tricky and how to manage them.

They don’t like to compromise

Loving an Aries can be a challenge. They don’t like to compromise and can be headstrong and inflexible. They don’t know when to stop pushing their competitors.

In order to love an Aries, understanding that competitiveness is a trait that will always be there is essential. You might have to step back from a situation before it takes a turn for the worse. It’s also important for their partners to match or exceed their level of drive!

They are fiercely independent

Aries are the first sign of the zodiac. They love to be at the top, and prefer to do things their own way. Challenges, both mentally and physically, appeal to them. They don’t take kindly to people telling them what to do.

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Independence is great, but it can create tension in relationships. Aries can feel patronized even when this isn’t the intention. It can be hard for them to understand other people’s perspectives too.

Aries believe they know best, leading to aggressive behavior. They bulldoze through any obstacle, refusing to listen to others. Even when scolded, they stand by their decisions and their good intentions. This makes them strong-willed, but difficult to reason with when things don’t go as planned.

They are competitive

Aries have a natural urge to compete. They won’t stop until they’ve achieved their goals, however hard it may be. That means they won’t accept failure or mediocrity. Aries will put in extra effort and take risks to get what they want.

This ambition makes them hard on themselves and others, pushing them to reach their desired level of success. It might come across as stubbornness, or even aggression. But this is not always a bad thing. Being ambitious makes them passionate about life, eager to explore and constantly striving for improvement.

These traits can lead to great success in many areas – business, relationships and more. An Arian’s passion can motivate people around them. Dealing with their difficult personality in the right way might just be the key to success!

They don’t like to be told what to do

Aries is a fire sign, and their independent, spontaneous nature makes it hard to be told what to do. This can lead to tension in relationships. An Aries values freedom and will likely reject any attempts to limit it.

However, Aries can be told what to do. Some even do well when given clear instructions and goals. They just don’t like feeling like someone is imposing on them.

Patience can be an issue with Aries. They want results right away, which can make them seem stubborn or irresponsible. They need supportive friends who understand their independent spirit and help them pace themselves. With patience, an Aries can learn ways around these traits and still be successful.

Tips for Dealing with an Aries

Are you dating an Aries? You know they can be strong-headed and hard to handle. It can be tough to deal with their independent ways and sharp tongue! But, don’t worry. With a bit of readiness and help, being in a relationship with an Aries can be fun. Here’s how to manage it:

  • Be ready to compromise.
  • Be patient and understanding.
  • Be honest and direct.
  • Be supportive and encouraging.
  • Be willing to take the lead.
  • Be open to new ideas and experiences.

Don’t take their behavior personally

When it comes to Aries, don’t take their behavior personally. They may appear direct and blunt, but that doesn’t mean they don’t care. Aries are independent and self-reliant, which can make it seem like they don’t care about others. This is not true; they just need time and understanding.

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To have a healthy relationship with them, it is important to:

  • Accept them as they are. Don’t take offense at everything.
  • Appreciate their honesty and straightforwardness.
  • Don’t get too frustrated if things don’t go your way.
  • Remain open-minded when talking to them. Keeping an open mind will help you understand their point of view, which leads to a healthier relationship.

Give them space

When it comes to Aries, it’s important to give them space. They want autonomy and liberty to feel secure and powerful in relationships. Aries is the first zodiac sign, and also the one that is most self-sufficient and individual. If you do not respect their autonomy, it will push them away.

Let your Aries reach their objectives without getting in their way or making them feel managed – this will lead to disagreements and cause tension in your relationship. Also, let your Aries have room for personal growth. Allow them to take chances and make mistakes on their own terms instead of making them fit in a box of requirements or rules. They will lose interest quickly if you attempt to control every part of their life or micromanage everything they do – Aries have a strong desire for freedom, so never try to confine what they can do or expect too much from them suddenly. Respect the restrictions they set, as it will be fundamental to any successful relationship with an Aries.

Respect their independence

Respect the independence of an Aries. They treasure their freedom. Aries have a strong desire to be independent, conquer struggles and discover themselves. Respect this need for independence to build a better relationship.

Don’t take it personally when your Aries is more independent than devoted. Show you’re taking responsibility in your life and don’t try to control or limit them. This will make your connection balanced.

Ultimately, letting go can create a stronger bond, granting them autonomy and validating their role.

Be patient and understanding

As an Aries, I’ve learnt that patience and understanding are important when dealing with someone with Aries traits. They will likely need more patience and understanding due to their strong-willed and passionate nature.

Aries are independent. Give them space, but make them part of something bigger. Support and expressing love can open up communication and create a good relationship.

Don’t be bossy or controlling. Aries don’t like control, as it hinders them from expressing themselves. Create an atmosphere of openness and trust.

Be diplomatic when dealing with someone with strong opinions. Be calm and assertive, so both parties feel heard without expecting a certain outcome. Find common ground.


So, it’s essential to grasp that Aries are intricate people with many feelings and inspirations. Conflicts may come up, but understanding and acceptance are essential for any relation. With the correct method and an open heart, you can spot your Aries pal or partner’s benefits, such as liveliness, power, and determination.

Ultimately, it’s your choice how you handle them and if you can endure the unique challenge of having this powerful sign in your life. No one said connections were easy, but if you can look further, it will be worth the labor!

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