how to know if a taurus man likes you more than a friend

How To Know If A Taurus Man Likes You More Than A Friend?

Wondering if a Taurus man likes you? They are charming, sensual characters that love to have control. Reading them can be hard. To know if he likes you, look past his stoic exterior. Pay attention to his cues and behavior.

Here’s my experience and insights about Taurus men. Hopefully, it’ll help you figure out if he does or doesn’t:

What Does a Taurus Man Look for in a Relationship?

A Taurus man likes a relationship that is secure, reliable and trustworthy. He moves slowly and waits for the bond to become stronger. He looks for someone who shares his values and goals. He desires assurance that their connection is based on love, trust, respect and comprehension.

He needs someone with self-confidence and independence. He’s drawn to these qualities. Physical chemistry is important for an intimate relationship, but it isn’t necessary for him to build a solid connection. Physical attraction matters, but it’s not the only thing that counts. He has to feel emotionally close, with the safety to express his feelings without any fear of being judged or rejected.

Signs He Likes You

A Taurus man? Got your attention? Wondering if he’s sparkin’ the same feelin? Read on! It can be tough to figure out what they’re thinking. But there are things to look for to know if he’s into you. Here are the top hints that a Taurus man likes you:

  • He is protective of you.
  • He makes an effort to get to know you.
  • He is attentive and listens to you.
  • He is generous with his time, attention, and gifts.
  • He compliments you.
  • He remembers the small things.
  • He is open and honest with you.
  • He is loyal to you.
  • He makes plans with you in the future.
  • He is proud to be with you.
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He’s Protective and Attentive

A Taurus man who is serious about you will be protective and attentive. He’s loyal, and won’t give away his affections easily. When with you, he’ll engage completely and give thoughtful advice. This kind of behavior shows his commitment to you. He may also show up suddenly if you haven’t posted on social media in a few days! He likes to take charge when possible. This shows his investment in the relationship. He may also be possessive, wanting you near to protect you in times of crisis and joy. His presence speaks volumes of how much he cares for your wellbeing.

He’s Open and Honest

Taurus men are honest – that’s usually a sure sign he likes you. If he’s open about his feelings early on, then you can be confident he’s interested. He won’t be shy about letting you know how he feels and will make sure you have a great time. He’ll be willing to open up, but if he’s not interested, it’ll be tough for him to share his heart.

He’ll make it known that someone special is in his life. He’s not the type to show off or make empty promises. He looks more for a connection between two people, not appearances or money. He loves to have meaningful conversations, as communication is how Taurus connects.

A Taurus man expresses admiration for things related to you. He shows care and kindness, often doing small things to make you happy. He loves physical contact – holding hands or walking together. And after months of dating, you’ll find language nuances and passion projects become part of your everyday stories – even when you’re apart. That’s when you know it’s true love!

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He’s Affectionate and Affirmative

If a Taurus man is into you, he’ll make it obvious. He’ll be more loving than usual. He’ll try to touch you in any way possible. For example, holding hands, giving hugs, brushing arms, or cuddling when watching a movie. He wants to show his love without saying it.

He’ll also be positive and excited when discussing your future. Even if the plans are far away, he’ll still suggest them. This shows that he enjoys your company and looks forward to making plans with you. He believes that you two have something special.

How to Make Him Fall in Love

Are you curious if a Taurus man is into you? It’s not too tricky to tell. A Taurus guy usually takes his time when it comes to loving someone and getting into a romance. But, if you show him that you’re the one, you can make him fall for you. Here’s a guide on what to expect from a Taurus man and how to make him love you:

  • Taurus men are usually loyal and reliable.
  • They are caring and affectionate.
  • They are patient and understanding.
  • They are romantic and passionate.
  • They are stable and reliable.
  • They are ambitious and hardworking.

Show Him Respect and Appreciation

Getting overwhelmed by all the advice on how to make a Taurus man fall in love is easy. The truth is it’s simple. Respect and appreciate him. He’s born under the sun sign of Taurus. Loyalty, stability, dependability, steadiness and practicality are his traits. He’s a highly sensitive person who needs unconditional love and understanding.

If you’re interested in a relationship or friendship with him, show loyalty and faithfulness. Respect his need for peace and calm. Avoid immature outbursts! Show kindness, gentleness, thoughtfulness and appreciation for who he is. Give thoughtful gifts. Express admiration for his hobbies and talents.

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To make it easier for him to fall in love with you, here are some things to keep in mind:

  • Respect him.
  • Listen without judgment or prejudice.
  • Value his opinion.
  • Be patient when he takes time to make decisions.
  • Give him alone time.
  • Respect your boundaries and his.

Be Open and Honest

For a Taurus man to fall in love, be open and honest. Taurus men love frankness. Share your passions, dreams, and interests. Show him you are true and dependable. He’ll be drawn closer.

Taurus men love reliable, compassionate women. Listen when he speaks. Offer support and encouragement. Be there in his worst times. This will show your care.

Openness and honesty inspire trust. This is key for a lasting relationship. By sharing who you are early, feelings of connection and understanding will come later.

Show Him You Have a Sense of Adventure

Do you wanna learn more about bonding with a Taurus man? If you want to make him fall in love with you, show him your adventurous side! Taurus men love new experiences. So, show him that you share that spirit.

You don’t need to be serious or plan much. Visit a nearby town or take a day-trip over the weekend. It’s fun and gives you both the chance to explore and know each other better. Impress him by showing that you’re always up for something exciting!

To show your Taurus man your sense of adventure, work exciting activities into conversations. Talk about places that interest you, recent trips and upcoming trips abroad. Listen to him when he talks about places he’s been or things he wants to do. This will give your conversations more depth and range!


If you’ve found a Taurus worth pursuing, don’t rush. Be gentle and confident. Be faithful and honest. He won’t forgive these things easily. When you’re with him, be yourself. Don’t pretend to be someone else. He likes sincerity more than grand gestures.

Spend time getting to know him. A long courtship is best. Focus on building connections. Share interests, humor, compliments and physical affection. Above all, just be yourself! True love isn’t restricted by astrological signs. It could defy all odds!

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