how do taurus flirt

How Do Taurus Flirt?

Greetings, readers! I’m Elizabeth Adams, an astrology and relationship guru. I’ve been studying the art of dating and relationships for over twenty years. In this article, I am going to share my wisdom and experience on how Taurus individuals flirt. I’m a Taurus myself, so I can assure you that there’s a special way that we flirt that’s unlike anything else. Let’s get started!

Taurus Flirting

I’m a Taurus, so I know the typical Taurus flirting style. They are usually aloof, but also loving and devoted. They don’t show their interest with words. Instead, they use subtle gestures to get people’s attention.

In this guide, I’ll explain the different ways a Taurus flirts and how you can recognize it:

Taurus’ Flirting Style

Taurus people are known for their attractive, glossy and alluring nature. They love to show others a good time and naturally flirt with those around them in their own special way.

When flirting, they may use body language to make their feelings known. This could include long looks, a touch on your arm (showing care and concern) or a sly smile (showing desire). They also often ask personal questions, which is a sign they want to know you better.

Taurus also loves to have a laugh when flirting – they believe it’s the key to attraction. They’re usually subtle and witty with their jokes, and conversations tend to go on longer than expected. Also, they’re not afraid to show affection publicly, or find ways to get close to others. All this just shows that Taurus aren’t afraid to express themselves – they want you to know what’s on their mind!

Flirting isn’t exclusive to Taurus, but there are some traits that are unique to this loving sign. So if you have your eye on someone with this star sign, keep an eye out for these signs:

  • Long looks
  • A touch on your arm
  • A sly smile
  • Asking personal questions
  • Subtle and witty jokes
  • Showing affection publicly
  • Finding ways to get close to others

How to Flirt with a Taurus

Taurus is one of the most reliable, dependable and sensual of all zodiac signs. If you have found yourself captivated by one, luck is on your side. They know what they want and won’t hesitate to go for it. Here’s advice on flirting with a Taurus:

  • Physical Touch – Show your interest in them with light touches on their arm or shoulder. Make sure to tell them how attractive they are too; Taurus likes to be appreciated.
  • Compliments – Reserve compliments for someone you’re mentally and physically interested in deeply. This will help win their heart.
  • Gifts – Give small but thoughtful gifts such as flower bouquets, handwritten love letters or something handmade. This can speak volumes to a Taurus.
  • Romantic Gestures – Picnics at sunset, taking them somewhere special and unique or anything that shows your dedication can create romance.
  • Humor – Have fun with them by making humorous observations or playful banter. Keep it light and romantic.
  • Banter – Tease each other gently to make sparks fly. It will show that you are both comfortable yet flirty.
  • Outings – Spontaneous drives or surprise weekend getaways can create exciting adventures and lasting memories.
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Body Language

As a Taurus, body language is key when it comes to flirting. Non-verbal communication is vital for successful flirting and making a good impression. Be aware of the way you present yourself to someone you’re interested in. Make sure your body language is sending the message you want to get across.

Here’s some tips on how Taurus signs can use body language to flirt:

Taurus’ Body Language

Taurus have a special gift – they can influence just by being in the room. Their body language is unconscious to them, but it catches people’s attention. They know how to become the center of attention when they enter a room.

When it comes to flirting, Taurus show openness through their body language. This includes:

  • Looking someone in the eye for a few seconds
  • Touching arms or hands lightly
  • Standing tall in an authoritative posture with uncrossed extremities
  • Speaking clearly and confidently with pauses for laughs
  • Speaking with energy while keeping the volume at an appropriate level

Taurus also have a powerful ‘smolder‘. They give very little movement until something captivates them. Then, their movement has a greater impact due to its rarity. This move can be used in flirtation as part of their overall presentation.

How to Read a Taurus’ Body Language

Taurus people are passionate and sensual. When it comes to flirting and romance, they often use body language to hint at their feelings for a potential partner. So, how do Taurus natives use body language to show interest?

  • Physical touch is one way. They may give gentle touches on the arm. Holding hands also conveys an unmistakable message of desire. Smiling and eye contact add an extra layer of meaning.
  • Another way to tell if someone is into you is their energy level. If your Taurus date is more outgoing or takes more initiative, that could be a sign of attraction! Taurus natives usually have strong self-confidence, so they might use body language oozing sex appeal like arching their back or walking with purposeful strides. They may also look into your eyes to show they find you attractive.
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In conclusion, deciphering how a Taurus feels requires paying attention to both their words and body language. By learning how to interpret these signals, you can understand the intent behind them. This will help both of you move forward in this journey together!


Taurus love talking when it comes to flirting. They don’t rush and take their time to get to know you. They pay attention to your interests and hobbies. Also, they make sure to ask questions to learn more about you. Conversation is the best way for Taurus to show their interest.

What to Talk About

When it comes to Taurus flirting, the best way is to connect over things they like doing, such as cooking and gardening. Talk to them about topics in these areas and you’ll get their attention and potential flirtation. Try showing off your own knowledge in these areas. For example, share stories of your gardening attempts or cooking tips with friends. Tauruses also like to experience new things. Suggest something unique like a hike or visiting an art museum and invite them out on a date.

Tauruses want to express themselves and feel deeply with someone. So start conversations about life and nature – they’ll be fascinated. Show off your romantic conversation skills!

How to Keep a Conversation Going

Taurus? Strike up a convo? Tricky! Earth sign, so introverted, but no reason to not flirt like the rest. Know how to keep the convo going. Draw out own feelings and let other person do same. Ask about activities and views on current events. Humor and sarcasm – use sparingly. Gesture with hands – Taureans communicate through physicality. Body language speaks louder than words. Listen more than talk. Don’t repeat jokes; it may come off as pushing for attention or arrogant. Appropriate humor is appreciated by admirers. Taureans live life through senses, so have thought-provoking convos – like craft beer brewing or indoor rock climbing – even if crowds are intimidating now.

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Taurus here! My flirting style is special. I’m passionate, devoted, patient and loyal. I’m not afraid to show my emotions. No games for me, I’m direct when it comes to expressing my wishes.

If you’re looking for Taurus dating advice, here are a few tips:

How to Ask a Taurus Out

If you’ve connected with a Taurus, you can ask them out. Taurus is a Fixed sign, so they don’t show their emotions easily. Ask them directly, but don’t be too pushy. Keep it simple. Grand gestures aren’t necessary. Comfort and stability are more attractive than excitement. Offer to pay if you can. Don’t expect an immediate ‘yes’ – they like to take their time.

What to Expect on a Date

If you’re on a date with a Taurus, expect to be wooed. Luxury and security mean a lot to them – money and love. They show affection through both material and emotional means.

Taurus take it slow when getting to know someone. So, be patient, kind and reliable. Show up when you say you will and keep your commitments.

Don’t rush them into anything. Give them space to express themselves. On dates, have meaningful conversations about art, history, and cultures. A unique experience – like going out for exotic food or visiting museums/gardens – appeals to their sophisticated taste.


If you’re curious about flirting with a Taurus, know that they are reliable, serious and reserved. Even though they may not be as spontaneous as other signs, they can still show their love through thoughtful gestures.

Taurus loves physical affection and touch. They need nurturing connection to feel safe in the relationship. They enjoy gentle hugs, caresses, back rubs and massages.

They also love luxury and pleasure. Take them out for dinner or have regular date nights. Gifts are also appreciated.

Taurus is loyal and devoted; ideal for long-term relationships. You can still flirt with a Taurus, just keep it sweet and playful.

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