do virgos get jealous

Do Virgos Get Jealous?

Are Virgos jealous? Indeed! All zodiac signs experience jealousy and possessiveness at times. But what about Virgos? Let’s consider some Virgo traits. How do they show jealousy? Why do they get jealous? And what can you do about it? This piece will explore these questions.

Causes of Jealousy in Virgos

Everyone gets jealous sometimes, but for Virgos, it’s more intense. To beat jealousy, it’s important to understand why Virgos feel it. Let’s explore the causes of jealousy in Virgos and how to work through it.


Virgos are driven to be excellent and this often leads to them overrating themselves, while underrating others. This can make them feel threatened when those around them achieve what they (the Virgos) find difficult. These feelings of envy or jealousy can arise from criticism and negative feedback. Even if the feedback is meant to be helpful, it can lower the Virgo’s self-esteem. They may become jealous of those successful in areas that have been difficult for them.

Furthermore, Virgos aim for growth and accomplishment. If they’re unable to meet their goals due to external factors, this can cause envy towards those who have similar aspirations and yet still manage to succeed despite challenges. In such times, Virgos should remind themselves of their achievements, big or small, as any progress is proof that defeat isn’t necessary.

Fear of Rejection

As a Virgo, emotions of jealousy can arise if I feel like someone I care about is drifting away. The fear of rejection is at the root of this type of jealousy. Virgos want to be accepted and even perfect in the eyes of others. We take rejection personally and think that if one person doesn’t want us, no one will.

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To prevent this fear from taking over, Virgos must manage their anxieties and trust the strength of their relationships.

Low Self-Esteem

Virgos can be jealous due to low self-esteem. This is because they need to be perfect and in control. When they don’t think they can do this, they feel inadequate. This leads to paranoia and doubt.

Virgos may think jealousy is love, but it’s really fear and insecurity. They may check their partner’s phone or follow them, which ruins trust.

The way to stop this is to recognize the low self-esteem. They need to learn to love themselves. They should be ok with imperfections and learn to communicate without being passive-aggressive or controlling. This will give their partners room to express feelings without jealous outbursts.

How to Deal with Jealousy in Virgos

Are you a Virgo? Do you sometimes feel jealous? It can be overwhelming and hard to express or understand. This article will help you manage these emotions in a positive way. Learn how to handle jealousy and make sense of it.

Acknowledge the Emotions

Virgos – it’s okay to be jealous. Don’t let it make you feel bad. Recognizing the emotion and dealing with it in a healthy way is key.

  • Acknowledge it. Don’t try to ignore it. And don’t let it take over your life.
  • Find ways to change your perspective. Focus on yourself rather than others. Make peace with other people’s success.
  • Remind yourself that jealousy isn’t forever. There are ways to improve your outlook on other people’s happiness.
  • That way, it’ll be easier to accept it – even if it doesn’t directly affect you!
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Communicate Openly

Virgos and jealousy? Communication is key! As a Virgo, be honest with yourself and your partner. Acknowledge the emotion without assumptions or judgments. Then, express what you’re feeling to your partner in an open way.

Try to understand why you feel jealous and when triggers occur. Doing this will help manage your jealous thoughts. Plus, create moments of closeness with your partner to make sure you’re feeling secure. Showing each other affection can make jealousy minimal or non-existent.

Practice Self-Care

When Virgos are feeling jealous, it’s essential to practice self-care. Taking a break to relax and focus on yourself can be very beneficial. Doing stress-relieving activities like yoga, meditation, or journaling can help you feel more secure and remind you of your worth. This can be especially comforting during tough times.

Allow yourself some time away from the jealous-inducing situation. It can give you clarity and understanding of why you feel jealous. For Virgos, doing things that make them happy like walking, listening to music, or talking with peers can help them become centered.

Extended periods of time focusing on hobbies can also be helpful. It helps to engage with the present moment and prevents worries about future events that cause jealousy. Creative pursuits like cooking or painting can help Virgos express their feelings in a productive way that is beneficial for physical and mental health.


When it comes to Virgo jealousy, every zodiac sign is distinct. Every person has their own traits and every decision is based on their life experiences. Virgos are usually rational people who analyze before they act. They usually internalize jealous feelings instead of expressing them badly. If a Virgo does feel jealous, it’s key to keep communication open to discuss it calmly.

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At the end of it all, understanding someone demands communication and respect. When these two things are in place, Virgos usually manage their emotions – including jealousy – by talking openly with their partner and attempting to reach a compromise.

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