do scorpios go back to their ex

Do Scorpios Go Back To Their Ex?

Scorpios are known for being passionate and loyal lovers – these feelings can lead them to look back on relationships with affection or regret. This can sometimes cause them to reunite with a former partner.

In this article, we’ll discuss some key factors that Scorpios should consider when deciding if they should reunite with an ex. We will also cover signs that could show if a Scorpio should go back or move ahead alone. Although it’s up to each individual to decide, astrology can help us understand our own emotions and decisions better.

What Does the Scorpio Zodiac Sign Represent?

Scorpios have a passionate and magnetic aura. This is due to their water sign. They are often determined, intense, and trustworthy people. They have a huge ambition to reach success. At the same time, they can be mysterious and confidential. Thus, it is essential to comprehend the Scorpio zodiac.

This article examines the qualities of the sign. It will also show why Scorpios are so special:

Scorpio Characteristics

Scorpios are born between October 23 and November 21 – the eighth sign of the zodiac. Ruled by Mars and Pluto, these passionate and determined individuals are known for their ambition. Physically and emotionally powerful, Scorpios take on any challenge that comes their way. Resourceful and resilient, they excel in academics, athletics, and business.

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Despite their strength, Scorpios are incredibly sensitive. They protect themselves with brave exterior walls, but don’t forget love spurned upon them. If hurt or betrayed in the past, it’s unlikely they’ll jump back into the same situation quickly. Scorpios prefer to process things before taking action.

Do Scorpios Go Back to Their Ex?

Ever ponder if your Scorpio ex can return? I’m a Scorpio astrology expert. So, I can confirm it is a chance. The way to make it happen is to comprehend the Scorpio mentality and how they hook up with people. Let us investigate the topic further.

Scorpio’s Tendency to Hold Grudges

As a Scorpio, I am aware of our tendency to hold grudges. We are stubborn and proud, which makes us keep negative feelings towards a person instead of letting go. If we are hurt, we don’t forget it quickly and don’t forgive easily if someone does something wrong.

So, the question is: Does this tendency to remember wrongs mean going back to an ex after a short or long break up? For most of us, the answer lies in knowing that ending a relationship does not mean hating each other or being in disharmony forever. In fact, I have seen relationships end with good terms, only for both people to reunite later with a stronger bond. Keeping communication civil and open after the break up is important so they can still be open to getting back together later.

Scorpios may find it hard to move on after a bad breakup and have trouble forgetting their ex-partner even if they initiated the break up. If you are in this situation now, and ended things too soon because you felt overwhelmed, but still care about your partner, try processing things first before making any decisions – talk to friends or family, get counselling if needed, etc. These proactive steps will help Scorpios decide if going back to an ex is worth it or not before taking action.

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Scorpio’s Ability to Forgive and Forget

Scorpio is known for intensity. But that doesn’t mean they can’t forgive and forget. They can move on from a mistake, or hold onto hurt for a long time. It’s hard to say if a Scorpio will go back to an ex.

It’s important to know the traits of this sign. Loyalty, passion, intensity, intuition, and emotional depth all come into play.

Forgiveness is tough, but Scorpios can let go of grudges. They may try again if conditions are right. A positive professional relationship or unrequited love could lead to reconciliation.

Whether or not Scorpio will go back to their ex depends on:

  • Timing
  • Memories
  • Emotional attachments

Results vary as everyone deals differently with family/friends/romantic partners.

Scorpio’s Love for Closure

Scorpios are one-of-a-kind and have different life stories. Yet all of them have a strong drive for closure when it comes to relationships. Especially when it isn’t what they expected. They often want to go back and make sense of it, and sort any unfinished business.

Scorpios are practical. They won’t jump back into a former relationship unless it offers a lasting good outcome. They will think about it if it means growth since last they were together. Scorpios don’t keep grudges and search for understanding if they can. They respect individual growth and won’t be scared to take a risk if it’ll bring something positive in the long run.

When deciding whether to reach out to someone from their past, Scorpios will ponder such things as:

  • Changes in personalities
  • Age gaps
  • Lifestyles
  • Values since they last parted.
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If Scorpio is willing to go back, it likely has potential to benefit both parties in the future.


To summarize, if a Scorpio goes back to their ex or not is up to them. It’s possible, but not typical. Scorpios may feel an old bond, but it all comes down to if they’ve moved on and if it’s the right move. Before getting back together, both people should be mentally ready for any outcome.

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