what happens when you ignore an aries man

What Happens When You Ignore An Aries Man?

In a relationship with an Aries? You know how intense it is! They want satisfaction right away. If their desires are not met, they get mad. Ignoring an Aries man? That’s like playing with fire!

This article looks at what happens when you do that.

What is an Aries Man?

An Aries man is born between March 21st to April 19th, the first sign of the zodiac. Symbolized by the ram, he’s courageous, determined, impulsive and assertive. He wants to be first in all things, especially in career and romance. He’s passionate and rushes into relationships with enthusiasm.

But if it doesn’t go as quickly as he likes, he may withdraw. He may be ignoring you due to insecurity. It’s important to recognize this potential behavior before taking action. Show him understanding and compassion without risking emotional harm.

Warning Signs

Dating an Aries man? Watch out! Ignoring an Aries man is a red flag. If you’ve done this, or plan to, its effects can be serious. Let’s explore.

He Becomes Cold and Distant

When slighted, an Aries man will become less outgoing. He’ll pull away emotionally. If you’ve hurt his feelings, expect him to be distant. He’ll show you something’s wrong. He might give you the silent treatment or act aloof. If you know him, it should be easy to spot. So, take it seriously.

Make an effort to reconnect and heal things between you:

  • Recognize his feelings.
  • Apologize for your part in the situation.
  • Be patient and understanding.
  • Be open to compromise.
  • Follow through with your promises.
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He Becomes Aggressive and Argumentative

Aries men get aggressive and argumentative when they feel ignored. It’s not your fault, just how their psyche works. Avoid responding with similar aggression. Speak from a feeling level. Let him know why you feel frustrated or angry.

He might take risky behavior as a way of proving himself. Remind him of your love often. This helps ward off impulsivity, and can open up honest communication about relationship issues.

He Stops Making Plans With You

An Aries man likes to be the planner. He’ll need reminders for his commitments – but if something else interests him more, he’ll forget them. If he suddenly stops making plans, cancels dates or never returns calls, that’s a warning sign.

Aries men need attention to feel valued. When ignored or overlooked, they’ll get angry. They’ll decide the relationship’s over and look for something else. They want respect from those around them to make the relationship work. Without respect, it won’t survive – no matter what sign you are.


Not heeding an Aries man can have huge effects. Refusing his calls, texts and not giving him enough love or attention may offend him. In this article, I’m going to dive deeper into the consequences of neglecting an Aries man. So, you’ll be aware of what could potentially happen.

He May Feel Unappreciated and Unloved

Ignoring an Aries man can have bad effects on your relationship. He needs to feel appreciated and loved, otherwise he may grow distant. Aries is a Fire Element, so he requires a lot of attention. If neglected, he may become angry and suspicious.

An Aries man has qualities women like – he’s passionate, energetic, and assertive. When ignored, he’s hurt and upset. Ignoring an Aries man will make him feel like you don’t care about him or his uniqueness.

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If you’ve been ignoring your Aries man, it’s time to talk. Make sure to:

  • Communicate your needs
  • Stay open to his thoughts and feelings

With patience and understanding, it’s possible to overcome any challenge!

He May Retreat Into His Shell

When a neglected Aries man feels ignored, he may act out. He needs attention as much as he may appear self-sufficient. If you don’t value his presence, why should he make the effort? Cancelling plans or not contacting him won’t help. If he gets angry, don’t retaliate – it’ll only make him defensive. Not showing him love and appreciation makes him feel like his feelings don’t matter to you.

Reestablishing a normal interaction will take a lot of effort. Don’t take it personally. Recognize if you hurt him and apologize without excuses. Put yourself in his shoes until you both reach a solution:

  • Recognize if you hurt him and apologize without excuses.
  • Put yourself in his shoes until you both reach a solution.

He May Reject Your Attempts to Reconcile

Ignore an Aries man, and tensions will mount. He will be tempted to reconcile, but if you don’t show that you’re open to talking, it could be hard for him. The relationship may end or take a long time to repair. Worse, he could pull away more, making the relationship even harder to fix.

Be aware of this before trying to reconcile with him.

How To Fix It

Ignoring an Aries man can be risky! It’s important to know how to fix the situation. What happens when you ignore an Aries? Let’s find out.

Here are reasons why this isn’t a good idea and what you can do to repair the damage:

Apologize and Acknowledge Your Mistake

No relationship is ideal. When you make an error, or are inconsiderate, it’s essential to apologize and attempt to fix it. When disregarding an Aries man, recognize your blunder and take responsibility. Don’t just focus on the Aries man, recognize what you did wrong, like not communicating appropriately because of other commitments.

Writing an apology from the heart can help repair the damage. Ask him how you can make things right, and pay attention to positive suggestions. Show that you comprehend why your behavior caused hurt and was unacceptable. Aries men value their time spent on their goals – admitting mistakes can be hard for them, but your willingness to apologize will be invaluable in building mutual understanding and trust.

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Show Him You Value His Presence in Your Life

When an Aries man feels ignored, it’s up to you to act. He has a lot of pride, so he may not do something to restore the connection. Show him appreciation. Express thankfulness for the way he makes you feel, the things he does, and his willingness to help. Leave sweet compliments and tell him how much his opinion matters to you.

Set aside time for each other without any obligations. Plan a romantic evening, get dressed up, or try a special activity. Whatever it is, make sure to talk about your feelings and thoughts. Enjoy each other’s company!

Be Patient and Allow Him Time to Process His Emotions

Allow an Aries man time and space to figure out his feelings. He can get overwhelmed if situations move too fast. Aries men have fiery tempers and like to be in control. If they feel they are losing this, it could lead to miscommunication and a bad argument.

If emotions are running high or your Aries man looks worked up, try calming down the situation. Do this by leaving his presence and going somewhere quieter. Suggest taking a break for a few hours or the day, so he can reflect without pressure.

Giving him time isn’t a sign of weakness. It shows respect for his opinion. This will help build trust between you both.


Nobody can decide how you should respond to an Aries man. It’s totally up to you. But remember, ignoring him can have serious consequences. Stay calm and respect yourself. Watch his reactions and give him time. He’ll usually appreciate it. Keep talking – he may be subtle, but he still needs to express himself.

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