what happens when a taurus gets mad

What Happens When A Taurus Gets Mad?

Do you get mad fast? Teeth-gritting, frustration – do you know it? If you’re Taurus, then you know the power of an angry outburst. But what’s the effect on you and others?

Discover the impact of a Taurus losing their temper. Plus, how to control it better.

What is a Taurus and Why Do They Get Mad?

Taurus is the second astrological sign in the zodiac. People born between April 20th and May 20th usually show Taurus traits, such as being strong-willed, persuasive, stubborn, loving security and fiercely loyal. They are also reliable and level-headed, meaning they don’t get angry easily. But when they do, it can be intense.

Knowing why Tauruses get mad can help you better understand them. It can also help you empathize and handle their anger in healthier ways. This guide will discuss:

  • Why Tauruses become angry
  • How to tell if one is mad
  • How to handle it
  • Tips to avoid anger triggers

Understanding the Taurus Temperament

The Taurus zodiac sign, shown by the Bull, is known for being practical and reliable. But, they often have trouble controlling their temper. As an earth sign, it takes Taurus a while to become angry. They usually have good tempers. But, when pushed too far, it can be hard to calm them down.

When a Taurus gets mad, it can push people away. They may become quiet or express their frustration. Outbursts of aggression can happen suddenly. This is because they are prideful and fixed in their convictions.

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To help a Taurus vent emotions, people should acknowledge their frustrations. Teach them self-control techniques like affirmations/visualizations or deep breathing exercises. Talking through their frustrations instead of getting mad at people can help bring balance. This way, they can handle situations involving stress or disappointment better.

Common Causes of Taurus Anger

Tauruses, an earth sign, are often known for their chill and relaxed attitude. But, like all zodiac signs, they have their moments of anger. This usually happens when they feel disrespected or threatened. Or it could be that they have strong feelings, but don’t know how to express them in a healthy way.

Common causes of Taurus anger are:

  • No structure or stability in life
  • Betrayal or misuse
  • Being treated unfairly
  • Not appreciated
  • Ignored and unimportant
  • Wrongfully accused
  • Overly emotional people around them

When these triggers are activated, it can lead to strong anger or bitterness. So, if you’re close to a Taurus, it’s important to be aware of these triggers and communicate respectfully to avoid any drama.

Signs of Taurus Anger

When a Taurus gets angry, be aware. They’re usually calm, but if their boundaries are crossed, frustration and resentment can emerge. This sign is slow to anger, but when it happens, something has pushed their buttons.

The range of Taurus anger can be anything from passive-aggressive to full-on rage. Because they’re usually in control, any sudden anger can be startling. To avoid upsetting them, know the signs of rising frustration:

  • They open up and vocalize what’s upsetting them
  • They start nitpicking and pointing out minor flaws
  • They give the cold shoulder
  • They have strict plans
  • They stubbornly refuse
  • They sulk or stop communicating
  • They refuse to compromise
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When a Taurus loses control, it can result in loud words or silent treatment. It all depends on how they manage their emotions. Passive aggressive mode is common. They may appear outwardly calm, but there may be power struggles with hurtful remarks. To resolve conflicts, listen attentively and curb reactions as needed.

How Taurus Express Their Anger

Taurus is an Earth sign – representing practicality, loyalty, ambition and patience. Thus, when angry, Taurians don’t become overly aggressive or act impulsively. They express their anger in a more controlled and direct manner and this can lead to misunderstandings.

Taurians can be very stubborn when mad and not accept compromise easily. To protect themselves from hurt and disappointment, they construct strong emotional defenses. As typical for the Taurus sign, they may also stop communication until the issue is solved completely.

When angry, Taurians tend to be withholding with their emotions. While this may seem unfriendly, it is often how they express their initial anger before discussing upset feelings. When given facts or evidence of wrong-doing, they usually accept responsibility and work towards resolution – as long as they are respected.

Coping Strategies for Taurus Anger

Taurus often tends to be passive, making it hard to express anger or frustration. When they do become angry, they may retreat within themselves to try to work out their feelings. This can become destructive if done too much or if they can’t voice their opinion. It’s essential for them to understand that anger can be productive if managed properly. Here are some strategies:

  1. Communicate: Taurus usually keep their emotions to themselves. It’s important to find healthy ways to express themselves, like talking calmly with someone who provoked them, or writing down their thoughts and feelings in a journal.
  2. Self-Care: Anger can cause the mind and body to become overwhelmed. Doing self-care activities like eating well, getting enough sleep, and exercising regularly can help improve mental clarity and give control over reactions or behaviors caused by anger.
  3. Professional Help: If feeling low self-confidence or unexpressed resentment, a professional counselor can give insight into how they feel, and effective ways of dealing with it. They can also use techniques to change negative thought patterns linked to anger.
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How Others Can Help Taurus When They Are Mad

When a Taurus gets mad, remain calm, patient and understanding. If they don’t feel heard, respected and understood, it can be tough for them to let go of their anger.

Help the Taurus express their feelings. Listen carefully and offer validating comments that show understanding.

Create clear channels for communication. This allows both parties to talk without fear of making things worse. Work on solutions together that honor both parties. Trust each other during this process.

Offer steady support. Provide emotional stability until things calm down or until solutions are agreed upon.


A Taurus’ anger can be intense. To manage it well, we must listen, talk quietly, express our feelings calmly and stay steady. We must understand the underlying cause of their anger e.g. feeling uncertain or unacknowledged. By respecting their individual needs, but being consistent too, a Taurus can learn to manage their anger better. Sometimes, the best approach is to give them time alone.

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