what body type does aquarius man like

What Body Type Does Aquarius Man Like?

Partner for Aquarius man? Seeking clues? You’ve found them! Here’s what you should know. Aquarius man likes a certain physical type. Read on to find out what that type is! You’ll have success in no time.

Introduction to Aquarius Man

The Aquarius man is an independent thinker. He’s always ahead of the times with his ideas and imagination. He needs to be free. In relationships, he’s loyal and devoted – although a bit unpredictable.

He loves spending time with similar minded people, but also needs some alone time to think. He may not seem romantic, but he looks for someone who shares his intellect and openness to life. He doesn’t judge by body type or physical appearance, but by attitude and interest in experiencing new things. He wants someone to explore and converse with him.

What Physical Traits Does an Aquarius Man Find Attractive?

Aquarius men don’t just go by looks. They like intelligence and individuality. They don’t usually focus on body size or shape, but rather eyes, skin tone, posture and sense of style. Plus, they care about a person’s wit and kindness. Society’s norms don’t matter to them. They can appreciate all types of bodies, regardless of size or shape. What matters most to an Aquarius man is personality.

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What Is the Ideal Body Type for an Aquarius Man?

Aquarius men appreciate both physical and mental appeal in a partner. They find beauty in all shapes and sizes. To attract an Aquarius man, confidence, creativity, and a comfort with your own body are key. An athletic build isn’t as important as having a gentle tone to your body. Good posture can demonstrate a happy attitude and make you more attractive to an Aquarius. Comfort in your own skin is the most attractive quality for this sign.

What Kind of Clothing Does an Aquarius Man Like?

When it comes to clothes, Aquarius men love to be unique. They have a great sense of style and like to experiment. Pieces like asymmetrical cut-outs, splatter prints, oversized silhouettes, and quirky designs appeal to them. Quality fabrics, comfy fits, and subtle colors are a must!

Aquarius men don’t follow trends – they are fashion risk-takers. They want items that flatter their body type while still allowing them to make a bold statement.

  • Chunky cardigans
  • Vintage jeans with wild prints

– you can bet an Aquarius man will definitely stand out!

What Is the Best Way to Flirt with an Aquarius Man?

An Aquarius man can be quite hard to understand. They have a lot of charm, are free-spirited and open-minded. But they don’t take things too seriously. If you want him to know your feelings, use flirting!

When flirting with an Aquarius, start by getting to know them. Find out what makes them unique and admire their talents or hobbies. They love conversations that challenge them. And remember to keep it light-hearted and playful.

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Aquarian men have strong opinions based on their creative interests. Respectfully disagree when necessary. Don’t compliment them too much, as it could make them seem full of themselves. Focus on unique topics instead.

The best way to flirt with an Aquarius man is to be genuinely interested in who they are. Show them flattery and don’t take it too seriously.

What Are the Best Activities for an Aquarius Man?

Aquarius men love to explore adventure. Plus, they dig intellectual stimulation. To get closer to an Aquarius man, try activities that involve thinking, problem-solving, and innovation. Activities that are physical and mental are a great choice. For example, combine brainstorming with sports. Or, talk about books and films while being active.

When it comes to sports, Aquarius men like team-based activities. Soccer and basketball are great examples. Also, mountain biking and white-water rafting. These activities bring people together.

Aquarius men also enjoy creative outlets. Music, painting, writing, and poetry are favorites. He might even come up with his own sport. Anything you do with an Aquarius man is sure to be a blast. After all, life is for living!

What Are the Relationship Expectations of an Aquarius Man?

Aquarius men can be tricky to understand. But, if you want a long-term relationship, you may have found the right match. Remember to understand their unusual needs and expectations.

Aquarians are often attracted to independent, blonde women who possess unique qualities and a strong sense of self. They like petite body types with average heights. They are more interested in cute or attractive women than stunningly beautiful. They prefer intelligence and wit. So, be able to talk to them and have your own hobbies, too.

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In relationships with Aquarius men, respect is a must. They need someone who behaves well – like holding the door open or doing errands on time. The most important thing is to respect their freedom. Show understanding when they want to spend a night alone or do something without you. As long as they feel safe mentally and physically, there should be no issue.


To sum up, Aquarius guys tend to be taken with women who have personality and presence. They like confident, self-reliant women with a good sense of humour and a spirit of adventure. Although their looks matter, they aren’t the most critical factor. Being able to chat interestingly and do things together come first.

Aquarians may also want specific body types, such as slim or athletic, that match their active life. Knowing which type of woman an Aquarius likes best will help you build a long-term bond with this special zodiac sign.

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