why does taurus man keep coming back

Why Does Taurus Man Keep Coming Back?

Why does your Taurus man keep coming back? As an astrology and relationship blogger, I understand the ins and outs of a relationship with a Taurus. They are loyal and reliable. But why does he keep coming back?

I will delve into his traits. I’ll explain why he returns, even after it looks like he’s gone for good. And I’ll give advice on how to get the most out of this connection.

To learn his physical needs, mental mindset, and emotional motivations, will help us understand why he continuously clings on. Read on if you’d like to find out why your Taurus man keeps coming back time and time again!

Understanding the Taurus Man

Getting your head around a Taurus man can be tough. But it’s worth it! Every zodiac sign has its own characteristics. So why is a Taurus man so attractive? And why does he keep coming back? This article will tell you all about it. Dig in, and uncover the secrets of the mysterious Taurus man!

His Personality

The Taurus Man is a true partner. He is patient with problems and will work hard to keep you happy. He pays attention to your needs and wants to give you comfort and security. He loves family and will always do his best to make the relationship thrive.

He expects a lot of loyalty in return – sometimes more than passion or creativity. He can be possessive but his intentions are good. He’s determined and patient, which makes him eager to please. He’ll do things like chores or bring you coffee or breakfast in bed. He loves to give gifts to show his appreciation.

His Likes and Dislikes

Taurus men are connected to the physical earth. They’re practical and reliable. They like strong stimulants, energy, satisfaction, and fulfillment. They don’t like volatility, insecurity, dishonesty, or disrespect. They love comfort and beauty.

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They appreciate luxury items like jewelry and fine cars. They enjoy fine dining. Lastly, they have a great sense of humor.

Why He Keeps Coming Back

Are you in a relationship with a Taurus man? You may have noticed he seems to come and go. You’re probably wondering why. Let’s explore his possible motivations. It might be something related to astrological traits. Or it may be something else. Whatever it is, let’s figure out why he keeps coming back!

His Loyalty

Loyalty is a powerful thing. It makes people stick to their goals and beliefs, and it makes them trust each other. When someone is loyal, it means they care about the relationship. So why does he come back to you when things are tough?

Maybe it’s because loyalty keeps him connected to you and your love. He could be dedicated to making it work, no matter what. He may think that if he works hard, things will get better. Loyalty looks different for everyone, so try to understand why he is so loyal, and how important it is for your future.

His Need for Stability

A Taurus man may keep coming back for two reasons. Firstly, he is an Earth sign, so he values stability, comfort and familiarity. He doesn’t like surprises. He also likes routines and needs something secure in his life. Secondly, he has high standards for relationships. He won’t give up until he finds someone who meets his expectations. Plus, he loves pleasure and comfort, so he keeps looking for love even when it becomes exhausting.

Therefore, when trying to understand why a Taurus man keeps coming back, consider that he seeks stability and consistency, as well as an ideal match. This will result in a positive outcome as the relationship progresses with deeper ties.

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His Fear of Change

Fear of change is a big issue when it comes to relationships. Change can indicate growth, but also carries with it loss and uncertainty. As humans, we find comfort in what we already know, so anything that challenges this can be intimidating.

When scared of change, people may seek out familiar relationships. If a past relationship has been bad, the thought of something unknown can be terrifying. So, they may try to revive an expired relationship – as the familiarity gives a sense of security, even if it’s not healthy.

To create better relationship outcomes, it’s important to be aware of our fears. With more knowledge of our thoughts and feelings comes more power and choice.

How to Handle the Situation

Confused and frustrated? A Taurus man keeps returning to your life? Don’t know what’s happening or why he won’t stay away? It’s time to find out.

Here are the signs and strategies to help you manage the situation and make the best decision for yourself. Read on and learn!

Establish Boundaries

It’s important to set boundaries in tricky situations, especially if someone close is doing something harmful to either of you. Boundaries make our needs and expectations clear, which helps create a healthier relationship. When setting boundaries with people having difficulty expressing their emotions, be respectful but firm.

  • Choose a time and place to talk. Don’t bring it up when they’re emotional or out of control. Pick a comfortable time and make sure you have privacy for discussion.
  • Express yourself without judgement. Start with “I” to focus on your feelings. Also, watch your body language. Maintain eye contact and open posture.
  • Be specific. Instead of saying “stop yelling“, suggest “when we disagree, let’s use calm voices“. Offer suggestions for alternatives when they’re overwhelmed, like taking some time alone.
  • Enforce your boundaries. If they keep going, remind them without getting into arguments. Also, take action if needed, like removing privileges or seeking help from family.
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Let Him Know Your Feelings

To move forward, it’s essential to let the Taurus Man know your feelings about the situation. Be careful with your words, since Taurus men are stubborn. Patience is key, since they could be resistant to change.

Speak positively, and reflect on how his actions have hurt you. Don’t blame or accuse him. Focus on how his behaviors can stop you from having a healthy relationship. Let him know positive moments and reasons why he came back. But, there should be growth on both sides for it to work.

When sharing yourself, explain what changes need to happen. This will lead to a discussion about intimacy, trust, and communication. Taurus men might not talk about these subjects as much, but they unconsciously want to. Allow an honest exchange without judgement.

Manifest understanding post conversation through behavior shifts. Listen more often and replace defensiveness with empathy.

Maintain Your Independence

A Taurus man likes to get what he wants. So keep your own goals and identity. Show him your strength of character and don’t let him win too easily. Don’t be aloof, but let him see you’re an independent person with dreams.

Don’t focus on where the relationship is headed. Enjoy your conversations and let go of needing guarantees. Let his actions speak louder than words. Being sensitive and open-hearted is good, but don’t overwhelm him. Invest in yourself first and practice self-care. This self-love will draw even more attention from the Taurus man.


A Taurus man’s loyalty is admirable, but why does he keep going back to the same person? They enjoy stability and familiarity, and it’s easier to stick with something they know than try something new.

He may have subconsciously decided that his habitual ways are more comfortable. This could mean he takes comfort in the idea of a static relationship, even if it’s not fulfilling.

It doesn’t mean something is wrong with him. He just hasn’t had the push to get out of his rut and explore life. If you want to help him, let him know how much potential awaits him. He needs to understand that growth brings fulfillment, not pain.

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