what are pisces attracted to

What Are Pisces Attracted To?

Pisces is the twelfth and last astrological sign in the zodiac cycle. It represents all things mystical, with a strong connection to emotions and imagination. Pisces individuals are believed to be attracted to specific traits in friends, partners, and lovers.

This article will discuss what Pisces are attracted to, including qualities such as emotional sensitivity, creativity, and a sense of spirituality. Additionally, we will explore how understanding these attractions can benefit relationships for Pisces individuals and those in their lives.

What is a Pisces?

As a Pisces, I know a bit about my sign. The two fish that represent us, swimming in opposite directions, show our dual nature. We have birthdates between February 19 and March 20. We’re often very compassionate and gentle, but also have a deep emotional side that makes us mysterious.

What catches our attention? We like when people are genuine and direct. In comparison to other signs, we don’t enjoy games or deception. Being open about yourself and what you want is key for any relationship with us to progress.

What attracts them?

Those born between February 19 – March 20, with the zodiac sign Pisces, are often sweet, complex and highly sensitive. So, what draws them in? People who can understand them without words is a big plus. Additionally, Pisces are very romantic, so showing affection and warmth will help to grab their attention.

Moreover, they love to communicate on an emotional level, both verbally and with nonverbal cues. Good looks also spark attraction, but it’s not the only thing they look for when considering a relationship. Each Pisces is unique, so be sure to pay attention to what they appreciate!

Physical Appearance

Pisces are always said to be drawn to certain looks in a partner. It could be their eyes, their hair, or how the face is framed. This article will focus on what Pisces look for in physical appearance. What are they most attracted to?

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Emphasize your physical features

As a Pisces, I’m drawn to people who appreciate life. People born under this sign are great at dressing up. Showing care for your appearance is easy with fashionable clothes and stylish accessories. Doing your hair and makeup also helps show off facial features.

Clothing colors can catch the Pisces’ eye. Bright colors have a positive energy. Jewelry is a great way to show personality and complete an outfit. Pay attention to what fits your body type. This enhances physical appearance.

Clean nails or a manicured look can show sophistication. Taking extra steps with grooming can help show the best side of you and attract the Pisces’ eye!

Dress to impress

A Pisces is drawn to people who look amazing. Winning a Pisces’ attention isn’t easy, so dressing well is key! Don’t be too dressy or too casual – that’s seen as rude. Choose clothes that flatter your body and make you feel great.

Ditch flashy colors and patterns – go for neutrals and classic cuts that can take you from the day to a night out. Accessorize with jewelry, scarves, and belts – add a personal touch to your outfit!


As a Pisces, I’m in search of someone who comprehends me and my peculiar character. When it comes to potential partners, I’m searching for someone who is able to relate to me. They must be kind-hearted and accepting of the imaginative side of life. Furthermore, independence, inventiveness and an appreciation for the arts are all qualities I find attractive.

Be kind and compassionate

Pisces, that’s me. I’m pulled to people who are kind, understanding and caring. This means they take the time to listen and show empathy. They also have a diplomatic way with words and a honest, caring nature. Not everyone is great at this, but those who can even show a bit of kindness, make me feel secure and comforted. Dishonesty or unkindness, I can’t relate to this or be attracted to it in any way.

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Be understanding and supportive

As a Pisces, I’m drawn to those who show empathy, understanding, and support. It’s not about being right – it’s about trusting the process of learning and growth. This isn’t easy for Piscean people because we worry about what could go wrong. So, when someone guides me through those moments and reassures me, I’m thankful.

I’m also attracted to people with contagious energy. It brings out my creativity and encourages me to try new things. I love talking about various topics, with people who share my passion and dreams. But sometimes, it’s nice to chill out without saying anything at all.

Most of all, I’m drawn to real emotion and connection. When I’m around someone who listens and creates an authentic space, without judgement, I feel heard and secure.

Show your creative side

As a Pisces, I love to express my creativity. Those born under this sign are intuitive and pick up on nuances others don’t. Showing your creative side captures my attention. Art, cooking, writing, or photography – I’m always game to learn about your creative pursuits. I draw clarity from emotion. Listening to your passions and interests helps me appreciate who you are.

Your works should tell me a story. Filled with nuances and emotions, they should connect with my heart and soul effortlessly. Compassion towards your creative endeavours is important. It highlights trust between us that transcends words and societies expectations.


People born under the Pisces zodiac sign are super interested in deep, meaningful conversations. They have an eye for details and nuances. Plus, they love talking and listening. So, they make amazing conversationalists.

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In this article, let’s discuss what sort of conversations Pisces find attractive.

Talk about your passions

As a Pisces, I love talking about my passions and dreams. If I’m into music, let’s chat about our favorite bands and albums. Ask me questions about why I chose them – I’ll be more likely to open up.

Rather than talking opinions or facts, it’s better to focus on emotions. When discussing a movie, let’s talk about how it made us feel. And when it comes to spirituality and philosophy, let’s look at how beliefs shape our views.

At the end of the day, Pisces loves conversations that make us feel connected and understood.

Ask them questions

Pisceans have their own special idea of who they are attracted to. To know what they really like, talk to them. Ask them questions about the kind of partner they want. Some questions you could ask a Pisces are:

  • What do you usually look for in a partner?
  • What qualities do you think are important in a relationship?
  • What interests you most when meeting new people?
  • What do you enjoy doing with someone special?
  • What kind of conversations last hours?

With these questions, you can find out what kind of person they want. It’s also helpful for both, as it allows for honest communication about likes and other things.

Show your intelligence

As a Pisces, intelligence attracts me. Conversations with people who can surprise and engage me with their knowledge, I love! Creative problem-solving and out-of-the-box thinking give me a huge turn-on. I’m drawn to those who think deeply about a subject and offer insights or perspectives that challenge mine.

Expertise in all things is not a must, but having a real appreciation for learning, that goes a long way with me!


In conclusion, understanding what Pisces are attracted to can help build stronger relationships and connections with them. Whether it be a romantic partner or a close friend, Pisces individuals value emotional sensitivity and deep connections on a spiritual level.

By embodying these attractive qualities and understanding the importance of them to Pisces, we can strengthen our relationships with this mystical and emotional zodiac sign, and appreciate the unique perspective they bring to our lives.

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