do virgo men come back

Do Virgo Men Come Back?

Virgo men can be very analytical and critical of themselves. They can also be quite independent and sometimes hard to keep up with. This often makes it difficult to understand if they will come back after a breakup.

In this article, I will be addressing the question “Do Virgo Men come back?” I will go over their personality traits, behaviors, and tendencies to help you get a better understanding of what to expect from a Virgo man.

What is a Virgo man?

A Virgo man is an earth sign, typically represented by a Virgin, that is known for his detail-oriented and logical nature. He loves beauty, but also craves practicality and realism in his life. When it comes to relationships, a Virgo man is a cautious and meticulous partner who generally prefers to take things slowly and build the connection over time. He may be somewhat reserved and withdrawn when it comes to expressing emotions, but beneath the surface he’s quite sensitive and caring.

Though many find the Virgo man’s attitudes challenging, those willing to make an effort can benefit from his loyalty, devotion, snuggles on the couch – he’s not afraid of physical comfort – intellectual conversations about current social events or any topics under the sun that interest him. As gentle as he can be when courting someone special, these men have zero tolerance for liars or anything that goes against their standards of truthfulness or morality. They may seem intimidating at first but with patience they will often warm up after they trust you enough to be vulnerable or honest with them.

Consequently, once loyal when equipped with strong feelings of love – they tend to never forget them – which begs the question… do Virgo men come back?

What are Virgo men like?

Virgo men can be incredible partners, but they tend to move a little slower than some other zodiac signs when it comes to relationships. They value security and are thoughtful before making a commitment. This can be good or bad depending on your personality, because it can lead to things progressing slowly or coming to a standstill altogether.

These men have strong analytical skills and take pride in self-mastery. They tend to be very sensible and responsible, with impeccable taste for details. Virgo men are often loyal partners, as they usually stay focused on long-term goals rather than short-term opportunities. They are also capable of great empathy, so their relationships tend to be full of understanding and supportiveness.

While this all sounds perfect, the downside is that sometimes these analytical skills manifest in unnecessary criticism or second guessing others’ decisions — which can come across as critical if not understood properly. Virgo’s may misunderstand how others feel when given feedback, so it’s important to keep things in perspective and understand where they’re coming from rather than taking it personally. Sometimes Virgo’s stay away without explanation after they fixate on one potential mistake you made; if this happens don’t take this personally either – just remember that you always have the power to reconsider how you approach them if it starts happening more often than not.

At the end of the day most Virgos want love just like anyone else –– though at first their guarded nature might make them appear uninterested or aloof, this isn’t necessarily true! If you give it time and space — as well as lots of emotional understanding — playing ball with them could result in an incredibly rewarding relationship in the long run!

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Signs a Virgo Man Will Come Back

If you’ve recently been separated from a Virgo man, you may be wondering if there is any hope of reuniting. While no two situations are exactly the same, there are certain clues that typically indicate whether or not a Virgo man is likely to come back.

In this article, we’ll discuss the signs of a Virgo man coming back and what this could mean for your relationship.

He’s still in contact with you

If a Virgo man is still reaching out to you and sending you messages, you can count on the fact that he will come back to you. This indicates that the connection and relationship between both of you is still alive and he has not yet written it off completely. A Virgo man has very practical expectations from a relationship, so if he thinks there is potential left in the relationship, he won’t hesitate in coming back to you.

He may contact you through text messages, emails or even calls. He’ll try his best to remain in your life – stay updated about your day, talk about random things, check up on how you’re doing – thereby letting you know that your relationship means something important to him, although not enough for him to commit completely yet.

His availability level may also be an indication of whether a Virgo man will come back or not. If his text replies are always immediate or prompt throughout all days of the week then it implies that there is still hope and good chance for him coming back into your life again soon enough. If this happens consistently then it could very well be an indication that he misses being with and wants to get in touch with you more frequently again!

He’s still interested in your activities

If you’re wondering if a Virgo man will come back, one good sign is that he is still interested in your activities. He may call or text to ask what you’re up to, and may even be interested in joining you in some of your favorite activities. This shows he cares enough to remain connected, even if it’s from a distance.

He may also want to stay informed about where you are and who you are associating with. Even if his behavior can sometimes border on possessive or controlling, it ultimately means he cares about your well-being and wants the best for you. Showing interest in your life lets him know that you value his presence as well and reminds him that there are still things that the two of you have in common.

Virgos tend to flit back into our lives when we least expect it, but there can be telltale signs when they haven’t completely moved on: they will keep certain elements of contact between the two of you alive while they evaluate their options; they will show curiosity as to what’s going on in your life; and they’ll stay abreast of any changes or updates that reflect their interests as well as yours. These all indicate a desire for connection and suggest he may eventually be ready for reconciliation.

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He’s still flirting with you

If you recently ended a relationship with a Virgo man and he still seems to be flirting with you, it’s a good sign that he is not ready to let go. It could even be a sign that in his mind, the relationship isn’t truly over. Virgos are known to look for companionship and connection, so if your Virgo ex-partner is still flirting with you or make advances during or after your breakup then it’s a clear indication that he is still interested in rekindling the connection.

Virgos are notoriously shy when it comes to intimate relationships, so don’t expect him to make any obvious gestures if he does want you back in his life. Instead of outrightly expressing his true feelings for you, he may test the waters by initiating small conversations or light banter with you via text messages or social media. It could also be through little compliments about your appearance, character or accomplishments – all subtle attempts from his end to reconnect with you without actually having to put himself out there completely.

It is important that both parties are on the same page before making any further advances toward one another; so it might be best if this connection is mutual before either of you seek come close again. Discernment and an open heart might help as well as we can never truly know what’s in someone else’s mind at any given moment in time – even if they are loved ones like our ex-partners!

How to Make a Virgo Man Come Back

Are you looking to win back a Virgo man? Knowing the specific traits of a Virgo man can be key to making him come back.

These are the characteristics of a Virgo man, and how you can use them to make him come back to you.

Show him respect and appreciation

When it comes to figuring out how to make a Virgo man come back, it can be tricky – and it helps to have a thorough understanding of his personality. A Virgo man is known for being reliable and analytical, but he also can be hypersensitive and quite picky about what he wants.

So, if you’re hoping to pique his interest and get him to come back into your life, you will want to focus on showing him respect and appreciation. Virgo men seek stability in relationships, so they value consistency and solidarity. This means that they don’t like surprises or when things feel uncertain. You must make sure that you are trustworthy and dependable around him in order for him to feel comfortable with you again.

Also, a Virgo man responds well when he is shown appreciation for the things he does for other people – especially those closest to him. He loves receiving compliments about his work as well as more intimate compliments about who he is as an individual such as “You are incredibly intelligent” or “You always find the right words to say just at the right time. He’s not big on dramatic displays of affection but by sincerely telling him what he means to you or expressing how grateful you are for something he did can help show your appreciation in a way that will be meaningful to him.

Overall, if you want to gain the trust of your Virgo man again, focus on building a secure relationship by consistently communicating with each other with kindness, respect and gratitude – this will help significantly when trying make a Virgo man come back into your life!

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Give him space and freedom

Most Virgo men will often come back to you. However, to make this happen, you must give him the space and freedom he needs. If you are too intrusive and he feels smothered, he will often run away and won’t come back for a while. Respect his boundaries in a relationship and don’t push him into anything that he is not comfortable with. He values independence and free will enormously and needs time alone to reflect on the partnership.

You must trust him implicitly as this gives him great comfort that you have faith in him to always be true in both spirit and intent. Furthermore, giving him advice or making decisions for him can be seen as controlling; give your opinion but try not to be overly mothering or paternalistic in your behavior towards him – because of his sensitive nature this could have very bad consequences.

Finally if there has been some hurtful misunderstanding or issue recently it is important to apologize if the fault lies with you, even if it doesn’t feel like your fault it is essential that he sees that any problem between two people needs resolving through understanding rather than confrontation which may cause more upset in the long-term.

Give the Virgo man his freedom knowing that when the time is right he will usually come back because of how much he admires your integrity, trustworthiness and honorable qualities which allow him space – go out into the world with confidence knowing that soon enough his loving arms will embrace you again!

Don’t be too clingy or needy

If you’ve recently been involved with a Virgo man and he has suddenly withdrawn, you may be feeling confused and hurt. It’s important that you don’t act too needy or clingy, as this could drive him away even further. A Virgo man values his space, which is why it’s very important that you give it to him. Don’t try to push things towards the way you want them to go; instead, remember to take a step back and take some time for yourself. It’s important that you relax, take control of your emotions and resist the temptation to ask him what is wrong or demand answers from him. This will help make sure his boundaries are respected while giving him room to breathe and work out whatever it is he needs to work out.

It’s also important that during this time of self-reflection, your actions speak louder than words – so stay away from any kind of judgment or criticism aimed at him or the relationship. Doing so could deepen his reticence if not damaging the relationship beyond repair. Instead, remain calm and simply carry on with your life in a natural fashion as if everything was perfectly normal – even if your heart feels like it has been shattered into pieces!

Finally, show your independence by creating an interesting life for yourself without waiting for anyone else around you – including him -to make it happen for you! In doing this you can help show him through action alone just how special a person you truly are while providing something more tangible than mere words ever could. With this level of emotional maturity combined with strength of character – your Virgo man will be back in no time!


After taking the time to understand a Virgo man and their ways, it’s clear that they are capable of coming back in a relationship. It may take a few times before they fully commit, but these guys are known for their loyalty. If you can show them how much you love and support them, then a Virgo man can become more open to being in a long-term, loving relationship.

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