how do you know if a guarded person loves you

How Do You Know If A Guarded Person Loves You?

As someone who has experienced relationships with guarded people, I know how challenging it can be to determine whether someone truly loves you or if their guard is preventing them from fully opening up. Guarded individuals tend to be hesitant to share their emotions, thoughts, and feelings, which can make it difficult to understand what they’re truly feeling.

In this article, I’ll share some tips and insights on how to tell if a guarded person loves you, based on my own experiences and discussions with relationship experts. Whether you’re currently dating someone who is guarded or simply curious about how to build deeper connections with the people in your life who may be more reserved, this article will provide valuable insights and actionable advice to help you navigate relationships with greater confidence and clarity.

Pay Attention to Their Body Language

Figuring out if a guarded person loves you can be tricky. They may not show their feelings in an ordinary way. But, observe their body language and you might get a hint of what is in their heart. You may be able to figure it out, even if they do not express it out loud.

Notice Their Eye Contact

Eye contact can be an indicator of how guarded a person feels. If they feel relaxed and comfortable, they will look at you directly and consistently. However, if guarded, they may look away or even avoid eye contact. Notice how much and how long they look at you.

Consider where the person looks when talking to you. If they avoid direct eye contact but look away or down often, it could mean they don’t feel connected or don’t trust you. Also, if they stare into your eyes yet still avoid expressing emotion, it could signal they are controlling their own feelings and evaluating their thoughts and emotions carefully.

Also, watch for breaks in physical proximity and eye contact. A guarded individual may hesitate before sitting near or touching you – this could mean they feel connected on some level, yet apprehensive about getting too close too fast. By using all of these cues, combined with other conversations and body language signals, it’s possible to gain insight into how much the other person is holding back their true feelings – such as towards you!

Observe Their Posture

Do you ever struggle to understand what another person is feeling or thinking, especially when they are reserved? Don’t give up trying to figure it out! Pay closer attention and observe. Their body language can give away whether that guarded person likes you. Here are some ways:

  • A closed posture may show they’re not relaxed, hesitant or comfortable. Watch for crossed arms over the chest; this is to protect themselves from hurt or feeling exposed.
  • An open posture usually means they trust and feel comfortable with you. Signs include leaning in during conversation, facing you without crossing arms, showing palms of hands or touching your arm/shoulder.
  • Maintaining eye contact but not staring could mean interest. Avoiding eye contact may indicate insecurity on their part. They don’t want to share their feelings too soon, which can increase suspicion and mistrust if they don’t feel the same reciprocation.
  • Mirroring body language reflects trust and attraction. If they’re copying your movements (like sitting), they feel at ease and a connection with you.
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Look for Non-Verbal Cues

Keep an eye on your partner’s body language when you’re together. People who don’t trust easily and don’t talk much often give away subtle signs of how they feel.

For example, if they tell you something that makes them vulnerable, see if their body language matches what they said. If, after saying something vulnerable, they quickly go back to an unemotional state, it’s likely they didn’t mean it, or couldn’t handle the emotion.

Look for other signs as well, like a faint smile when talking to you, gentle touches on your arm or shoulder, keeping eye contact during conversations, and seeming really happy to see you. These are all signs of trust and affection from people who keep their feelings hidden. Plus, observe how often they mention your name in conversations; this usually means loving thoughts.

Listen to What They Say

Analyzing if someone guarded loves you? Pay attention to their words. They might not show their feelings openly. But, you can uncover their real emotions. Listen to their tone and choice of words when talking to you. That’s a great way to know how they really feel.

Notice How They Talk About You

When someone is guarded and doesn’t reveal their feelings, it can be hard to tell if they love you. But one way to know is to observe how they talk about you to others. Do they bring up your successes? Say good things that have happened to you? Take time to call or text just to let you know something made them think of you? If so, they value and cherish the relationship.

Also, look out for signs that suggest they’re being protective of the relationship and only sharing private details with people who have earned their trust. This could mean they view the relationship as special and won’t embarrass either of you. When you spot these signs, they may love you enough to stay in the relationship.

Listen for Affirmative Statements

It’s hard to know if someone who’s guarded loves you. Pay attention to what they say and how they say it. If they’re usually happy around you and talk positively, it may mean they have strong feelings. Evidence could be phrases like “I love when we’re together”, or “I enjoy spending time with you”.

Even simpler words can show that they value and appreciate you, and feel affection for you.

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Pay Attention to Their Tone of Voice

When a guarded person loves you, they’ll be careful with their words. They won’t give away too much info or be too emotive. They’re likely to be brief and direct, but honest. Listen to the tone of their voice when they speak to you. If they love you, their voice may soften and even crack if the conversation gets more sensitive. It may take them a few seconds to start talking. This could mean the subject is meaningful for them and there’s more feeling than they show.

No matter how guarded someone is, it’s impossible to keep all emotions secret. So, listen for any changes in tone that might show hidden love. A warmth often comes through in someone’s tone when there’s an emotional attachment. Don’t discount what might be said beneath the surface!

Look for Signs of Affection

Do you think someone who is guarded loves you? It can be hard to tell. But, there are some clues. Here’s what to watch out for:

Notice if They Make Time for You

A guarded person’s love for you may be revealed in their actions. If someone who keeps to themselves makes time for you, it could be a sign of strong emotions. Even if they are not open about it, if they choose to be with you and not alone or with friends, they may genuinely care.

If a private and distant person wants to spend time with you, it could mean they have strong feelings. Though it can be uncomfortable, try to recognize that someone who has difficulty expressing themselves may be showing their love in the only way they know how.

Notice if They Give You Special Gifts

If your guarded partner is gifting you, that could be a sign of them growing to love you. Look out for special things they buy that only have meaning between you both. These can range from a trinket from their favorite store to tickets for an event.

Gifts like this show that your partner cares about your relationship and wants it to go forward. Plus, these kinds of gifts make deeper connections and demonstrate a deepening commitment.

Notice if They Make an Effort to Spend Time With You

A guarded person who’s starting to have feelings may make an effort to spend time with you. If they reach out to see you or hang out, it’s likely they’re trying to build a connection. But if they drift away and make excuses, their feelings might have changed.

Everyone is different though, so they may not want to spend time together for other reasons. But if it becomes the norm, it could show how they feel.

Spending time isn’t the only way to express feelings, but it can show the level of commitment. Notice how often they choose to spend days with you and how much effort they put into planning things – these small actions could be signs of affection if they come from someone who’s usually more reserved.

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Ask Them Directly

Telling if a guarded person loves you is hard. They often wear masks and stay distant emotionally. The only way to know what’s in their heart is to ask them directly. It takes courage, but it’s the best way to figure out if they’re in your life for good.

Ask Them How They Feel About You

Need to know how a guarded person feels about you? Ask them directly! It can be daunting, but being honest and open gives your partner a chance to open up. Take a kind and understanding approach. Let them know it’s okay if they can’t talk about their feelings yet – communication is built from trust and understanding over time.

Talk About Your Feelings

If you want to know if a guarded person loves you, talking honestly about your feelings is the best way. Showing that you’re open and understanding will help them feel more comfortable too.

It may be hard to get them to open up. Take it slow, give them time and space to trust you. Rather than asking for their love, focus on getting to know each other better. Be patient, try activities that are comfy for both of you. For example, go for a walk or do something fun.

If they become more open, look for signs of how they feel about you. Listen for compliments or criticisms. Observe body language too. Do they draw closer? Make eye contact? It may be hard to interpret accurately.

Both parties need to make efforts. Don’t push too much, but the right way could lead to powerful progress. That’s how you discover how they feel!

Listen Carefully to Their Response

It’s tough to know if a guarded person loves you or not. But, you can use certain methods to figure it out. Pay attention to body language and other non-verbal signs. Listen to their words carefully – check for compliments, attempts at humor, and hearty laughter. Observe how they act around others, compared to when they’re around you. If they seem more relaxed, it’s likely that they feel something strong for you.

Don’t be scared to ask – if there’s a chance for openness, take it. You may not hear the words ‘I love you‘, but you can still get a direct response about their feelings for your relationship.


In conclusion, understanding the signs that a guarded person loves you can be challenging, but it’s not impossible. By paying close attention to their words, actions, and behavior, you can gain insight into their true feelings and build a stronger, more authentic connection with them. Remember that it’s important to be patient, understanding, and respectful of their boundaries, as it may take time for them to fully open up and trust you.

At the end of the day, the most important thing is to communicate openly and honestly with your partner, and to be true to yourself and your own needs. If you feel that the relationship is not meeting your needs or that your partner’s guard is preventing you from building a deeper connection, it’s important to have a frank conversation and evaluate if the relationship is right for you. With patience, understanding, and self-awareness, you can navigate a relationship with a guarded person and potentially build a strong and lasting love.

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