what do virgos wear

What Do Virgos Wear?

Virgos are practical and hardworking, and this reflects in their style. They’re perfectionists and analytical. In their clothing, they prefer timeless, low-maintenance items. They also add a trendy piece every now and then. Virgos strive for balance by mixing old and new styles. If you want effortless sophistication, you could be a Virgo – or dress like one!

Here’s an in-depth look at what do Virgos wear:

Style Guide for Virgos

Virgos love practicality and detail-oriented fashion. Even though they may be shy, they still know how to dress stylishly. Avoiding fashion risks, they opt for classic favorites with a modern twist. These outfits should be neat and have clean lines. Accessorizing with statement pieces such as jewelry, bags or shoes is the perfect way to express themselves.

For Virgos, neutral colors with subtle accents are preferred over bright shades. Smart tailored blazers with flares, skinnies or pencil skirts look great. Woven scarves in drapery fabrics can be worn on the arms or around the neck. Tailored trousers are timeless and can be paired with flat sandals or pumps. Simple shift sheath dresses suit their unique silhouettes, and suits provide refine edits for any environment, even boardroom meetings!

Outfit Ideas for Different Occasions

Virgo has a classy, sophisticated style. They pick muted colors and subtle details. Outfits often consist of timeless pieces with a modern touch. Here are some outfit ideas for Virgos!

  • Casual Outfit: A comfy and stylish look could be denim jeans, a white shirt, and blazer. Add simple accessories like pearls or a thin gold necklace.
  • Office Wear: For work, a tailored suit in navy or gray with a white shirt is timeless. Also try dressy separates like trousers and a fitted blouse with kitten heels.
  • Dinner Outfit: For dinner, pick soft colors like blush pink or pastels. Try a maxi skirt and fitted top, or a shift dress and satin blouse with slim fit pants. Accessorize with minimal jewelry.
  • Night Outfit: For night, break out of the classics with a daring look. Like a versatile dress and leather jacket. Monochrome colors like black trousers and fuchsia top also look good. Finish with statement jewelry, necklace, and handbag in fun shapes and patterns.
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How to Accessorize for Virgos

Virgos are precise and neat. Think classic when it comes to their style. But there are ways to make their wardrobe unique with the right accessories. Here’s a guide:

  • Headpieces – For an elegant look, try a straw sun hat or a delicate hairband with pearls or flowers. Don’t go too wild – Virgos prefer subtle.
  • Earring – Opt for small hoops with pendants or pearl studs in heart shapes or diamonds. Keep it simple.
  • Jewelry – Choose a tasteful necklace. Plain chains in gold or silver, Locket of Love, or an ornate lacy bib necklace are all good choices.
  • Scarves – Go for prints that add energy but not too much. Loop fabric around your neck – avoid details that may be too showy.
  • Bags & Purses – Roomy totes are best. Pick subtle colors or leather finishes with gold accents or quilted detailing. Floral motifs are also a great choice. Match it with complementing jewelry for a perfect look!

Trendy Clothing for Virgos

As a Virgo, you have a practical and logical approach to life. For a wardrobe that reflects your personality, here are some stylish and practical choices:

  • Classic blazers in neutral colors such as grey or navy.
  • Statement scarves in muted tones.
  • Subtle prints like check, thin stripes or polka dots.
  • Good quality denim jeans.
  • Trench coats in neutral colors like khaki or coffee.

Wear these with trousers, jeans or classy boots, and your look will be complete!

Color Palette for Virgos

Virgos have a unique color palette they prefer in fashion. This is because they have an analytical nature and appreciate subtle shades instead of bright ones. They also tend to avoid flashy clothing.

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White expresses purity, innocence and intelligence – all traits Virgos possess. It also gives a crisp look when combined with jeans or other casual clothing.

Greys show sophistication and elegance. Lighter greys are more elegant while darker greys give an edgy look.

Navy is great for all seasons. It adds drama to an ensemble when combined with accessories like heels or necklaces.

Muted shades of blue, green and yellow give freshness without overpowering Virgos’ minimalistic style. Stripped tees or chinos with these hues make an impact.

Shopping Tips for Virgos

Virgos love to be smart and stylish, but it’s tough to find the right fit. Here are shopping tips to help them create the perfect wardrobe!

Office Attire: Virgos are practical and organized. Look for quality pieces like tailored trousers, crisp shirts, blouses and pencil skirts. To add more interest, try a colorful blazer or scarf.

Everyday Fashion: For casual days, pair basics with statement pieces like plaid shirts or moto jackets. Or layer lightweight items with bold prints or embroidered details. Accessories like scarves and jewelry will add a pop of color.

Night Out: Virgos know how to have fun! For nights, find party pieces with bold hues or unexpected cuts. Subtle embellishments will keep you on trend. Add sparkle with metallic encrusted jewelry – stay chic no matter the hour!


A Virgo’s clothing style depends on the event. Smart, tailored and sophisticated is usually best for Virgos. They can try muted colors and neat accessories. Comfort is essential. Don’t forget practicality. Lastly, pay attention to detail. Subtly effective finishing touches add elegance.

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